Passive Rev Share Review – Big SCAM

Passive Rev Share is a new investment service which is targeting the retail investors. Their investment plans are somewhat long term, but the returns they showcase is a fantasy.

The alleged returns they generate is said to be around 2,000% every 4 months once. If you have a basic understanding of the economy and know how financial markets work, then you can already spot the lies.

Since, their presentation was apt and they mainly went after newbies, a lot of people have become victims of this scheme. We as humans are impulsive most of the times, but do not let those glitters fool you.

Go through our review to understand the way they work. Passive Rev Share Review

Legality, Whereabouts and Support

All the companies that offer high risk investment products should adhere to certain strict rules dependent upon their geographical location. Nowadays, since the world of online investing is so mainstream, dealing with any non legal entity has severe consequences.

This firm says that, they are under the supervision of the FCA. However, the actual scenario disagrees with that fact. We had a look at the database of the FCA and there is no clue about this platform. Long story short, they are bluffing about their legality and are a fraud.

If you have the intention of talking with the support staff of this firm, then you won’t be successful. All the communication between the clients and the staff happens via email only. So, you won’t be able to track their location.

Passive Rev Share Business Model

Passive Rev Share claims to be active in trading the forex and stock markets. There isn’t much explanation about the technicalities present and the details of the fund managers are also unknown.

Forex market are open 24/7 and has deep liquidity while stock market have enormous volatility. However, just because you choose to be a participant, it doesn’t mean you will be rich.

Just like the other profession dedication and education are necessary. So, do not be attached to the idea of making money by clicking a few buttons. After all, if that narrative put out by scammers were true, everyone would be millionaires.

Moreover, they do not offer any verifiable trading history or free trial as well. So, investing with them is worse than gambling, the odds will always be against you. Financial sector is a way of earning a living to many people, but it is not a magical way to wealth.

Profits Promised and Conditions

Before we talk about the returns these crooks supposedly generate, let’s look at the history. Most investment banks and pension funds generate roughly around 25% per year.

The professional traders with business degrees cannot sustain anything more than the above number over the long run. This firm claims to generate 2,000% returns every 4 months once. This number is certainly interesting, but ask yourself isn’t it too good to be true? Passive Rev Share Investment Plans

They are only featuring huge profit claims to lure in the unsuspecting newbies. So, do not let them fill your head with dreams, because it is just a trap to make you lose money.

Affiliate Program

This platform just like all the scams out there features an affiliate program to get more clients in a cost efficient manner. In general terms, they pay promoters on cost per acquisition model.

Anyone who has access to a stream of web traffic can choose to work for them. Moreover, as their model is already an illegal one, they are known to use all the shady tricks to loot the public.

If you find any positive review, then save yourself a ton of regrets by ignoring them. After all, they are known to do anything and everything to make money via fake narratives.

Domain Details

Below are the details about the domain and the website being employed by the creators of Passive Rev Share. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 09/10/2018

Expiry – 09/10/2023

Alexa Global Rank – 762,150

Rank in Iran – 40,170

Target Audience – Iran, Brazil and the United States

Illegal Pyramid Scheme

Once in a blue moon, ponzi scheme does pay certain number of their clients. However, that does not make them legit in any way. Their main intention behind paying out is to seem like the real deal to the public and also instill confidence among the clients.

Ultimately, once they fail to gain more customers exponentially, they will flee away with all the cash. So, do not be a part of the hype created by them online. Remember, their only motto is to transfer money from your pocket to theirs.

Moreover, if they were truly reputable, then why don’t they offer demo account or free trial? The answer is quite simple. They do not have anything valuable to contribute to the traders or investors.

Passive Rev Share Review Conclusion

Passive Rev Share is not the kind of investment platform you would want to indulge with. They are just deceptive people who will promise you a fortune and deliver nothing.

Marketing campaigns of their platform are a little aggressive, but regardless of what they say, never give them a dime. Sending them money means you are saying goodbye to your funds forever. So, avoid interacting with them for any reason.

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    У меня произошло тоже самое. Есть сдвиги

  2. salman143

    support is not answering me i have deposited 100$ in 30 business days plan and today my plan was about to complete but now its been moved to 70 business days plan whats wrong with the website ?? i was not expecting that because its 7 years old website and i very trusted it…my all friends faced that issue

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