Bitcoin Code Review – SCAM OR LEGIT?!?

It is no secret that the crypto currency known as Bitcoin has been exploding in value. This is why trading services like the Bitcoin Code app have surfaced, to take advantage of this hype. You see, Bitcoin right now is a very profitable trading avenue, seeing as one single Bitcoin is worth more than $2,500. People who invested in this stuff a few years ago are by all means very wealthy right now. Even though it may seem a little late in this stage of the game, trading services like Bitcoin Code software have emerged in force and in large numbers.

While Bitcoin may be a very lucrative world at this point in time, if you are using any kind of automated trading system, you definitely need to watch out. One of the systems that you need to keep a watchful eye on is this one, hence why we are doing a Bitcoin Code scam review. Yes, there are good trading platforms for this computer currency, but Bitcoin Code scam software is not one of them. - The Bitcoin Code Website

On the outside, at first glance, it seems like a legitimate auto-trader that could actually generate a decent income for you. However, upon some further inspection, it very quickly becomes painfully clear that it is just another scam. It is not here to help you make an income, and in fact it does the opposite. If you like losing money, we would recommend burning it in your fireplace instead of investing it with Bitcoin Code software, because that way your money will at least heat your home and provide you with some benefit!

How Does The Bitcoin Code Program Work?

One of the most vital aspects of any trading program is its inner workings. How does it actually work to generate an income? What trading methodologies are being followed? What trading strategies are put in place? What do the underlying and overlaying algorithms do? These are all crucial questions that we need answers to if we are expected to invest any amount of money with Bitcoin Code software. Yet, the unfortunate reality is that we are never offered even a half decent or semi-coherent explanation for any of those aforementioned questions!

During the lackluster presentation video, we are constantly told that this trading platform has the power to make us very rich in a very limited amount of time. We keep seeing testimonials and reviews from people who have supposedly made it big using this program. However, what is really lacking here is our understanding of how the Bitcoin Code app works. Now, this is through no fault of ours, as we are experts in this field and have been doing it for a very long time. The fault lies with the phony bologna creators of this ridiculous software.

The reason why we are never told what it does, what algorithms are being used, and what strategies and methods are in place, is because there are none. It is our expert and experienced opinion that this software never truly makes trades at all, which is why we are never informed of how it works, because it doesn’t. We are simply told that it works well and it works fast, whatever that is supposed to mean. The only goal of these crooks is to get you to deposit money into your trading account, at which point it gets drained instantly and you are left with nothing at all.

Who Is Running The Show – Bitcoin Code Scam Software

One of the clearest indications that Bitcoin Code software is a total rip off has to do with the so called alleged owner and creator of it all. We are led to believe that the owner’s name is Steve McKay, a big time stock trader, BO expert, and former investment company owner. He tells us a pretty long story and definitely spins us quite the interesting fairytale. We are in fact referring to his story as a fairy tale because that is all it is, kind of like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. While the story sounds attractive on the outside, on the inside it is about as ugly as it gets.

The really funny part is that the crooks behind this ludicrous Bitcoin software thought they could trick us into thinking that Steve McKay is a real guy. To try and prove to us that he is a legit person, they show us some horrible picture of him staring out a window in a high rise office building. Well, surprise, surprise, that picture is nothing more than a stolen stock image. The image is available on Google images and many other image databases and is entitled “Portrait of a businessman looking at the window.”

The Bitcoin Code by Steve McKay

So, obviously this guy is a total fraud. To be fair, we should have known this right from the beginning. We only ever get to hear the voice of some random man, which speaks as we see the aforementioned stolen image. Whenever you are confronted with a presentation video that uses nothing more than pictures and voice over narration, you can rest assured that the whole thing is a scam. The only reason to be using voice narration is to hide the identities of the true criminals in charge of it all. The bottom line is that we have no idea who is in charge of Bitcoin Code software, and even worse, those running the show are actively trying to conceal their identities. This is not a good sign in the least and should be enough to send you running for the hills!

How Much Money Can Bitcoin Code Software Generate?

Something else that signals that a scam is afoot is the promise of such ridiculously high profits. Apparently, Bitcoin Code software can generate over $13,000 per day, every day of the week, thus making you a millionaire in a matter of mere months. Moreover, according to the official website, this program is completely risk free and never loses trades. Even more questionable is the claim of this software having generated over 18 million dollars in the last six months. Well, to say the least, there are just a couple of problems with the above statements and claims.

First off, in terms of trading every day of the week, that is obviously false. Markets are only open on weekdays, but are closed to trading on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, claiming to be able to execute trades seven days per week is just a downright lie. Moreover, we did a little domain registry check, and the website for Bitcoin Code has definitely not been up for the last 6 months. It is simply impossible for Bitcoin Code software to have generated 18 million bucks in 6 months because the software has only been around for a fraction of that time.

Furthermore, there is not a single trading platform in the world that can generate thirteen thousand dollars per day, plain and simple. This kind of tech just does not exist. There are indeed good trading services out there, but those can only rake in around $800 or $900 per day at most. Bitcoin Code scam software claims to be able to make in 1 day what other programs make in a whole month. Once again, this claim of huge profits is just a boldfaced lie.

Bitcoin Code Scam Review – THE VERDICT

The final verdict, beyond any reasonable doubt, is that Bitcoin Code software is a complete and total rip off. Literally everything that we are told about it is not true, it is false, or grossly over exaggerated at the least. These crooks think that they can lure in beginners and unsuspecting newbies through some bogus get rich quick scheme, but we are here to stop that from happening!

Verdit: The Bitcoin Code is a SCAM!

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