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Neo Mining & Technologies, available at, is a peculiar affiliate based mining platform that has endured wide scale scrutiny in regards to the legitimacy and compensation model they offer prospective affiliates. Being declared as a hybrid Ponzi and pyramid scheme, Neo Mining & Technologies along with their alleged creator Jesus Osuna have not only suffered spiteful ridicule but has also become the subject under scope within the cryptocurrency community.

Apparently scraping by with just enough credibility not to be blacklisted among a host of review sites, the objective of this investigative review is to enlighten our growing community of investors about the potential dangers pertaining to Neo Mining & Technologies and why their operation should be avoided as a whole. - Neo Mining Technologies

About Neo Mining & Technologies is an online affiliate based platform that enables affiliates to invest with one of their Ethereum mining contracts. Promoting the promise of a passive two year ROI, Neo Mining & Technologies does not offer any other services or products except for their affiliate program. Created by Jesus Osuna in September 2017, it is asserted that Neo Mining & Technologies is operated from out of California, USA, yet we could not find any physical address on their site to confirm.

Neo Mining & Technologies Offer

There are currently 3 Ethereum mining contracts that affiliates can get started with when registering with Neo Mining Tech. Supposedly offering a passive ROI over a duration of 2 years, disclosed below are the current mining contracts available at

Mining Package 1

Deposit: $350

Duration: 24 calendar months

Processing Output: 14MH/s

Mining Package 2

Deposit: $1,750

Duration: 24 calendar months

Processing Output: 70 MH/s

Mining Package 3

Deposit: $3,500

Duration: 24 calendar months

Processing Output: 140MH/s

Which mining hardware or data centers Neo Mining & Technologies are employing, we are uncertain with since no reference is made in regards to either. Due to Neo Mining Tech functioning as an affiliate ran platform, naturally affiliates are able to recruit other affiliates to become members of the Neo Mining Tech service which enables them to receive generous commissions for their conversions.

Employed Compensation Model

New Mining & Technologies provides an incentivized based affiliate model that encourages their affiliates to go out and recruit new affiliates through any applicable measures necessary. Currently supporting 5 affiliate ranks, Neo Mining Tech compensation model is based upon a binary compensation structure that results in there being twice as many subsequent levels as its predecessor. Embodying a strong similarity with a pyramid scheme structure, the dubbed alternative title for this compensation plan is referred to as a binary model.

Binary Compensation

Commission Structure Basics

  1. Affiliate is obtained when an individual invests in a Neo Mining Tech mining contract.
  2. Bronze status is secured when an affiliate has recruited 3 other affiliates.
  3. Silver status is obtained when 4 Bronze affiliates are recruited through your line.
  4. Gold rank of achieved when 4 recruited Silver affiliates join your residual model.
  5. Platinum status is acquired when 4 personally recruited Gold affiliates join your model.

Affiliate referral commissions are determined upon the volume of new affiliates that have been successfully recruited into an affiliate’s binary group. As with most “binary referral” structures that fit this criteria, essentially there is no limit to how expansive an affiliate can grow his team. The more affiliates that successfully convert and join the program, the more he or she may earn.

Referral Commissions

  • $350 mining contract = 30 points
  • $1,750 mining contract = 150 points
  • $3,500 mining contract = 300 points

An affiliate’s referral compensation is determined upon the Ethereum mining contract that they started with. For affiliates who started with either the $250 or $1,750 mining contracts, they earn a $150 commission for every 150 points matched on both sides of their binary group. While affiliates who invest with the $3,500 mining contract will receive $1 per 1 point for both sides of their binary residual model.

Investigative Discoveries

The volume of discoveries we found in regards to Neo Mining & Technologies and Jesus Osuna is quite dense. First and foremost, Jesus Osuna co-founded another affiliate based program known as Uvodi in 2015 which operated as a fitness geared income solution. While we are unable to confirm this next part entirely, an entity known as Jesus Osuna of California was disclosed as a top earner in 2014 for an exposed Ponzi scheme known as TelexFree. Allegedly accruing around $1.4 million via commissions, we are unable to completely verify this discovery, although we felt that is was worth making known. - Neo Mining Technologies

Jesus Osuna, the proclaimed creator of Neo Mining & Technologies, launched a second site found at Registered after a couple months that Neo Mining Tech came under widespread scrutiny, the site discloses a physical address of 303 Tein Dolphin Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065, which also happens to be the physical location of the corporate office for the Provident Credit Union. - Address & Map

While fails to disclose a physical address or more ownership information, we did find out that the VP of Development for Neo Mining & Technologies is an entity known as Nathan Mosler-Matton from their info based site. While the site doesn’t make a reference in regards to corporate ownership, we did find reference to Neo Mining and Technologies as being an active California based corporation from coming across a relevant video upload on YouTube which resulted from a search of “Neo Mining & Technologies.” - Company Information

While it is clear that one of the purposes of that video was to use it as a method of building credibility, it brought up the question of why Jesus Osuna is refusing to acknowledge the fact that his site operates as an investment platform due to how when affiliates sign up with their mining contract, they are being promised a passive return over the following couple of years that are told will “definitely make way more than $350.”

This act in itself is the very definition of an investment service, whereas, Jesus is trying to portray his platform as a service platform that way his corporation doesn’t have to file for SEC regulation (which is required for all US based operations that render investment services). Which, during the time of this review, indicates to us that Neo Mining & Technologies is operating illegally since they are offering unregistered securities to US residents.

Affiliate Landing Pages

As can be expected, affiliate landing pages have started making an appearance throughout the web. One such affiliate landing page would be the one created by an entity known as Carlos Medrano. Disclosing an email address of along with the telephone number 415-845-3720, it is evident from his landing page that he is desperate to add affiliates to his residual binary team.

Neo Mining Technologies - Landing Page

Located at, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Mr. Medrano has made himself known across other reviews sites that are currently exposing the truth behind New Economic Opportunity (NEO) Mining & Technologies. Claiming that the operation is legit and to sign up under his affiliate link, it is obvious he is trying to lure as many potential investors as possible.

Popularity & Domain History had a SimilarWeb global rank of 3,244,476 with a US rank of 1,214,666 as of February 2018. Almost 50% of the sites traffic originates from both referral and social based sources which makes sense given that they are an affiliate driven operation. According to a WHOIS domain report, their site was registered by Jesus Osuna on September 23rd, 2017. Domain Information

Jesus Osuna also happened to be the registrant behind his other site,, which provided a physical location of 231 E. Prospect Avenue, California, 93223 USA along with the following contact information: and +1.55993009128. Reflecting a SimilarWeb global rank of 10,113,078 it appears that both sites are not only unpopular but don’t receive much traffic at all. Domain Information Review Conclusion

By Neo Mining & Technologies operational standpoint, it is pretty clear-cut that this cryptocurrency opportunity functions as an investment service. Incorporating a pyramid like business model while promoting passive ROIs over 2 years, Jesus Osuna provides just enough information regarding his operation to have it portrayed as a reliable and credible operation.

However, the further you dig into Neo Mining & Technologies, the more it becomes obvious this operation is not credible, operates unethically and lacks disclosure regarding certain parameters. Offering Ethereum mining contracts as their form of returns while failing to disclose which mining hardware and data centers they are using are simplistic red flags that should be addressed along with the multitude of other discrepancies.

For the time being, we do not believe Neo Mine Tech to be a trustworthy nor a credible operation. Offering a minimalistic site design while failing to provide crucial operational information while operating not in legal accordance with the US government is a lethal combination that should not be toyed with. If you have been considering investing with Neo Mining & Technologies, we encourage you to rethink and consider more reliable and ethical investment options.

Review Verdict: Neo Mining & Technologies cannot be trusted!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Leo

    Neo Mining & Technologies has been a nonstop growing company. If Neo was operating illegally or had been scamming people while being registered in California. Don’t you think it would have shut down already if all these people would have been scammed? Think about it bro!!! I mean if it is register then there is a owner that can get sued. Also if Neo was doing something wrong i think it would have been shut down like other ponzis that were operating in the USA. But it still moving forward stronger than ever. So if you think ITS FAKE report it! Won’t be the first time as competitors have tried but failed. So they decided to spam it with negative reviews like thses because they are hating that Neo was the first registered legit crypto mining service company in the ENTIRE USA. Also with a patent to be the only ones to mine from Silicon Valley for the next 2 years. THINK ABOUT IT BRO!!!!

    • Thomas

      Year later, what happened to Neo Mining Tech? I had a tier 1 package for $350usd, and website doesn’t work.

  2. Ponzihunter

    This company reaks of scam, it’s not even registered with the sec. The added pyramid structure is a money grab and the way the affiliates push this is as if they’re going game changing! Nothing but a scam pushed by a few dirty Mexicans . Ohh and stacey your voice is so annoying this is just another scam you’ve joined up on.

  3. Melanie

    This review is full of false info. Then at the end offers a different service. This is not an unbias review. This is a bash and sell.

  4. Jeff Tripier

    I think there is some negative campaign about Neo around the web. Many negative comments from same people. This is everything you need to know if you want to start mining Neo Soon you will see you can trust them.

  5. Carlos Melendez

    Well say Stacey Alana. Neo does have a Real website , Neo is not just a Mining company ,theres new technology products thal will blow people’s mind. Neo Does not offer ROI NEO offers mining contract for 2 years for ETHEREUM and 3 years for Zcash Neo offer a Cripto Academy so people can learn everything about cryptocurrencies and trading. Earning are base in The live value of cryptocurrencies day by day. You can find out a estimate using a ETHEREUM or Zcash calculator that you will find in Google.
    Neo Has PRODUCT like The Smart Card, the New Switch mini Projector with Android system build in and Soofwoofer and many futures , We have Morpheus coming up in September and many more.
    Neo do have 3 mining Farms so far. And Growing the big farms in Canada do to Cheep electricity and cold wheather for best performance of the computers . You can Make appointment to meet CEO at coorporate office. You will find out they are very transparent and there nothing to hide. So I encourage you to do youre research again and stop lying to people just to recruit for your own purposes .

  6. Larry

    It’s unfortunate that I have to post this here, but this company keeps ignoring my emails. I signed up for the $350 package using credit card and then upgraded my package using crypto currency for an additional $3150. They lost my money for weeks. Nobody could locate my crypto currency. I spoke with Jesus through Facebook messenger and he agreed to take care of it. I told him I had no faith at that point and he was pleasant. Within a couple days though my account was shut down and I have reached out to technical support and Jesus dozens of times and don’t get any responses. All I want is a refund of what I paid his company. Had the value of the crypto currency gone up while he held it I suspect he’d be happy to give a refund. The fact it went down while he held it is unfortunate but I still need my money back. Communication is all I’ve ever asked for.

  7. Stacey Alana

    You’re review is a Ponzi!!! Half your Intel isn’t even Correct! Shake…my…head… I’m going to Assume “Tim” the writter of this article, if that is his real name! Is surley a competitor with a different company. There’s no need to be scared Tim! Neo will take over with or without out your crap review! Anyone who wants legit information… Hit me up! This guy is a fraud and his research is poor at best!

    303 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065, USA
    neo mining & technologies

    And Here’s the address Tim!! A simple Goolge search could have provided you that info. 🤦🤦

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