HashMiner.info Review

HashMiner.info is a rather ambitious cloud mining service which promises to help you attain financial freedom and be “your financial stability tomorrow.” This it allegedly does by allowing clients victims earn a profit of 1.5%-3% daily (on a different page the numbers are 1-3.5% and on yet another page they are 1.5%-3.5%).

The people behind HashMiner.info claim they operate a mining farm where they are mining 7 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Namecoin and Blackcoin. One can choose how to distribute one’s investment among these 7 coins.

Throughout this short HashMiner.info review, we shall show you why we believe this is NOT a trustworthy investment opportunity.

hashminer.info - Hash Miner

HashMiner.info Review

The domain HashMiner.info was registered on December 12, 2017, and according to the site, they began offering service on January 17, 2018.

The minimum investment is $5. The investment contract lasts for 2 years. A $1 bonus is given to anyone who joins the program. The minimum withdrawal amounts listed are 400 for Dogecoin, 0.0015 for BTC, 0.014 for LTC, 0.003 for DASH, 0.024 for Ethereum, 0.8 for Namecoin and 5 for Blackcoin. There is a commission for withdrawing Bitcoin (0.0007 BTC), Dash (0.001 DASH) and Ethereum (0.0012 ETH).

Deposit methods accepted, besides in the supported cryptocurrencies, are Perfect Money, Payeer and BitcoinCash.

Like many of the sites in the niche, HashMiner.info has an affiliate program where marketers may use a referral link and promotional material, such as banners, in order to attract new victims. In exchange they are rewarded with 2%, 3% or 7% of the value they bring to the company. The reward is not monetary, but “goes in the form of capacities.”

A profit calculator is available which allows you to plug in how much you deposit and how you distribute your investment among the 7 supported cryptocurrencies. Click “Calculate” and find out how much you can “earn” with this service. For example, we said we invest $1,000 on only 1 coin – Bitcoin. With this investment, we’re projected to be making $35 per day, to cover our investment in less than 1 month, and in 1 year to cash out an amazing 1.2962715 BTC, which as of today equals almost $13,000. Sounds great? Hold your horses…

HashMiner.info SCAM?

The first thing we look for when trying to find out if a certain service is legit or a fraud is ownership. Who is behind the service? When this detail is missing, as is the case with HashMiner.info, there’s a high likelihood that we’re dealing with a scam. Otherwise, why would they want to conceal their identities?

Indeed, in the case of HashMiner.info, we know nothing about the owners. Even a Whois.com query reveals no information since they are using a privacy service.

As for contact information, the only ways to reach HashMiner.info would be a contact form on the site and an email address (support@hashminer.info). There’s no address where the company or the mining farm is located. Not even a telephone number is provided.

Finally, today (February 15, 2018) we received alarming feedback from one of our visitors:

please add HASMINER.INFO in your scam list, you can make deposit (in coins) you can exchange gains (in hash power) but impossible to withdraw when you’ll reach the withdraw minimum your order will stay at hold status (“waits” satus on hasminer.info) and you’ll never receive your gains on your wallet …

HasMiner.info is not a site that exists, therefore we believe the comment contains a typo and that its author really is referring to HashMiner.info.

Other than that we couldn’t find any feedback online, probably due to this site being so new. There are two threads that mention the site on BeerMoneyForum. Nothing yet on BitcoinTalk.

With all this in mind, we feel it’s quite obvious that HashMiner.info is indeed a scam.

Review Verdict: Hash Miner is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: HashMiner.info

Please comment below this review and tell us if you think we’re right or wrong, especially if you have personal experience with this service.

We’d like to remind you that crypto currency mining is not something we’d recommend to most people, especially cloud mining. 99% of the cloud mining services turn out to be scams.

Instead, to those who wish to make money, we’d suggest simply purchasing crypto coins and holding them until their price rises high enough, or for more experienced traders, to pursue cryptocurrency day trading opportunities.

Complaints We Received

On November 15, 2023, we received the following complaint:

I transferred $200 to Hashminer and three months later, I can’t do anything. Now, they are saying that I need to put more money in to withdraw my funds.

Have a complaint? Please submit it below:


  1. Tony Jeffries

    DO NOT TRUST A WOMAN ON INSTAGRAM CLAIMING TO BE A BITCOIN MINER. Her name is KRISTEN LAWSON!!! Goes by the name miss_Lawson on instagram. She told me to invest $500 then another €500 to retrieve pay out but I didn’t recieve anythink. I’ve reported this to police and send email to Instagram to have her removed!!! BE WARNED DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON!!!!

    • Tony Jeffries

      Now goes by the name PrettyLawson_ don’t trust her scamming page for mining but coin!!!!!

  2. Hero

    Is this same company as Hasminersltd.com?

  3. Lightning

    I deposited $ 200. then they asked for a commission. They got $ 1134 and $ 400 remittance commission. still no money. they asked for my wallet password. They said we’ll do the installation. I gave my password and ID. after that my account was constantly btc in and out. you cannot intervene. cannot use your account. I said I can’t get my money. they said your money was credited. but they can not get money again to get the money they want. they said they’ll give you a special code. they wanted money again. Everything they said was a lie. they did not stop in any words.



  5. Lawrence Dlamini

    HashmHashminer is a scam, I lost money through the lady Scooter Woods. She will keep on asking for more and more money but no promised profits

  6. CoinClaim

    HASHMINER.INFO – is a SCAM !!!

  7. CoinClaim

    1 Dogecoin 400.00 2018-02-15 09:34:45 Waits

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