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AiYellow dot com seems to be a legitimate ad directory (“The Yellow Pages of the Internet”). They offer the possibility of easily and quickly creating online shops to start selling goods worldwide. They have recently started a project known as Yellow Trading Coin. One may reach Yellow Trading Coin through the AiYellow subdomain ( or directly at

Is Yellow Trading Coin a legitimate company? What do they do exactly?

Let’s have a look… (Yellow Trading Coin)

The domain was registered for two years on July 23, 2018.

It is an ICO, meaning an Initial Coin Offering. They are basically collecting funds from people who believe in their coin – YTC, an ERC-20 token. (Minimum deposit to participate is $30 USD.)

At time of writing this review (September 11, 2019), the status was of a pre-ICO, round 6. Allegedly, 3,622,540,006 YTC were sold to 51,198 Clients.

40 days are to pass before moving to the next phase, “November Special,” which will be followed by the ICO phase during December-February, and finally “The Big Jump” in March 1st, 2020.

During the 6 rounds of pre-ICO, the price of YTC went from $0.002 USD to $0.015, while during the ICO itself, the price is expected to rise up to $0.080 per coin.

The Big Jump is when the new cryptocurrency will start to be used in the markets, being bought and sold in accordance with its purpose, which we shall investigate shortly. The valuation of the coin for the Big Jump phase is $0.15 USD.

The total value of YTC is expected to be $543,388,884 USD.

First, let’s see who exactly is behind this ICO.

AiYellow Corporation

Yellow Trading Coin is owned by AiYellow Corporation. The AI stands for AmarillasInternet.

Strangely, much of the navigation on seems to be broken, including the Forum, Contact Us, and social network buttons.

The same is the case for Though there they have a list of people who work for them.

Only in the privacy policy of an address is mentioned:

We are Amarillasinternet Corporation, registered in (and ruled by the laws of) Florida State, United States of America (registration number EIN 26-3779909). Our registered office is at 25 SE 2nd Ave. Suite 410 Ingraham Building, Miami, FL. 33131.

Phone number: (305) 390-0580

Yellow Trading Coin (YTC)

Given that Yellow Trading Coin is a US based company, it’s pretty much safe to assume that it is not a scam. Or that if it does turn out to be a scam, that it will be possible to do something about it…

Interestingly though, citizens and residents of the USA, Canada, China, Iran, and North Korea are not permitted to participate.

But is the idea behind Yellow Trading Coin viable? Or will YTC tokens people are buying now end up worth nothing at all?

First, Amarillasinternet Corporation seems to be a legitimate company responsible for many successful projects.

One of the best advantages though of this ICO is that this is going to be the first online business directory (Yellow Pages) to adopt cryptocurrency and create a proprietary token which will be used in a marketplace by more than 1,400,000 companies.

Complaints We Received

On January 6, 2024, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for almost $23K:

Two years ago, I purchased 44,891 coins from a site called The cryptocurrency in question is YTC (Yellow Trading Coin). Despite investing my money, I haven’t been able to recover any of it. Recently, the site offered an option to transfer my YTC as ERC-20 tokens to an Ethereum wallet. However, during the transaction process, they requested additional funds to complete the transfer. Unfortunately, after complying with this request, I was scammed again as the amount never appeared in my wallet, nor did the converted coins.

What are your thoughts regarding Yellow Trading Coin? Will it turn out as a good investment?


  1. Dimitris

    2021 and the coin isn t in the crypto market yet… they promised otherwise… if we knew we would have buy something else.
    I think we have to start going to the lawyers globaly.

  2. Joao

    Quando vejo se promovendo como “A maior cooperativa do mundo” ou “uma das lideres em Online Business Directory” sem sequer aparecer em nenhum ranking do tipo, me deixa claro que fui enganado. Leiam o whitepapers deles e vejam a mentira por escrito.

  3. Joao

    A valorizacao da moeda segue um cronograma a risca e sobe como um relógio. Para quem entende, isso é um belo indicio de que o valor da moeda é um número mágico baseado em nada. Leiam a whitepapers deles e fique frustrado com eu fiquei ao tentar entender a mágica do bigjump. hahaha

    • Dan

      So if this is the future you are more than welcome to buy mine off me for the fraction of the the price since no one else on their amazing website are doing so. Total scam if you ask me…

      • Nuno

        Quanto tempo levou o bitcoin a atingir $1 dolar?
        Pelo que estive a ler 2 anos!
        E agora você acha que porque a YTC foi lançada dia 1 de Março de 2020 que em menos de 6 meses ja estará a valer mais de $1 dolar… tem que ter calma. Se quer vender as suas moedas a um preço muito baixo coloque na exchange da empresa. Agora vir difamar, é coisa feia.

        • Stanley

          I have been trying to sell mine at the LOW PRISE. But no sales. No-one is been ugly, we just want what our brokers PROMISED us. And if you had any decency, you would answer in English my friend.

          • Nuno

            i have decency, you have google translator to be able to translate. that simple. I’m not a broker, I’m just an investor and I believe that people have to be calm. unfortunately I don’t know what was sold to him, but to me that in the next 3 years the currency will have a certain appreciation due to its usability. just like bitcoin when it was created, only after 2 years it started to appreciate. and people were interested in buying. Thats my opinion.

        • Dan

          1.How long do you think it will take for one person to sell lets say 100000 if someone is selling an peace of jewelry for $3 and takes 10% payment as YTC. That means 3cent that is not even one coin.
          2.How will the customer receive his goods as I see there is a car for sale in Portugal?
          3. Who is going to be responsible for goods not delivered as this is one of the biggest problems around the world?
          4. We where told that we can sell our tokens the 1 March not try and sell it on some market place where no one is buying.
          5. I wish everyone will stop referring to Bitcoin, its just dumb.

  4. Gavin Fosker

    Well today is the 2nd March 2020. The YtC coin launched yesterday and the coin is currently sitting at US$0.15.
    A new development was the introduction of the Global Digital Cooperative or otherwise known as the GDC. The GDC boasts a division called Market Place, where companies will be able to make services and products available to members of the GDC.
    Over 600,000 companies have signed up to GDC to be able to make their products and services available to members. Payment will be in a combination of FIAT & YtC.
    This is the only active digital cooperative, with an existing ecosystem and its own crypto. Very exciting potential ….watch this space!

    • Caught

      where are the sompanies I can so called buy from??????

    • Juan

      Gavin when will we be able to sell our Tokens? I have had mine since phase 1 and there is no way I can sell it. There is no contact number that works and No email adres. How do I sell my tokens?

  5. Henrique Ferreira

    Estava a 07 e ja esta a 80 e as grandes empresas que estão alavancadas tem muito valor

  6. Antonios

    Yellow trading coin is a good investment as it brings people together for the same goal. I participate in some webinars and I was happy for any answers they provided. Some people believe in something and get the benefit of their believe and some other people think negative and receive negative. March 2020 is close and by that time we will see who is true and who is fake. Yellow trading coin is one of the best coin as it brings people first. I wish I had bought more coins.

    • Stanley

      Yes. The 1 March 2020 has come and gone and no joy for clients

    • Anonymous

      I have 35 000 YTC If you want to buy more

      • Juan

        Gavin when will we be able to sell our Tokens? I have had mine since phase 1 and there is no way I can sell it. There is no contact number that works and No email adres. How do I sell my tokens?

  7. Anonymous

    Completamente de acordo, Nuno Briro. É um facto que existem por aí muitos esquemas fraudulentos, mas nem todos os Projectos têm de ficar com essa má fama. Há que procurar distinguir o Trigo do Joio.

  8. Nuno Briro

    Engraçado você dar 2 estrelas sem pelo menos tentar aprofundar mais o seu conhecimento relativamente ao projeto da aiyellow Corporation
    A moeda YTC foi criada para os detentores da mesma, ou ds outras pessoas que a queiram comprar poderem pagar produtos e serviços dentro das empresas que anunciam dentro do portal e que vao adoptar a moeda como forma de meio de pagamento que ja sao neste momento sensivelmente 600.000 empresas. Outro ponto também muito importante, é tentar perceber o porquê de empresas como Hp, Sony, Redbull, Nike, toyota, Lacoste, Macdonalds, Fedex anunciam no portal ao longo dos ultimoa 12 anos.
    Agora pergunto, será que uma empresa desta envergadura vai deitar um projeto por agua a baixo como a moeda YTC, você não acha que eles pensaram em tudo?

    • Joao

      toyota, apple e outros anunciam mesmo? pq a unica coisa que aoarece é um quadradinho de todos eles juntos na pagina principal. anúncio mesmo deles nunca aparece. anúncio apenas da diviner waters ou da gdc são exibidos. isto é estranho não acha?

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