Waves Drop Review – A Once Dependable Crypto Faucet Turned Rogue?

The focus of today’s unbiased review is to address and conclude whether or not Waves Drop (WavesDrop.com) is still a dependable cryptocurrency faucet or a scheming crypto operation aimed towards swindling newbie crypto enthusiasts. Emerging into the cryptocurrency space a little over a year ago, Waves Drop has amassed quite a user community and has overall received promising praise across the net. As with most operations that yield free services though, at some point or another they are bound to operational degradation.

After receiving some troubling insight regarding Waves Drop and their active platform found at Beta.WavesPlatform.com we have decided to spark an investigation into the validity of their unique cryptocurrency platform.

wavesdrop.com - Waves Drop

What is Waves Drop?

Waves Drop was specifically designed for the Waves platform (Beta.WavesPlatform.com) and functions as a faucet engine enabling any user with a Waves wallet address the ability to benefit from free waves and tokens. Currently the engine supports any token created on their platform, along with those that have yet to be created and distributes them accordingly. Getting started is straightforward. Using the Waves Drop platform is free of charge.

Beta Waves Platform - WavesDrop

How does Waves Drop Work?

Waves Drop functional model is simplistic and requires a user to enter their address, complete the captcha (for bot prevention) and click on the “Claim” button. Within a few minutes, the tokens and waves generated will be available to you in your wallet address. Granted the sum of acquired tokens and waves are below minimum at best, these gains are still free due to the faucet systems being funded by ad revenues.

WavesDrop FAQ

The ideology behind Waves Drop when it was first created by Mr. Sasha Inanov was to build a community around a particular cryptocurrency. By engineering a faucet based platform into his site, Mr. Inanov was able to effectively incentivize his platform for cryptocurrency investors looking to acquire free rewards for completing a series of captchas. While Waves Drop originally lacked this integration, shortly after WavesDrop.com was established, it was implemented into the framework of the site.

Who is Behind Waves Drop?

As stated on their site and verified on CrunchBase, Sasha Inonov is the active CEO and the founder behind the Waves platform as of April 12th, 2016. While the site fails to disclose a Terms & Conditions page, the only other social media site we could connect Mr. Inonov to would be through his Twitter account. When searched across a multitude a different search engines, Sasha Inonov only came up in relation to the waves platform.

Community Feedback

Just about all of the community feedback that we encountered on the web indicates a positive user experience. According to many forum posts at BitcoinTalk.org, Waves Drop is a legitimate platform that has been relied upon by many crypto users. Supporting an expansive collection of tokens according to a secondary forum at BitcoinTalk.org, it came as a surprise when we received troubling feedback from one of our active subscribers here at ScamBitcoin.com.

WavesDrop Email

Enclosing a poor and unsatisfactory user experience, the feedback we received from our subscriber is the most recent and relevant feedback we could find in regards to Waves Drop. Whether or not Waves Drop has succumbed to shady business practices or not it is difficult to accurately determine due to the lack of feedback available as a whole. While we are troubled by the insight we gained in the email above, we lack enough evidence to rule Waves Drop as a scam operation.

Can Waves Drop be Trusted?

While Waves Drop may appear as a credible and reliable enough operation for most cryptocurrency users, we do not feel that it provides substantial verifiable ownership information or enough recent community feedback to be classified as a trustworthy operation. Despite Waves Drop functioning as a free service platform and reflecting a strong overall credibility ranking historically, whether or not Waves Drop is still a suitable and dependable operation has yet to be determined.

If in the future we receive more verifiable insight and feedback regarding the Waves Drop platform, we will be inclined to issue a different verdict but until then we believe there are more suitable investment opportunities that are more deserving of your time.

Popularity & Domain Insight

As disclosed in a WHOIS report, WavesDrop.com was registered on January 25th, 2017 under the registrant name of Fabrice Distefano. Operating with an organization known as OceanLab, the disclosed registrant contact address is Fabrice Distefano, Avenue de Martyrs 102, Fleron, LI, 4620, BE. Other provided information would be the following two contact methods: omediam@gmail.com and the phone number +32.0471721634.

WavesDrop Domain Information

WavesDrop.com possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 93,297 with an Indonesia rank of 5,482 as of February 15th, 2018. Supporting almost a quarter of a million visitors last month alone, according to the SimilarWeb report, Waves Drop operation is growing in popularity. Over 32% of the sites traffic originates from referral and social based sources.

WavesDrop.com Review Conclusion

While we understand that cryptocurrency users are going to be naturally attracted to the peculiar free nature of Waves Drop, our only recommendation would be to approach and utilize their platform with caution. Despite their operation functioning as a free platform, when it comes down to it there are much more lucrative and high-profile alternatives available to you that would yield more significant returns than the Waves Drop faucet.

Review Verdict: Waves Drop should be Avoided!

Use These Sites at Own Risk: WavesDrop.com & Beta.WavesPlatform.com

Do you have first-hand experience or knowledge regarding the Waves Drop platform? Please share any valuable feedback you may possess by leaving a comment below!

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