7 Best Altcoins to Invest In – 2018

In this post, we will cover 7 of the best altcoins to invest in for day-traders and long-term investors in 2018.

Altcoins, as their name suggests, are alternatives to Bitcoin.

Unlike Bitcoin, which already made some very significant movements, some altcoins may potentially increase by hundreds and even thousands percents.

In addition to the fact that altcoins are being traded for lower prices, they also offer interesting technological solutions.

Most altcoins try to imitate the Bitcoin success, and some are able to improve some of its elements.

The following crypto currencies are altcoins with good potential to rise in value. They are currently some of the best coins to track, as they provide interesting opportunities for different time frames.

Both cryptocurrency day traders and long-term investors can find attractive assets to bet on for 2018.

It’s important to note, that all seven crypto coins listed below are ones who offer real value, and have a long term vision.

They are not “pump and dump” currencies, that fluctuate in response to price manipulations of people who have temporary interests.

The altcoins we will mention are ones that proved to be valuable. Their skillful managements and recent stability make us believe that they are here to stay for 2018 and also for the longer run.

You can buy and hold them, or you can use day trading techniques. Our suggestion is to combine those two investment approaches.

If you buy and hold 60 to 70 percent of your crypto account capital, you can trade for shorter term periods with the rest of it.

That way you’ll be able to enjoy stable growing on one hand, and take advantage of short term market corrections on the other hand.


1. Ethereum – The largest and most important digital currency except Bitcoin

The technology behind Ethereum allows building decentralized applications, such as financial, social networking and messaging platforms.


Developers can use the Ethereum network for creating tokens for their own ICO projects, and the smart contracts concept is expected to be widely used.

Due to its strength and stability, most crypto currencies exchanges allow you to use Ethereum as an alternative to Bitcoin. Meaning, you can use it as the basic coin which is traded against other altcoins.

2. Cardano

This is another very interesting currency which is used for receiving digital cash. Some call it the Ethereum of Japan, as its technology and some of the features are quite similar.


Cardano’s cryptocurrency project is a complete open source. Their developers are well educated engineers that bring a sophisticated scientific approach.

Another interesting fact is that their founder was also one of the co-creators of Ethereum. It’s not surprising then that many analysts have faith in their future growing plans.

3. NEO

After we went over the “Ethereum of Japan,” we can’t ignore Neo, which is considered to be the “Ethereum of China.”


It was founded four years ago under the name Antshares, and was the first open source blockchain in China.

In oppose to Etheruem, where you need to learn and use their unique programming language, NEO is more convenient.

It allows developers to create their applications by using their preferred programming language among some of the leading platforms. That includes Java Script, C sharp, and Python.

4. Bitcoin Cash

The huge increase in popularity of Bitcoin led to a situation in which the fees are higher and the processing time is slower.


As a result, in August 2017, some people within the Bitcoin community decided to split the currency by creating a “hard fork.”

Basically, what happened is that they created a new crypto currency. Their purpose was to get more efficiency with a bigger blockchain and faster transactions.

That new currency called Bitcoin Cash, and today it is one of the largest ones. As it seems, it’s expected to become even more popular.

5. Litecoin

Litecoin is one of the largest crypto digital coins in terms of market cap and one of the most interesting to trade on.


It was created based on the same technology of Bitcoin seven years ago. The goal was to improve some features, and they partially succeeded.

The Litecoin speed of transactions is much higher than that of the Bitcoin. Another thing, is that Litecoin was the first to use the Lightning Network (lightning.network) for transfers. This technology is expected to add to the future Litecoin’s value and price.

6. Ripple

Ripple provides value by offering an effective international payment system. As opposed to other crypto currencies, Ripple is centralized and does not use mining for transfer confirmations.


Therefore, it spends less computing power. That allows focusing on other valuable things, such as  enabling faster, more secured, and lower cost transactions.

This is one of the top crypto coins in terms of market cap. With many potential collaborations and increasing interest from large institutions, the stability and growing potential of the Ripple look promising.

7. Verge

This coin was initially released around four years ago under the name Dogs-Coin-Dark. Then, the founders re-branded the project. Lately, its popularity and market cap significantly increased.


The main purpose of Verge is to be an efficient way for completely anonymous money transfers online.

They use privacy features, and networks such as I2P and TOR in order to hide users real IP addresses and make their transactions secured and untraceable.

Verge is built by a talented team of experienced developers. They provide an open source and are always active and responsive with their community.

Crypto Currencies to invest in 2018 – Bottom Line

In this post we covered 7 of the best crypto currencies for 2018.

They all currently look very promising. They are stable, and they offer real value.

In addition, and more importantly, their pricing is relatively low in compare to their potential growth.

There is no doubt that by following their performance and identifying good buying and selling you can find great profit’s potential.

Having said that, keep in mind that we are dealing with a quite new field and as other investments there is a risk involved. Speculation is part of the game, but you have to manage your risk reasonably.

Don’t relate to this article as a substitute for personal financial consulting. Remember that even with an in depth analysis, and great knowledge, no one can really know the future.

So do it wisely. Make your own analysis and individual consideration, and NEVER risk more than you can actually afford to lose.

Despite all those necessary risk warnings, we have many reasons to be optimistic. The crypto currencies market seems to have a bright future. We invite you to follow the coins we mentioned above, and we believe you can enjoy surprising trading results in 2018.

But don’t limit yourself only to them. There are plenty of other interesting opportunities, especially among newer coins.

Keep your eyes open, and follow our next reviews and recommendations.

If you are not subscribed yet, we encourage you to do so. That way, you will not miss any important update.

Moving forward, would you to learn how to day trade cryptocurrencies? Or perhaps you prefer to purchase your altcoins as a long-term investment?

And finally, let us know what is, in your opinion, the best crypto currencies for trading or long term investment in 2018?


  1. Susan McKinnon

    can these bitcoins be converted to cash, when enough has been made.

  2. Vanilla Rodriguez

    Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies shown in this list are not the most profitable ones but the popular which are barely impossible to treat as a constant model of incomes (for amateur miners) due to many facts like difficulty, hardware, price fluctuations, etc… It’d be great to see new options to invest your money, as for me I’ve been researching and I just found out of Webchain, this guys designed their own blockchain compatible to ERC20 & ERC223 Smart Contracts and DApps plus their coin which doesn’t require a particularly good hardware to be mined, this means it can be mined with a desktop, computer or even a smartphone and this is actually pretty amazing. It’s like heaven for investors but yet this coin is being overlooked by exchangers. It’d be amazing if you could include this coin or any other like this to such list so people can get in touch with different coin proposals. Cheers for the read!

  3. JC

    I would really like how to day trade crypto currency and long term investment.

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