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AiMiner ( is a binary options autotrader which is said to take out all the hardships involved in trading while the traders get to enjoy profits without much efforts.  They claim to be using some custom indicators and parameters along with pattern recognition methods to create a trading bias.

They are unregulated and there is much confusion about whether they are profitable or not.  Before you deposit your hard earned money into this platform, go through our impartial review to find out everything you should know about this deceptive platform.

Company and Support

AiMiner provides investment advice and financial services to the retail clients which requires them to adhere to strict rules in most of the countries.  While we were checking to see whether they hold proper documents to carry out these operation, we were surprised to find out that they have not put up any registration or license details.  

So at any moment if you find some malpractices going on, there isn’t much you can do about it.  They have put up some contact details like phone number and email address but apart from that there isn’t anything to talk about.

Phone – +442038689496, +4930255555775

Email –

How does AiMiner Work?

AiMiner claims to use machine learning to identify and exploit winning patterns across various assets based on historical price action.  According to them any person who does not have any expertise in the trading field can profit from the market using their algorithm but the facts dictate otherwise.  

Trading patterns does not guarantee success and without risk management and money management methods in place it is only a matter of time till your account gets drained.  There is no information about which specific patterns they trade and the accuracy rate of the software is unknown.

Considering the fact that many important factors involved in trading are not discussed, this software does not deserve your money.

Promises and Features

This software is said to be compatible with all interface as it is web based, there is no custom app or software released by them so far.  Their interface is simple, for those who prefer to trust the custom settings fully, they can just click on Autotrading and leave it.

The algorithm will open trades whenever certain indicators line up but the only problem is there are no limitation to the number of trades opened simultaneously which is a major concern because if the software faces any error or market fluctuates a lot at a time then there will be trouble.  In manual mode users can select the time period they want to go with.

As far as charting is considered, the user will get some popular tools which can be found in pretty much any platform.  This firm does not guarantee you any dollar figure returns but that is the reality of the financial markets, no one can estimate the earnings you might get.  Whatever might be your target but do not forget to follow strict risk management techniques.

Domain Insight

A simple search on will reveal that this domain was registered on 31/01/2018 and it expires after one year.  There are no registrant details available as they are using privacy service.

According to this website has a global rank of 1,629,331.  We do not know the specific countries they are focusing on as they are relatively new.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The precise deposit and withdrawal amount is unknown but we believe $250 is the minimum.  The only payment method accepted by this platform is Bitcoin, remember the cryptocurrency transactions are not easy to track and impossible to reverse, so make your choice carefully.  

We do not know if there are any fees applicable on transaction.  The time taken for processing withdrawals or the amount of confirmation needed to release the funds is not stated.

Is AiMiner Scam or Legit?

This platform is most likely to be a scam,

This firm does not throw any bold claims or promise you to make a millionaire but still follow few questionable practices.  First and foremost they are unauthorized by regulatory authorities which puts them in direct violation of many laws.

There are no real user testimonies on the internet, usually whenever a program generates impressive and sustainable returns they get mentioned on most of the social media platforms, so its suspicious.

AiMiner Review Conclusion

AiMiner is a new autotrader and there is no serious complaints as of now but that does not mean they are extremely profitable and trustworthy.  They are unregulated and have maintained anonymity which are disturbing signs as far as security of the funds are considered.

This platform has not stated any win rate you might expect from them, so you cannot hold them accountable for anything.  Binary options on cryptocurrencies are highly speculative and have tons of volatility but trading without a tested strategy is just like gambling with your money, so make sure to use their demo account for a while until you get familiarized then open a live account and trade with regulated brokers only.

Do you have any experience with AiMiner?  How would you rate them? Share your opinion by commenting below.


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