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Premium Chain Pool is a cloud mining operation. Is it a scam or a reliable cloud mining company? Read our review to find out!

Premium Chain Pool

We first heard of when someone posted the following comment on our Blacklist:

I was scammed by slushminingpool ( It’s pure scam. Do not invest into this mining pool. It is the same founder like premiumchainpool. Please do not make the same mistake like me.

This comment seems to suggest that (which we have already reviewed as unreliable) was created by the same people who did

But where is the proof?

Both sites are hosted at NameCheap, Inc. They are on a directory (/mining/).

Like as with, the design is sloppy and stuff is missing. The Privacy Policy for instance is blank.

There’s also a live chat feature on the site, which is similar to that used by SMP.

Finally, here’s another comment which was posted in our blacklist in March 9, 2019:

Premiumchainpool is scam. PCP is a mining pool platform which looks serious at the first glance. There is a WhatsApp support and a Telegram contact named kahljames. They promise high profits. But when it comes to payout, it’s never done. Don’t make the same mistake like me! Lost a few thousands USD.

Based on the above, it is safe to assume that both sites were indeed created by the same people.

How do present themselves?

While they claim to have been founded at the end of 2015, the domain itself was registered on December 6, 2018 for one year.

They are a Bitcoin mining company made of programmers and engineers who are operating cryptocurrency mining farms. Their client base is allegedly no less than 15,000 people.

How it Supposedly Works?

Open an account, deposit funds into it (according to the plan of your choice). Then, money generated from the mining power you purchased will be credited to you to withdraw whenever you wish.

There are 3 plans, each with a two-week long contract, analysis service, and 24/7 support:
  1. “Get 120% ETH Per Day For 7 day” – Deposit $1,000
  2. “Get 114% BLK Per Day For 7 day” – Deposit $2,000
  3. “Get 500% BTC Per Day For 55 day” – Deposit $5,000

Needless to say, none of this makes any sense.

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (631) 364-2736 (WhatsApp only). 1 is the country code of the US. 631 is the area code of the state New York.


Address: Blk 335 Smith Street Singapore 050335 Address
Google Maps

Review Conclusion

Stay away from Premium Chain Pool and other shady cloud mining operations.

What are your thoughts?

Feel free to share any first-hand experience with PremiumChainPool by commenting below.


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