PagareX Review - Scam Review
PagareX is an ICO which boldly calls itself a self regulated financial system. They claim to make their early adopters financially independent through various investment opportunity. The number of activities they are involved are literally everything associated with cryptocurrencies.

Returns advertised by them are up to 48% per month which is intriguing but seems highly unlikely. During our investigation the evidence and lack of clarity we found was beyond tolerable level.

The idea behind their ICO and financial independence might be appealing but do not take hasty decisions. Go through our unbiased review which will give you a clear idea about how this ICO works.

What is PagareX and How to make money with it ?

PagareX is a decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem which aims to provide best revenue generating opportunities to their users.

Here are the list of ways you can earn money with them.


Trading is the most common way of making a profit. This platform suggests the users to buy their tokens now and sell them later when they reach high price thereby result in profit. The total supply of this coin is 35,000,000.

Moreover there are certain demerits to it. This coin is not listed in any of the major exchanges, the traders have to wait for it.


This phase is more like hodl but with a tiny twist. The investors have to buy the coins, hold them in their wallets and earn interest on them. Reward for doing this is said to be as high as 10% per month. Let us rewind you that no bank can afford to pay this much interest rate and surely these claims are all pointing towards south as far as their legitimacy is considered.

Cryptocurrency Mining

According to PagareX platform their algorithm is designed to provide the most efficient and reliable mining profits. They also state that they can mine the PagareX coins on any device but as usual the more advanced the mining equipment is more profit you will gain. Here are the key stats of this coin.

Decimal Places – 8

Mining Pool – Yes

POW Block Reward – 10

Minimum Stake age – 1 Day

Maximum Stake age – 14 Days

Total POW Block – 262,800

Blocking Spacing – 5 minutes


This part consists of a trading bot offered by this platform and as an investor you can choose whether to invest with it or not. If you choose to trade with the bot then the profits will be split between you and the platform.
The exact sharing percentage is not revealed anywhere on their website. Here are the leading plans:-

Plan 1

Interest – Up to 48% Monthly

Capital Back – After 250 Days

Investment amount – $100 to $1,000

Plan 2

Interest – Up to 48% Monthly (0.15% Bonus)

Capital Back – After 200 Days

Investment amount – $1,010 to $5,000

Plan 3

Interest – Up to 48% Monthly (0.25% Bonus)

Capital Back – After 125 Days

Investment amount – $5,010 to $10,000

Plan 4

Interest – Up to 48% Monthly (0.30% Bonus)

Capital Back – After 100 Days

Investment amount – $10,010 to $100,000 - Returns

According to their investment calculator if any individual invests $5000 with their platform then they will supposedly get 2 million dollars. Doesn’t that sound like a dream ?

Revenue Metrics

Community – 26%

Development – 30%

Legal – 10%

Maintenance and Support – 1%

Advertising – 30%

Investors – 3%

Road map

Below we have listed the ICO’s accomplishment from 2017 including their future plans. Some of their goals is outrageous and seems far fetched but we are extremely skeptical about them.

Website Launch and Additional Forum Information – 20/12/2017

Website Registration and Affiliate marketing begins – 26/12/2017

Pre ICO – 02/01/2018

External Exchange Request – 07/01/2018

Internal Exchange Launch – 12/01/2018

Initial Coin Offering – 17/01/2018

Start of Lending Program – 24/01/2018

Wallet Distribution – Coming soon

PGX Mining Pool and Github Source code – Coming soon

Full Internal Exchange Launch – Coming soon

First 100 Online Shops Accepting PagareX – March 2018

First Global Event – April 2018

PagareX Debit Card Launch – May 2018

ATM Connection – August 2018

The Coin is expected to reach a level of $760 in value – 2019

Affiliate Program

To gain mass adoption marketing is absolutely necessary. This ICO offers multi level referral program which resembles pyramid schemes closely. Any individual who opts in to work for them and starts sending quality traffic to their scheme gets awarded with 24% of the investment amount made by the referrals.

It is not required for the affiliates to be an active investor of the ICO. Bottom line is that the promoters are selling the tokens which they haven’t personally bought.

Is PagareX a scam ?


The most concerning thing about this platform is the lack of proper records and evidence to support any of their claims. Their investment plans are all too good to be true and practically speaking if they can deliver those returns consistently they will be the only organisation to do so. Take a look at what people are saying about this ICO on forums like

Where will you operate first? Of course, it will not be global at the start because you need to test your system for bugs and the likes. The adaptability of merchants will be one challenge as well as the volatility of cryptocurrency.

PagareX Review Conclusion

PagareX appears more like a ponzi or pyramid scheme rather than an ICO. The administrative side of the firm are not transparent and that kind of upsets the potential clients. They do have a huge clients base and have maintained to gain viral popularity across many countries. Though we have discussed every factor in detail above we urge our readers to avoid investing in them until we get more feedback.

Have you invested in Pagarex? Share your opinion by commenting below.


  1. Nick Nolte

    the biggest scam of 2018!!! they took of with the hard-earned money of many people….
    may cancer take all of them and their families and they die in horrible pain


    No SHIT!!!
    this is the biggest scam i have even seen and been involved/sucked in.
    although the website is still running its in limbo, no one is working on anything and they are holding/stolen a shitload of my money. i wish i knew the c…cksucker behind it, he and his crew would be eliminated.
    i hear someone by the name of Van De… something is behind it, watch out if i ever find out where you are motherfucker, you’ll wish you were never born

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