Cryptech Global Review - Review
Cryptech Global is a peculiar type of ICO which is aiming towards changing the aspect of cryptocurrency ownership. Their main expertise lies in detection of frauds and coming up with more secure payment gateway solution thereby instilling confidence among buyers and sellers.

They also state that they have plans to cater to the new class of customers and business owners as the cryptocurrencies finally gain acceptance in a wide scale. Since this ICO is new and there isn’t much information about them, go through our comprehensive review to find out all the details about this service.

Team Members and Support

The credibility of a firm is directly proportional to the level of transparency they exhibit as people always prefer to associate themselves with successful and established groups only. On this platform investors can find details about all the members working for this firm including their area of expertise and previous accomplishments.

The only shortfall we noticed is that there are no social media profiles linked to them so we cannot verify that all of the profiles showcased by them are real. Moreover in recent times many ICO’s popup frequently and it is difficult to keep a tab on them.

Though this service has failed to put up any legal documents, they have provided us with the contact details of their headquarters in 4 different countries.

1. Central, Hong Kong, Asia

Phone – +852 800 96 0643

2. Oslo, Norway, Europe

Phone – +47 23960576

3. Denver, United States

Phone – +1 8007430158

4. Reem Island, Abu Dhabhi, UAE

Email –

How does Cryptech Global work ?

The core idea behind their concept is to eliminate too fraud cases in the credit card transactions. Every year millions of dollars are lost due to the cyber attacks wherein the hackers use other people credentials to transfer the money.

Nowadays the number of fraud cases is through the roof, though 2 factor authentication provides extra layer of security it can be bypassed easily by skilled hackers. This ICO is planning to make payment gateway solution as secure as humanly possible by implementing advanced algorithms while making use of proprietary device fingerprinting and network intelligence. If this idea is executed according to the plan then there will be way less opportunities for cyber attackers to exploit.

Discretionary Management

Discretionary management is just a fancy name for account management but there are minor differences between them. They talk about the benefits of having this service which is more like hard selling you but since there isn’t many user testimonials about this service we can’t comment anything as of now some of the merits of having a discretionary manager.

According to this platform the manager will be normally in a better position to negotiate attractive terms concerning liquidity and whenever the market changes the direction he/she will be able to adjust the portfolio accordingly. As you can see they do provide value but there will be a fixed charge for it and it is not revealed which is a little disturbing.

They also offer flexible schemes. If an individual wants to sign up for their service they can contact the support team and set the terms which fits best to their needs.

Domain Whereabouts

With the help of we found the following details about them.


Registrar – eNom, Inc.

Registration Date – 30/01/2018

Expiration Date – 30/01/2019

The actual registrant details are unavailable as they are using some privacy protection service.

We searched and to find more details about this website but this site is not recognized by those metrics.

Is Cryptech Global a Scam ?

There isn’t enough data to draw conclusion,

Their operational model is not clear and though they have shared the details of their employees, we couldn’t find any sort of proof to state that they indeed are profitable in trading cryptocurrency. - Hyped Testimonials

A number of testimonials are displayed on their website wherein the users have talked about how efficient this service was and the kind of profits they achieve but as there is no way to know whether they are from real users or not, we don’t believe them. Another disturbing thing regarding this matter is that apart from the comments on their platform we were not able to find any feedback on the internet.

Cryptech Global Review Conclusion

Cryptech Global has an interesting concept but it is not straightforward. They talk about discretionary management and the way risk diversification helps them in achieving profits in the long run but we are reluctant to invest with them because their narration is not convincing enough.

They claim to have achieved 5% growth but the exact period of time it took for them to reach this target is unknown. Our suggestion to you is to exercise caution while dealing with them.

Have you invested with Cryptech Global? How would you describe them? Let us know by commenting below.


  1. Bil

    It’s a scam
    I’ve lost thousands of pounds.
    Can’t get in touch with them now.
    Their phone numbers don’t work.

  2. Peter Hudes

    This company are not legitimate. Their website is no longer being updated and their chief client manager has had his twitter account suspended.
    Do not believe their threats – do not send them anything – you will never see it again. A genuine company would never deal with a potential client in this way. They exhibit much typical scam-like behaviour – we cannot give more details (otherwise scammers just learn to change their approach).
    Peter Hudes & Stuart Cubech

  3. Stuart Cubech

    Hey Paul. We’ve been looking into this company and can tell you that they are not legit and will not sue you for funds. Do not succumb to their threats. They were active until the end of Sept 2018, but have stopped updating their website with news items and their chief spokesman has had his twitter account suspended. We have uncovered lots of fake information as well as numerous errors in their marketing / website etc which are typical of scams. I cannot provide further details because scammers then learn not to make the same errors

  4. Paul Sloan

    I have had some conversations with and received an email from cryptech global but didn’t invest or sign for anything. Inspite of this I am receiving theeatening call from them – they say I agreed over the phone to invest £5000 and they have recordings of the conversations and sue me for the money.

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