Review - Scam Review claims to be a revolutionary investment firm which is going to make all the investors profitable on a consistent basis. Their website is full of grammatical errors and many of their explanation does not make any sense which shows the lack of professionalism.

They are said to be involved in trading and mining activities concerning Bitcoin. Though we were sure that this platform is a scam their returns claim gave us the conformation, they promise the investors 20% ROI every 72 hours.

On top of all these blunders we found more factors these criminals have featured to gain trust of the people. Go through our detailed review to know why these faceless scammers are doing this and the ways to avoid them.

Company and Support

Though the financial markets have provided the traders and investors with more than enough opportunities to make money, it has a dark side too. Many firms in the past have gobbled up people’s money in the past pretending to be a broker or service provider which is why the current rules governing these kind of firms have become too strict. is an ICO, which trades and mines cryptocurrencies. They raise funds required for the above stated purposes from the public and promise them a fixed dollar figure in return. We checked with FCA to determine whether this firm is legitimate or otherwise but the results clearly showed that they are nothing but a cheap scam.

They claim to be a registered organisation but without proof we cannot trust anything they say especially keeping all the above discussed details in mind. Though many scams claim to be a registered entity having a license, never take their word for granted and make sure to carry a full scale check on them. The only contact detail put up by these fraudster is an email address.

Email –

How does work ?

This firm is supposedly involved in cryptocurrency sphere. They claim to have set up multiple mining firms. Although they make many bold statements they have failed to provide an ounce of evidence to back up any and all of their narration or previous accomplishments.

Their explanation is very vague and in someway is meaningless. They state that they use some sort of high technology and advanced tools to monitor the markets and that apparently yields them with huge profits.

Technology will certainly supplement your trading endeavor but it does not guarantee you success. The lack of proper plan combined with the poor presentation is certainly not a pleasant thing. This platform features a video showing the layout of their mining farm but we strongly believe that it is deceptive.

First of all the video does not reveal the face of the person which means it could be simply a video they copied from the internet. Exact location of the farms was not revealed so basically there is no information which will help us trace the identity of these crooks.

Investment Plans

Every experienced trader knows how hard it is to reach a state or phase in which one is able to earn consistent profits from the market. Newbies or inexperienced people will be tempted by seeing the plans this platform showcases but before you try to pass this learning curve ask yourself is this really possible ?

Moreover they guarantee the returns which is unethical as no one can predict the market movement always.


Returns – 20%

Duration – 24 Hours

Min. Deposit – $20


Returns – 40%

Duration – 48 Hours

Min. Deposit – $100


Returns – 200%

Duration – 72 Hours

Min. Deposit – $1,000

Domain Insight

Here are some of the details regarding their website we gathered from and


Registration Date – 01/09/2018

Expiration Date – 01/09/2018

Alexa Traffic Rank – 9,999,597

Is a Scam ?

100% Confirmed Fraud,

This company is neither involved in trading or mining cryptocurrencies. The withdrawal screenshot shown are all fake and is done only to evoke your greediness.

It is natural for all of us to get attached to an idea of making money but when that type of opportunity is presented to us in reality you should start questioning things, naturally as we all know nothing worth having comes easily. Another daunting fact about this firm is that they have put up fake testimonials all over their website. - Fake Testimonials

Now stop and think for a moment why do they have to put up comments from fake user profiles with stock photos. Unless they do not have something they do not want us to notice ? Review Conclusion is a dangerous fraud enterprise you do not want to get tangled with. They operate not only unethically but illegally. Their operational model is a ponzi scheme which needs a lot of new participants to stay afloat but still they are doomed sooner or later.

This company does not associate their creator in branding and does not even acknowledge their existence with all the above discussed things in mind all we can tell you is not to invest with them for any reason whatsoever.

Have you lost money with ? We invite you to share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.


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