QoinPro Review – Free Coins – Really?

QoinPro is one of the crypto currency faucets which are called scams by some, but the actual scam/legitimate status of which is difficult to define. The description which fits this operation best is arguably one provided by one of the bitcointalk posters, who chimed in on the thread about QoinPro. He called it a “waste of cyberspace” and indeed, from a profit-oriented crypto currency enthusiast’s perspective, that’s precisely what it is.

The operation itself is indeed legitimate, in the sense that the company listed in the About Us section of the site does in fact exist. Other than that though, nothing at QoinPro makes any sense.


What exactly does QoinPro offer?

In name at least, it is a wallet service, which hands its clients some virtual currency for free every day. That’s right. One isn’t even required to make use of the wallet service. Signing up is free and as soon as one completes the registration process, he is ready to start receiving minute, trace amounts of Bitcoin, Feathercoin, Dash, Litecoin, Peercoin and Virtacoin every day. Digitalcoin, Dogecoin, Earthcoin and Infinitecoin unlock once a specific period of time passes. To unlock the final coin the Worldcoin you must get credits.

According to qoinpro.com, “credits can be used for unlocking features or coins. For every SMS you sent, you will receive 10 credits in your account. You can send as many SMS messages as you like. The cost for the SMS is automatically charged as a one-time fee to your phone bill.”

Free Coins at QoinPro

That’s not the only way one can earn virtual currency through QoinPro though. Following registration, every QoinPro member gets a unique referral link, which he can use to bring others into the fold. For such referrals, one will then receive a given percentage of the coins his referred peers earn. This referral system goes 7 levels deep, but its earning potential shouldn’t be overestimated: according to forum posts from actual QoinPro “clients,” nothing ever amounts to anything with any sort of significance at the site.

Overview of QoinPro's Referral and Payout Structure

About QoinPro

In the “Our Mission Statement” section of the site, QoinPro state that they’re aiming to introduce new people to the crypto currency scene, to spur the adoption of crypto currencies and to educate those interested in this vertical. Exactly how they aim to accomplish all these goals is something of a mystery though, because nothing they do seems to actually move things forward in this direction. Listening to feedback from the community is another one of their stated goals, but given how nowadays their support staff hardly ever replies to those seeking assistance, this angle is a write-off as well.

The future goals of the operation are unsurprisingly murky though. In the section dedicated to this subject, the above covered mission statement is essentially repeated. It’s obvious that these guys don’t plan on doing anything differently in the future from what they’re doing right now.

QoinPro Reviews

The funny thing is that back when the bitcointalk.org thread for the operation was launched, in February 2014, some users actually asked about the business model of the faucet. The main promoter then told people they had very concrete monetization plans for the future and that the money they were handing out on a daily basis, came from certain private investors. Unfortunately, nothing became of that dangled business model and people slowly but sure grew disillusioned with the operation, for several reasons.

First of all, the pace of accumulating crypto-currencies through this obviously unsustainable model, was too slow for most. Secondly, no one seems to have ever withdrawn any coins from QoinPro. Whenever someone attempted to make a withdrawal, the wallet address to which the withdrawal was supposed to head was deemed to be “not validated.” The bottom line is that even those who have a “balance” at QoinPro, only have it in name. There is no actual money there. That would indeed explain how the operation has managed to survive this long, and how its business model is in fact indeed sustainable.

The question inevitably arises though: what exactly do the people behind QoinPro stand to gain from this setup then? Some have speculated that the operation is nothing more than a funnel to collect the email addresses of those interested/involved in the crypto currency vertical, to then re-sell them for targeted marketing. Logically, that may indeed be the driving force behind it all, as nothing else seems to make any sense.

Bitcointalk.org has provided an accurate picture of the evolution of the operation over the years. From its beginnings, when people were still enthused about its offering, to present day, when it is widely regarded as useless at best and as a scam at worst.

Reddit has a few threads on QoinPro too, and none of them are kind to the operation. The conclusion drawn through all these channels seems to be that QoinPro is indeed utterly useless.

So is QoinPro a Scam?

While the main pitch of the site may seem to be too-good-to-be-true at first glance, at a closer look, it is not really that. There is no cloud mining, HYIP or pyramid scheming involved, and it doesn’t look like these guys are out to steal people’s money.

The QoinPro site does feature an About Us section, which offers plenty of information on the company and people behind the operation.

Based in Hong Kong, QoinPro Ltd. has been launched in February 21, 2014. The company address is 1206, Eastern Commercial Centre, 397 Hennessy Road – Wan Chai, Hong Kong S.A.R. QoinPro Ltd. is in fact registered in Hong Kong, under the business registration number 62774936-000-02-14-0. The Managing Director of the operation is Wouter S. van der Schagt, who had founded a couple of webhosting companies in the Netherlands and Hong Kong, before QoinPro.

First registered in January 2014, the qoinpro.com domain name does indeed belong to Wouter S. van der Schagt, and the registrant information is public. The global Alexa rank of the site was 94,556 at the time of writing, which makes it surprisingly popular indeed, especially in Nigeria, the US, India, Russia, and Brazil among other countries.. The authority rank of the domain is 35/100 and it doesn’t seem to have a spam score attached.

QoinPro Review Conclusion

QoinPro is in a special league of its own when it comes to legitimacy. The operation is not a scam in the classic sense of the concept, as it doesn’t actively steal people’s money. It is quite useless however, and as some have speculated, it may be nothing more than an intricate ploy to collect email addresses from those involved in the crypto currency industry.

If you feel like you’ve been scammed by QoinPro, please leave a comment below sharing your experience.

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  1. Benny

    Qoinpro is definitely a SCAM company. All scams have the same characteristics: you are not able to withdraw your money. Maybe they allow you to withdraw few hundred dollars. But if you want to withdraw thousands and thousands of dollars, your requests will be rejected.

    Qoinpro promised that they will allow users to login to their account in March or April of 2021, so far, users still not able to login to their accounts.

    I have already made my requests to Qoinpro to request to fully withdraw my bitcoin to Litecoin since August 2021. I continue to request almost every week, but I still have not yet received my Litecoin or Bitcoin back.

    Qoinpro is defintely a scam company.

    I will report it to the appropriate law enforcement agencies to throw the founder and the relevant people into jail! Qoinpro is a scam!!!!!!

    Scammers only allow you to deposit (give the money to them), but cannot allow you to big a big withdraw (thousands of dollars). Qoinpro accepted deposit electronically, but when it comes to withdraw, they process it manually.

    By manually process the withdraw instead of the electronic automated withdraw, the scammers effectively control people’s money.

    Qoinpro is a SCAM!

  2. Ed Graffy

    Eduard Graffy, [15.11.19 16:02]
    Hi to all, I’m in QoinPro project from the start (5 years), I have 278 Level 1 referrals and thousands of Level 2 – 7 referrals, I’m Sr. Ambassador right now. I make my first withdrawals 4 DAYS AGO, and still waiting for transactions! For 2 days support is telling me “we will investigate with our team shortly. Thank you for your patience and understanding.” Is this normal or a scam behavior? ??

    Eduard Graffy, [15.11.19 16:03]
    So today it is 5 DAYS and still NO withdrawals (BTC and Dash) and NO UPDATE from support team??

    Eduard Graffy, [15.11.19 21:48]
    QoinPro is a SCAM! Im waiting for my witdrawals for 6 days! Support not answering my emails! SCAM!!!

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