Bitcoins Wealth Club is a SCAM! (Honest Review)

The known fraudster Vitaliy Dubinin is behind the Bitcoins Wealth Club SCAM! We encourage you to read our factual review in order to get a clear understanding of what’s truly behind this offer. Before wasting your time and money, you should know that it is far from free. In the last weeks we received many complaints regarding and decided to investigate it further. - Bitcoins Wealth Club

New users are being promised an automated system that can generate over 0.3 bitcoins/day, on auto-pilot and absolutely free. In reality, the only thing that is free is the promotional Facebook group, in which half of the users are absolutely fake. Once you become a member of Bitcoins Wealth Club, you will be redirected to Ponzi and Multilevel marketing schemes with no regulations, reputation or contact information. Vitaliy Dubinin makes his money by referring you to these systems using fake promises and selling you dreams.

Let’s start with USI-Tech, it’s falsely represented on as in reality is purely a recruiting scam owned by Ralf Gold who’s a known scammer based on research. The Co-owner Jao Severino was involved with the infamous AMC INVEST scam, and been banned from any financial activities in Portugal as a result. This is literally anonymous and uses an off-shore address in Dubai, and the business registration number provided is fake.

In order to use their software, you must register with one of two very shady brokers Pure Market or ArgusFX. Bitcoins Wealth Club forgot to mention that you will need to pay 600 Euro for this 12 level Forex lifetime access offered by USI Tech, therefore joining this pyramid scheme is not free. At the absolute minimum you will need to pay 50 Euros for the simple Bitcoin package. This investment scheme, is not regulated under any financial authorities internationally which should deter any investor looking for a legitimate opportunity. A simple research for additional reviews will quickly deter you from this fraud.

We are not at all surprised to see that Bitcoins Wealth Club by Vitaliy Dubinin refers you to another scam, the Trade Coin Club. It’s almost as if decided to take the worst possible fraud operations and mix them into one system that will screw members from every angle, or in some cases train them into becoming fraudulent scam-artists, such as in the case with Justin Verrengia who is a top scammer in Vitaliy’s network, based on his Facebook page.

Back to Trade Coin Club scam, we found that it shares the same characteristics with other Ponzi/MLM frauds as the company behind it is unregistered, unlicensed, anonymous and reportedly doesn’t pay the majority of members. They do pay older members who refer enough victims by using new members money until the operation will collapse, and the the guy at the top runs away with the money. You can find more information on this illegal business practice on the FTC website. An interesting video was posted by J. Ryan Conley, who was a previous member of and exposed the scam on YouTube confessing to his part in the gig.

Another notorious fraud in connection with Bitcoins Wealth Club is Mindset24Global. Members have reported having to pay between $2,000-$3,500 overall in a tier plan system to qualify for “higher commissions” just like other MLM scams. We won’t go too much into the top-tier business model behind this but this is definitely not an automated trading robot and it has absolutely nothing to do with the trade or purchase on Crypto Currencies. The Kentucky, USA address points to some random companies that are not associated with this website. The domain was registered in July 2017 and lacks any credibility as the only people that endorse it are recruiters expecting a payment.

Vitaliy Dubinin and his Facebook group moderator Justin Verrengia are smart enough to sound convincing as they sell thousands of people dreams, surely they could’ve done some vetting and introduced potential members to honest investment opportunities instead. The scammers decided it’s more profitable to promote the worst of all Ponzi schemes created to meet the demand for the growing interest in Crypto Currencies. It would be great to get your hands on a true automated system that can generate money from bitcoins, however this is definitely not what you’re signing up for with the website.

It’s possible that new Ponzi and MLM schemes will be listed on Bitcoins Wealth Club, as these sites are often replaced and re-branded. is created in a way that potentially can cost each member thousands of dollars in order to qualify for the various offers. Remember the reason why you joined the website. You were searching for a reliable automated robot for the purpose of generating Bitcoin profits. If your goal is to become a recruiter, find something legitimate to offer your community and don’t let shady crooks like Vitaliy Dubinin and Justin Verrengia waste your money selling you dreams. Remember that not even a single company promoted by Vitaliy is regulated or follows FTC guidelines and when researching for feedback, you will find negative reviews associated with anything this guy promotes. His Facebook group is full of fake members used for authority, and likes can be purchased on, therefore you’re dealing with a clever crook. The domain was registered of 2017 and we couldn’t find any reliable website endorsing it.

Review Verdict: Bitcoins Wealth Club is a SCAM!

Blacklisted websites:, and

Including the unregulated Forex Platforms: ArgusFX and Pure Market

For any questions you can comment below and we encourage you to share any feedback about our Bitcoins Wealth Review. Stay safe and thank you for taking a few moments to read this update.


  1. Humni Persel

    Vitaly is on some new ponzi now called forsage.

  2. Quadri Opeyemi

    Pls I need a legit bitcoin site that you know, pls suggesst cause it seems all her scamm

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