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Slush Mining Pool is a cloud mining company, meaning they claim to let investors share the expenses of running their mining rigs and in return, the investors receive a compensation out of the generated revenue.

It’s simple. Open an account, fund it, and watch your profits accumulate. Withdraw whenever you want.

The benefits of cloud mining is that it doesn’t require technical knowledge and setting up expensive hardware. Unfortunately, most cloud mining operations turn out to be scams. And those that aren’t, generate modest returns. (Slush Mining Pool)

So what about SlushMiningPool?

Is it a legitimate cloud mining operation, or might it be a SCAM?

One week ago (on September 3, 2019) we received the following comment from one of our visitors, which prompted this review:

I was scammed by slushminingpool ( It’s pure scam. Do not invest into this mining pool. It is the same founder like premiumchainpool. Please do not make the same mistake like me.

That sounds bad… (Here’s our PremiumChainPool review.)

However, it’s just one review. And SMP may claim that their competitors are trying to hurt their business. So we need to take a deeper look.

About SlushMiningPool is a domain which was registered on May 6, 2019 for just one year. We would expect a serious company who plans to remain in business for years to come to register the domain for more than just 1 year. One year registrations are for newbie bloggers who want to start experimenting with blogging… or for scammers planning to make a quick buck, then disappear.

Six programs are offered to investors based on how much you’d like to invest.

  1. Kick-starter: $1,000
  2. Lite Miner: $2,000
  3. Mid Miner: $5,000
  4. Strong Miner: $10,000
  5. Master Miner: $12,000
  6. Custom Miner

Except for the custom miner, all contracts have a duration of 2 weeks. A guide is offered for all plans.

Company Information

Address: Woodlands Square, Singapore

Slush Mining Pool
Woodlands Square, Singapore (Google Maps)

Telephone : +1 213 302 6793 (Whatsapp only). 1 is the area code of the US, while 213 is that of Southern California, including Los Angeles.


They also have a live chat feature and contact form on their website.

Many links on the homepage are nonfunctional, including the social media icons. They seem to have had Facebook ( and Instagram ( pages, which look like they have been deleted.

Fake Testimonials

Another red flag is the fake pictures presented in the testimonial section as you can see by looking at the below picture:

slush mining pool fake testimonials vs. Google Images

Don’t confuse Slush Mining Pool with Slush Pool

Slush Pool is actually the first and one of the most popular Bitcoin mining pools.

It makes us wonder whether SMP are using SP’s name to confuse investors and trick them into signing up with them.

Moreover, cloud mining is something totally different. The mining hardware is owned by the company, while clients pay to operate it and enjoy a share of the profits.

A mining pool is when by miners share their processing power over a network, to split the reward equally, according to the amount of work they contributed.


We would be surprised if Slush Mining Pool would turn out as a legitimate service.

Until then, our advice is: avoid

Let us know your thoughts regarding SlushMiningPool by commenting below.


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