LV Grow Markets Review – Credible Broker or Not?

LV Grow Markets is an offshore broker who offers a wide array of services revolving around the world of trading. From educating the clients to featuring the most sought out asset class, we do understand why this broker is capturing the attention of many traders.

However, they do appear to have a rough past and the amount of complaints against them keep piling up. As a trader, in order to succeed, it is very important to choose a broker who is not only reliable but also should cater to your every need.

So, to find out everything about this broker make sure that you read our detailed review till the end and then make an informed decision. 

LV Grow Markets Review

Location, Contact Details and Licenses

Perhaps the most important thing nowadays when it comes to trading online is to stick with regulated brokers and exchanges. Due to the ever rising malpractices around the trading sector, it is wise to do your best to stay safe as a client. After all, regulatory authorities cannot stop each and every possible threat, right?

LV Grow Markets is owned and operated by Arrow Capital ltd, address: Tana Russet Plaza, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu. We spent a lot of time on their website trying to find their regulatory status. However, the search ended in vain which means most probably they are unregulated and that is not a bright thing from the clients perspective.

Moreover, the Austrian FMA has issued a warning against this broker. As far as credibility goes, LV Grow Markets is not at the top of the list. Moving on to the customer service aspect of this brokerage, know that they can be contacted via email and telephone. Here are the list of the contact details.

Email –

Address – Tana Russet Plaza, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Phone – +74993030097

Account Types, Leverage and Trading Conditions

There are 5 types of accounts offered by this broker. Regardless of the kind of account you might choose, knowing that they all have 1:500 leverage. Leverage is a double edged sword, it will enhance your profits, but if you are wrong, it will decimate the equity at an astronomical rate.

So, be very careful before you start trading and put up the amount which you can afford to lose. Below are the list of features available on the platform.

  • Leverage – Up to 1:500
  • Spreads
  • Support Round the Clock 24/6
  • Daily Market Overview
  • Education Centre
  • Live Trading Webinars
  • Daily Analysis Video
  • Price Alerts
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Personalised Trading Strategy
  • Training One-on-One
  • Trading Signals from MTE


LV Grow Markets support MT4 platform and has a web based interface. For the majority of the traders, the presence of MT4 ensures maximum amount of versatility. Moreover, if you are someone who is entirely depended upon the algorithm for trades, then this broker will fulfill all your needs.

The web based platform is also pretty effective and consists of common indicators which should be enough for most traders. As far as fees associated with withdrawals are considered, this broker charges ranks on the higher side. According to their website, they charge a service fee of 3.5% on cashouts and a dormant fees of $200 is applied for inactivity. Given the amount of alternatives available, this kind of fees may be unjust.

Trading Academy

This section of the website is mainly present for the sole purpose of educating the clients. Recently all the retail brokers are concerned with educating the clients, as the winning clients are much more likely to stick around for long and generate more trading volume. From the trader’s perspective, acquiring educational material is always a plus point.

On top of the educational video series and books, there is also a subsection which showcases the economic calendar. In short, you will always be informed about the recent events on the market which is definitely a positive sign.

Affiliate Program

LV Grow Markets uses affiliate program to grow their client base and acquire more marketers in a pocket friendly manner. Anyone who has the ability of generating web traffic in the trading niche can opt in to work for them.

LV Grow Markets Affiliate Program

They do offer a 10% revenue share or flat out $600 CPA. The commission rates might differ from region to region. Do note that, they do not accept clients from the US and some other countries.

LV Grow Markets Review Conclusion

LV Grow Markets is a broker who features exceptionally huge range of assets. Their spreads are on the higher side which makes them not so attractive for the day traders and the amount of fees associated is also outrageous.

Given the fact that, they do have somewhat of a notorious reputation, ask yourself whether it is really worth the risk. Remember at the end of the day it is your money and you should do everything in your power to keep it safe.

Do you have any experience with LV Grow Markets? Share your opinion with our community by leaving a comment below.


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