BTC Goals Review – Scam with Narratives!

BTC Goals is yet another crypto arbitrage service which has become viral on the internet. They promise returns of 400% every 3 days once. Many new participants in the crypto sphere seem to think about it like a get rich quick scheme.

However, that is certainly not the case. The amount of profits these crooks are promising is absurd and way too unrealistic. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in deluding the masses.

Before you get enticed by the kind of offers they throw at you, learn about their real intentions by reading our review. BTC Goals Review

Company and Contact Information

This firm claims to be a completely legit organisation and also has the courage to show an incorporation certificate. At first, the documentation might look good, but it is not what it appears to be.

First of all, they are under the radar of FCA. So, technically speaking, they are a fraud. Most scams feature registration certificates only to earn the trust of the investors and it is of utmost importance to always crosscheck those.

After all, you can’t be too safe when it comes to your money. For any reason, if you have to speak with the staff of this company, then forget about it. They only communicate via email and do not offer telephone assistance.

The reason as to why they are trying to stay anonymous is obvious, isn’t it? These crooks know the consequences of their actions and are trying their best to avoid getting caught.

Here are the contact information put up on their homepage.

Address – 43, Chase side, London, N14 5BP, United Kingdom

Email –

BTC Goals Operational Model

BTC Goals mainly revolves around the growth and development of the cryptocurrencies. They talk about the way the blockchain works and their benefits to the financial system.

All their narratives are on point, but they are generic in nature and available for free on the internet. We searched nook and corner of their website to find information about their employees and failed.

In short, the lack of transparency is not something you should dismiss. There is no trading history shown on their website. So, there is no tangible proof to support any of their claims.

The arbitrage principle they portray is also not flawless. For starters, there is no room for enormous profits on arbitraging. Moreover, they do not occur on a regular basis as well which means that is just another cock and bull story.

Investing without knowledge is dangerous and sending money to this institution is nothing short of a financial suicide.

Investment Plans and Returns Showcased

There are many options or investment packages offered by this firm. The general rule is, the more you invest, the more profits you will make. Hearing returns of 100% or 400% might seem interesting, but first let’s take a look at the math.

If anyone could sustain these results, then he would become a trillionaire within a month with as low as $100 capital. Does that sound reasonable to you? Obviously not, right? Check out their plans below, it is hilarious. BTC Goals Investment Promises

Affiliate Program

Just like how we humans need oxygen to stay alive, these scams need traffic to survive. Since the promotion of these illegal schemes is banned on most popular platforms, they rely on shady affiliates.

They offer a referral program which enables the promoters to get a decent share of the revenue by supplying traffic to this website. To increase their commission, the affiliate creates fake content and narratives to push the public into depositing with the firm.

As you can clearly see, this conflict of interest is the reason behind all those misinformation in the marketplace.

Domain Details

Here are the information about the key demographics of their business along with the details of their domain.

Domain –

Registered On – 18/04/2019

Expiry – 18/04/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 7,844,714

Daily Time on Site – 10:53

Pyramid Structure and Illegal Business

There is a big section on their website which shows the alleged withdrawal and deposit stats. For beginners this might seem like an effort made by the firm to remain transparent. However, in reality, it’s just a trap. BTC Goals Fake Statistics

Most of the transactions shown have never taken place which should tell you a lot about their ethical values. Moreover, ponzi model is illegal in the majority of countries around the world.

If you ever read any testimonies or comments claiming to have made money with them, then do not entertain that ideology. Remember, this scheme will only make them rich not vice versa.

Since these criminals already have done so much research on their part, the chances of them getting caught is practically zero. So, never get tangled in the web for any reason.

BTC Goals Review Conclusion

BTC Goals is another scam which will eventually bite the dust. The typical lifespan of a ponzi scheme is one year, but looking at this specific case, even that might be a stretch.

Since their death is bound to happen in a short period of time, do not take the risk of investing with them. While its possible to make money through trading, aiming for quick returns will never yield any returns. Educate yourself about the markets and then proceed to conquer them.

Are you a victim of Scam? Share your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Goran

    Gentlemen, it’s easy to write, where are your works, where they are being made to cheat and SCAM shut down, I’ve been fooled myself countless times and I worked for the devil, but they have the support of both Google and other networks because they are cooperating, what I say, so google puts ads on their false sites, and so abuses its name and lied to us, it’s a thief, I have evidence…. but what is worth, to whom to address, because it is not just to write, it is necessary to prove to people that you are doing and besides writing something ….

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