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ForexSignals is a service hosted by two trading professionals. The main goal of this enterprise is not only to give the traders the hot picks, but rather to make them learn the strategies used by the institutional investors.

If you are an active YouTube user who is interested in trading forex, then chances are you might already know about this platform. While this service has got a ton of happy clients along with positive feedback, they have decent share of criticism as well.

In today’s world, especially when it comes to investing online, many newbies get overwhelmed by the amount of information available. So, if you are on the fence and are trying to decide whether this service is for you or not, then continue to read our review to make an informed decision. ForexSignals Review

Mentor Information

When it comes to trading, the qualification of the mentors plays a huge role. After all, you as customers are paying for his experience, right? The information about the two gentlemen running this service are as follows.

Mark Bennell – Mark Bennell is a swing trader who occasionally opts for intraday trading setups as well. He is said to use both the fundamental and technical analysis approach towards the market. Moreover, he is also a Certified Financial Technician with over 15 years experience.

Andrew Lockwood – This person is the one who has got tons of following on social media and has earned himself a huge following on YouTube as well. He is said to have more than 30 years of trading experience.

Trading Strategies and Services

The beauty of mentoring programs is that they do not only give you the signals, but also teach you to learn to navigate the market yourself. There are 3 types of strategies mainly discussed on their forum and unfortunately we do not know about their origin.

Any information such as accuracy rate or drawdowns are not featured. However, remember you can always try them out on demo accounts first and then proceed with them if the results are satisfying. The names of the three trading systems are as follows.

Naked Trading Strategy

Fx Propulsion Strategy

Trend Surfing Strategy

On the services part, there are a lot of plus points as well. For starters, the clients will get access to Pro Trading Academy which has a lot of educational content. Moreover, they contain proprietary trading strategies as well.

The methods discussed are not some textbook type of scenarios, rather it is interactive content. All the trade ideas mentioned will be live streamed and the mentors themselves will be taking the trades personally. This kind of gesture ensures highest amount of trust and does not give room for malpractices.

Expert Advisers and Automated Trading

If you are a fan of automated trading, then chances are you will know about the expert advisers. In simple words, EA’s are the trading bots you can either create or buy to automate your trading strategies.

They have been around for a long time and are used by both retail and institutional traders to make the best out of the market. However, do note that EA’s are not fail proof and they also have some drawbacks.

Plus you might need other services to enable smooth working of the EA’s. The creators of this platform have not published the statistics of their software, but you can always try it on demo to find out the average win ratios.

Trading Room and Blog

Trading Room offered by ForexSignals is very user-friendly. The users have all the necessary sections and a chat room. Moreover, if you are starting from scratch, then you can find the list of regulated brokers on the platform itself.

Fundamental news is provided on the dashboard itself and the latest discussions can be glimpsed on the same section as well. In short, it features everything a trader can ever need. With regards to the Blog section, there are a lot of gems as well.

The articles published on a regular basis covers all the major asset class along with decent explanations about the technical and fundamental factors behind them. Regardless of whether you are an experienced trader or not, the trading room will be of use to you in many ways.

Customer Feedback

Check out the comments made by the people on platforms like TrustPilot and Forexpeacearmy about this service.

I’ve been trading on and off for about 15yrs, but achieving consistent profits has never been possible. Forex Signals has turned this around. the service is very well balanced with a lot of genuine trading experience offering not only profitable trading signals, but an amazing collection of educational resources. Trading is not a ‘get rich quick’ endeavour, but with help from Andrew, Mark and Max, you’ll be in a very strong position to achieve what is most important; being consistently profitable.
My review is based on what I observed during the month. No offense I have been a paid member for 1 month. There wasn’t any thing new in the available videos. All the content is available for free on YouTube, there was nothing new which was covered in the videos. Coming to signals, Andrew posted couple of signals in the month, some we were good and some bad. Max signals were really horrible and I was stopped out. I texted to Andrew in PM, he replied that build your own strategy. at least mentors should encourage New comers for building their strategies. At last left them without any benefit. Thank you

Domain Information

Below are the general information of this website we were able to gather using and

Domain –

Registered On – 27/01/2005

Expiry – 27/01/2020

Global Rank – 218,193

Rank in United States – 222,337

Top Traffic – US, UK, Malaysia, France and Australia

ForexSignals Review Conclusion

The retail forex trading world is filled with many fake and bogus programs. However, platforms like ForexSignals are the real deal which actually tries to educate their audience and help them reach their goal.

They do have some complaints and demerits, but overall this is one of the best ways to get a proper start in the finance sector. As usual, remember one thing, never start with the costliest package and choose the basic plan at first.

Once you are happy with the service, then you can obviously go all in without a shadow of doubt.

Are you an active member of ForexSignals? How would you rate them? Let us know by commenting below.


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