CPUWin.com Review – Scam or Legit?

CPUWin (cpuwin.com) is a cryptocurrency mining solution which harnesses the power of CPU to mine Bitcoin and various other altcoins.  They are also said to be mobile friendly but still it is not the activity you would want to get indulged with.

There are no returns guaranteed by this platform which is understandable because the future price of the cryptocurrencies and the mining difficulty cannot be predicted precisely.  If you are looking to get started with this platform chances are you are a beginner and are on the search for an easy way to get started with mining.

To know what all to expect from this platform and make an informed decision about them read our full review which will enlighten you about everything you need to consider before getting started with them.



Company and Contact Details

This platform does not feature any kind of legal documents.  We do not know the owners of this firm or the people responsible for running them.  Considering the fact that they do offer free mining plan this aspect can be ignored to certain extent but remember to always start out small and when things go in your favour then you can always start scaling it up.  

The support team of this platform can be reached through phone, email and contact form.  They have even featured their location details.

Address – 1277 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

Phone – +61 3 6377 8232

Fax – +61 3 6377 8233

Email – info@couwin.com

How does CPUWin Work?

CPUWin is said to use the computing power of the PC’s, mobile and channel them into productive task i.e., mining.  Basically instead of specialised mining equipment they are using the old school approach but do remember that it carries a significant amount of wear and tear to your device.  

When the software is run on any system for loner duration of time the system will start to overheat because most of the computers are not built in way which can handle tasks like these.  Furthermore there are a lot of indirect costs included like electricity and not to mention the profit sharing aspect, the users are required to share the revenue with this firm so your net profit amount is further reduced.  

Unless you have access to free electricity and a spare computer it is not at all worth trying.


A few years ago when Bitcoin was dirt cheap it was easy to get them through mining.  Any normal computer would have the capability to procure them but as they emerged and reached new heights in terms of price the number of participant literally exploded.  

Also as the difficulty raised the number of coins per block was reduced.  In current market condition assuming you have setup your farm strategically it takes a long period of time before you can reach break even point let alone profit.

If you are only relying on your personal computers or laptops to do all the heavy lifting then do not expect to make decent amount of profits.

Affiliate Program

Just like majority of the online platforms out there this firm also features an affiliate program.  Any individual who has access to consistent web traffic can promote them.

For every successful conversion the affiliates gets paid 20% of the deposit amount made by their referrals.  The promoters are most probably not required to be an active investor but since they do offer free plan it is not something which you should worry about.

Domain Insight

A search on whois.com reveals that this domain was registered on 22/04/2018 and it expires on 22/04/2019.  Actual registrant contact details are masked because they have enabled privacy protection services.

In terms of popularity this website is indeed an impressive one.  It currently ranks 18,153 in Japan and has a global rank of 56,361  They have used ad networking sites to promote their platform. Most of the users landing on this website are from Japan, Iran, India, United Kingdom and United States.

CPU Win Review Conclusion

CPUWin offers an easy way to get started with mining but it comes with a cost.  The current mining pools they are indulged with are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and Nem.  Try them out for a few days if you are truly interested so that you get an idea of how it works and then you can decide whether you want to get involved in mining at a large scale or not.  

Remember that some users have terrible experience with them, below we have gathered the opinions of real users who have expressed their opinions on popular forums like Trustpilot.com.

Ok guys i have waited for CPUwin withdrawal (threshold)almost 5days, either could not contact through their contact due to send button is not working or it is disabled by the site/ i came to a conclusion this site is not paying do not invest with this site its waist of time

Have you tried cpuwin.com?  We invite you forward to share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.


  1. Ramon Conti

    I cant received payment for this..
    .So disappointed..
    No to spread..

  2. Alexander

    invest with eobot.com the best cloud mining i ever used since they open it. You mine and can upgrade free from your mining coins to scrypt mining or ghs mining. Its worth to upgrade to get crypto.

    EOBOT.com the best cloud mining

    If people could listen that eobot is good nobody had been scammed but go on so low service as cpuwin is shit.

  3. Abdulmoniem

    i have waited for CPUwin withdrawal after 3 times of requist payment 3*0.003 BTC I recieved that they paid but nothing recieved . either could not contact through their contact due to send button is not working or it is disabled by the site/ i came to a conclusion this site is not paying do not invest with this site its waist of time

  4. Bilal

    no !!! not paid this website…..it is scam Site…pleas avoid

  5. l'audace

    cpuwin ne paye pas c’est un scam

  6. Frans Gunadi

    Mining bitcoin for 3 weeks on cpuwin.com, I got 0.08 BTC. I submitted a claim of 0.08 BTC on 4 December 2018 and waited for more than 2 weeks. They (cpuwin.com) say they have paid, but do not enter my account in Indodax. I tried to contact support services but they closed it and there was no proof of their transfer in the form of txID. So I made sure they (cpuwin.com) were a scam.

  7. Arshad Ahamed

    !! it is scam !!
    I wait for payment for a month it shows payment status paid.
    but nothing has received to my account . it is absolute scam !

  8. pranav

    They take 2 weeks for payment

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