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Haasonline is a trading bot platform, aimed at the trading of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. The reason we’re calling the operation a “platform” rather than a trading bot, is that it is not actually a single auto-trading software. It is indeed a platform rather, on which several such bots can be implemented and put to work. As a trading bot, one might say that Haasonline is treading treacherous territory, but it turns out, it’s perfectly legitimate. It doesn’t make preposterous claims, it doesn’t promise cartloads of money and it doesn’t produce unrealistic explanations. Its pitch is essentially: here’s our software, give it a shot and see if you can make it work. There are people out there who have managed to do just that and they have accrued some profits. The makers of the Haasonline platform also actively encourage those who pick up their software to share their results online, whether these results are good or bad.


Being upfront about the capabilities of their product and not making outrageous claims in this regard is not all that sets Haasonline apart from auto-trading scams of the type that we have already covered here. Though it is admittedly built on a selection of technical indicators and technical analysis, Haasonline is a very intricate, well put-together project, which obviously took quite a bit of work to build up. In addition to that, there’s also extensive documentation available about the various features of the software and there are apparently users working on providing even more detailed guides. From this documentation, it’s obvious that Haasonline uses technical indicators to trade Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, through a number of supported exchanges. The selection of technical indicators supported by the software is truly awe-inspiring though, and there is no secrecy surrounding these indicators at all. In the documentation, every one of them is listed, together with details about how they’re supposed to work. Some view Haasbot as a scalping solution, meaning that it excels in making scores of smaller trades to cash in on smaller crypto currency price fluctuations. Apparently, the software is at its best when there’s a period of relative calm in the market of one’s chosen digital currency. When there is more intense volatility, Haasonline may get lost in it. Of course, how the software reacts to various situations is in large part up to the users, who can not only tinker with the settings of various existing scripts, they’re free to develop and to include their own custom bots.

What exactly does Haasonline offer

Haasonline gives traders access to all three of its modules, the Trade bot, the Arbitrage Bot and the Order bot, through every one of its license types. It obviously trades 24/7, adding the needed volume to the small edges it can pinpoint and exploit through its technical analysis capabilities. It supports all the major crypto currency exchanges and no fewer than 500 currency pairs, which means that through its Arbitrage feature, it allows traders to profit from the differences between various currency pairs. Obviously, Haasonline has a number of safeties implemented as well, which protect trader investments. According to community feedback, these safeties don’t always work as they’re supposed to, so there are a few problems with the software here and there.

Insurances represent the second layer of investment-protection, on top of the above said safeties, and they too are special conditions which – when fulfilled – will trigger the buying or selling of the concerned asset. These insurances extend to trend identification as well. The custom order bots add a whole new dimension to automated trading, as do the script bots, which are fully programmable by the user. The Marketview page is aimed at manual trading, serving up a plethora of useful information traders need to make their decisions.

Of course, despite the impressive tools and options, Haasonline needs quite a bit of finesse on the part of the trader to generate profits. The thing is though that it never claims that it doesn’t. There are three license options, the most basic one of which costs 0.09 BTC and it covers 2 trading bots. The Advanced license, which offers unlimited access to everything, costs 0.24 BTC.

Who is behind Haasonline

Haasonline.com features a proper About Us page, which doesn’t offer a whole lot of information on the people and organizations behind the effort though. We do learn however that  Stephan de Haas is the founder of the operation and he has launched it in 2014, though the HaasOnline Software brand is much older than that. Haasonline is based in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

Haasonline Reviews

Bitcointalk.org hosts several threads about Haasonline, and most of them are taken up by discussion concerning various features of the software. There are some grievances voiced too, about how some of these features work/don’t work. Overall, the vibe is positive though, and the community seems to appreciate the hard work the creators of the software have obviously put in.

The situation is largely the same at Reddit, too. The people behind Haasbot are obviously active on both these channels, and they put out regular update notes. The users seem content with what Haasbot delivers at Reddit too, and most of them seem to agree that the creator is a “great guy.”

The Haasonline website looks professional too, as do its various sections dealing with the features the software brings to the table. There is no Bitcoin-hyping going on, nor are there any sort of promises made/dangled.

According to Alexa.com, haasonline.com has been steadily growing in popularity since the beginning of 2017. It’s current global rank is 186,262, and much of its traffic comes from the US, India, Belgium, Spain and the UK as well as other countries.

Haasonline Review Conclusion

Haasbot is indeed a very down-to-earth approach to crypto-currency auto trading. It makes no unverifiable claims, it offers proper insight into the methods its bots use to generate trading signals and it features full transparency in every way. Indeed, it may take some TA skill to master the possibilities opened up by this software, but the community is excited about it and the tools are certainly there. Yes, Haasonline is based on technical indicators, but it makes scores of such indicators available, even to those who want to code their own trading bots.

If you have tried this system please share any feedback about Haasonline with us by leaving a comment below or sending us an email.

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