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If you are active in the crypto space, then Safemoon is a name you might be familiar with. This volatile asset class is a community driven Defi Token that has enticed a lot of newbies in the sector.

The management side and the developers behind this token are maintaining transparency and the kind of engagement they have received proves that people do trust them a lot. They have dedicated pages and forums on all major social media platforms and their follower count is increasing day by day.

On YouTube and Twitter particularly, the buzz appears to be strong and surprisingly, the price has benefited from it. Now, many people are questioning the sustainability of the project and whether it is their ticket to freedom.

While no one can predict the future, we will lay out the facts for you so that you can make an informed decision. Some people call this a scam and some think it is the next coin that has the potential to 100x the capital amount.

The very thought of volatility and speculation gives us a hint that there is a lot of misinformation floating on the internet about it. Nonetheless, if you are thinking about riding the trend, then talking with a licensed financial planner is a must.

After all, risk management is the thing you cannot afford to take lightly.

Preliminary Checks

At the time of writing this post, the website is less than 6 months old. All the information regarding the registrants are hidden and that is a move that affects their reputation.

On the bright side, their website features a valid SSL layer and information shared with them is not vulnerable to most types of cyber attacks.

No service or search engine has blacklisted them and their backlink profile is very strong. It is no surprise that a lot of websites link out to them.

A search of Ahrefs reveals that more than 2,000 websites directly link to them and they have got more than 130,000 backlinks wherein around 97% of them are do follow links.

Domain rating stands at 57 which is a solid figure for a website that has been active for less than 3 months. The fact that people behind this project are professional is obvious and the kind of popularity they have got proves that their strategies are working.


Once you are on their homepage, the padlock is present and the design is simplistic.

The blueprint is short, not so technical and most people will never face any kind of problem when it comes to figuring out the future plans and objectives of the founders.

They have thoroughly explained the concept behind the token and to enhance the trust element, the developers have even burned their tokens. Deflationary model is the one they have chosen and so far, the holders are doing their job pretty well.

Prices are steadily rising, but the swings are too wild for newbies. If you are aiming for long term gains, then you do not have to worry about slippage, fees, and other associated charges, but do know that there isn’t much evidence available that suggests a new unprecedented bull run.

We are not saying that the bulls will not make money, but the chances of all the participants entering and exiting the token at favorable prices are low.

Products offered by this team are also highlighted, but a lot of things they say are still under development and it may take a while before the end product hits the market.

White papers are clean and the list of exchanges using which you can buy the token are also presented. Liquidity is there and according to their website, more than 2 million people are currently holding the tokens.

The best part about them is, they have shared information about the top employees with all the links to their social media handles.

In short, though we do not know where this token is headed, for people that like volatility, this coin is the perfect choice. Moreover, unlike many tokens as they do not exaggerate their ability or aggressively push people towards buying, they are received well by the public.

Safemoon Community

Safemoon has got a loyal following on almost all the popular social media platforms. On YouTube, many people are talking up this token and on the other side, there are big critics as well.

At first, the available data about them might make one skeptical, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference, risk appetite and investment philosophies.

Below, we have listed out all of their social media handles along with a forum page on their website.

Click on anyone you like and you can see the general consensus about them. People are sharing their honest thoughts and the good thing is, the negative posts are not fiddled with.

On, people have expressed their opinion and we are glad to report that slowly the masses are getting better at analyzing risk. The main problem with crypto space right now is that there are a lot of new projects.

Every coin claims to revolutionize something and they are all not backed up by solid plans. Few years ago, buying and holding the coins was a viable strategy, but now as many tokens go to zero or get illiquid, one has to be very careful.

Remember, the key to profit is not finding the right entry point, but to focus on risk management along with sticking to a specific exit strategy.

Take a look at a couple of comments pasted below. Isn’t it refreshing to see people getting serious about their finances?

I been seeing all over fb group and the internet. I bought in at bitmart but u cant withdraw without uploading selfies. I had money in the account a few years ago.. that never did verify..I got in $300. Hoping it can go to the moon from here. Maybe 3 yrs. I’ll try not to sell even if 80% lost..

Do your own research, if you aren’t convinced about the project just walk away, yesterday someone asked me if he should buy it, 1 million pieces of that token costs just 7$ to 8$ as of yesterday, really worthless right now but it did 100% too, I went to the official website and the team are chilling about burning the token supply, the fact is this is a high risk investment, might as well worth it, just risk only what you can afford to lose

Conclusion – Is Safemoon a Scam?

Many people are concerned about the legitimacy of the token and about their sustainability. In theory, there is nothing wrong with the ideologies behind this token.

However, the price does not care about the ideas or the execution and the only thing the market does is balance the supply and demand. To put things into perspective, this token itself is not a scam, but many people are worried about it going to zero and that’s why they are asking the question mentioned above.

If you are an early holder of this coin and if you have put up a negligible amount, then you do not have anything to worry about.

On the flip side, if you want to jump on the trend at the current price, then you need to do your own research and invest only the amount which you can afford to lose.

Remember, it might experience another bull run or it might bite the dust, the only thing in your control is risk management. So, plan carefully and take help from professionals whenever you think it is necessary and never invest blindly.

Is your crypto portfolio diversified? Do you believe in Safemoon? Comment your answers below.

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