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Advolix ( is an exclusive bitcoin trading solution which is said to generate returns up to 450% every 90 hours.  You do not have to be a genius to figure out that the returns claims are fake. This service is very new which is active for less than a month as of August 2018 and since there is not much information about them out there, many people have already lost their funds.  

If you are thinking about opening an account with them or want to know more information regarding this so called investment firm, continue reading our review which will help you to make an informed decision.

License and Contact Details

Advolix offers investment advice and financial services which requires them to be regulated and authorized in order to operate lawfully.  Advolix is an ICO which uses funds raised from investors for trading cryptocurrencies and the investors are entitled to pre-agreed amount of returns in the near future.  When we were looking for any type of licenses this firm should possess, we couldn’t find any. This firm also has not put any registration detail so they are most likely to be operating illegally.  The only contact detail put up by them is an email address.

Email –

Background - Stock Photos

Every reputable investment firm features the details of the fund managers and their previous accomplishments so that the investors can be confident about committing their capital with this firm.  This firm has put up some details about the persons involved but when we tried to find any information about them online, there weren’t any which means that all of them are just imaginary entities.  The images used are just stock photos.

How does Advolix Work?

This firm is supposedly involved in trading cryptocurrencies only.  They are said to be using a proprietary trading algorithm which according to them is the main reason for generating a profit.  This explanation is vague and does not discuss the actual factors involved in trading. There is no assurance about the reliability of their software and the maximum drawdown rate are not mentioned.  We do not know which events or factors are taken into consideration by this firm before executing a trade. Will you trust a firm which does not care to explain how the funds are utilized or allocated?  We know we wouldn’t.


In recent times the scams perpetrated around bitcoins are numerous because many people still believe that cryptos are their ticket to getting rich but quite often find themselves losing their hard earned money because of the uncertainty element present in the market.  This firm advertises returns of up to 450% every 90 minutes which is absolutely impossible to deliver consistently. Here are the details of the investment packages this firm has to offer but don’t forget the fact that all of these claims are fake.


Returns – 270%

Duration – 90 Days

Minimum Deposit – $25


Returns – 360%

Duration – 90 Days

Minimum Deposit – $500

Pro Plan

Returns – 450%

Duration – 90 Minutes

Minimum Deposit – $2,000 - Profit Calculator

According to the profit calculator on this website if you invest $2000 you will get $9,000 in profit within 90 minutes.  Sounds like a dream, right?

Affiliate program

This firm is aware of the fact that to earn as much as they have to focus on marketing aggressively.  They pay the affiliates certain percentage of deposits made by their referrals. It is not mandatory for the affiliates to have an active deposit in order to receive their rewards which is why is the main reason why many blogs and platforms promote them.  In short they will make money for sure but remember it will be at your expense.

Domain Popularity

This service is said to have over 91,000 active investors but we think it might be a little over exaggerated.  According to this domain was registered on 15/07/2018 and it expires after one year.

This website ranks 58,237 in Russia and has a global rank of 691,727.

The majority of the traffic coming to this website are from the following countries Russia, Czech Republic, India, Algeria and Ukraine.

Is Advolix a Scam?

A Dangerous one,

This platform is similar to many ponzi schemes which pop up in the internet very often.  They create a loop in payments by using funds deposited by new investors to pay up the old participants.  Once they are unable to stay in the positive side of the balance sheet, they will run away with all the funds.  You might get paid by them once or twice (if you belong to the lucky few) but that does not make them legitimate.

Advolix Review Conclusion

Advolix is without doubt a fraud company which has already cost thousands of dollars to many investors.  Returns of 450% is something which the pension funds or hedge funds cannot achieve this type of target in a decade’s time despite hiring the best traders and quant engineers while these sleazy fraudsters claims to reach them within 90 minutes.  Anyone who has a shred of sanity left in them should never buy any plans from this firm.

If you were scammed by, please share your experience and feedback by commenting below.


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