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As you can see from the title of this review, Airbitz is so much more than a single, cryptocurrency-focused application that makes your blockchain technology life easier in a single specific way. Always viewed as one of the top-quality blockchain startups, Airbitz covers a lot of ground, but it does so in a way that integrates all the services it offers, in an impressively seamless package. - Airbitz

What exactly is Airbitz?

Defined as “a single sign-on security platform for blockchain apps” and thought worthy of a $450,000 investment by venture capital firm Bloc26 of LA, in 2015, Airbitz offers a full suite of wallet services to Bitcoin users, complete with top-notch security, a massive worldwide directory of Bitcoin-accepting businesses and various accounting features, which we will get into towards the end of this review.

The Airbitz Wallet Service

The Bitcoin wallets offered by Airbitz can probably be called “high-end” wallets. They come with so many features, their mere listing would fill a couple of pages. Here are a few of the most interesting/important ones though.

  • No one, including Airbitz and 3rd parties of any kind, has any sort of access to the user funds and the transaction data stored by the wallet service.
  • US residents enjoy integrated buy/sell features.
  • Making payments is possible through a Bluetooth connection (BLE), without the need to resort to QR codes.
  • On iPhones, users can log in using the fast-touch feature.
  • Users are free to open multiple wallets, using simple names they think up (like Vacation Funds).
  • A complete transaction history, featuring conversion rates at the time of the payment, categories (Spending, Income, Transactions, Exchange), sub-categories and payee IDs. Contact lists from the phone can be imported into the Airbitz wallet app. The transaction history is searchable.
  • Multi-device synchronization.
  • Calculator for conversions.
  • A decentralized server architecture, which means that the wallets will continue working, even when the Airbitz servers are down.
  • Daily spending limits can be enforced, with a password required to spend over the set limit.
  • The wallet service is fully integrated with the Airbitz business directory, meaning that in the case of a payment towards a business featured in the directory, the transaction information will be auto-completed.
  • Balances viewed in Bitcoin or local currency.
  • Transaction meta data, which includes payee/business details, transaction category, the value of the transaction in local currency and a notes section.
  • Open-source code.

The Airbitz Wallet and Business Directory app can be downloaded at the official Airbitz site (, or at the AppStore.

The Airbitz Business Directory

As said above, the business directory is fully integrated with the wallet service. It features comprehensive business entries, complete with description, address, phone number and website, as well as distance, business hours and photos. The directory would obviously not be of much use without a powerful search feature, which lets users search by state, country and even city. The listings are broken up into hundreds of relevant categories.

A map view is also available for a more geographically-focused browsing of the listings.

Airbitz Security – Edge Login

Hailed as the “world’s first zero-knowledge single sign-on solution” Edge Login turns the Airbitz wallet into a powerful tool far above and beyond its initial scope. By making use of this potentially revolutionary feature, Airbitz users can log into various decentralized blockchain apps, with the simple scanning of a bar code.

It bears repeating: with the Edge login, users are not required to remember and write down passwords, they have no files to save and no data to encrypt. It’s all zero-knowledge, meaning that no one knows the login details, which are created instantly in the form of private keys. These keys are automatically encrypted and backed up.

Multi-device synchronization is available for this service too, as is password recovery, revision control and one-touch two-factor authentication.

Blockchain app creators can pick up the Airbitz SDK directly from the site and use it to secure their applications. Non-Airbitz users will still be able to go the username/password way (which will still be zero-knowledge), while Airbitz users will only be required to scan a bar code.

Using Airbitz for Crypto-Accounting

Given the capabilities of the Airbitz app, in many respects, it is only the users’ imagination and creativity that defines limits to its uses.

Every transaction made through an Airbitz wallet can be labeled in various ways and categorized. The main categories are Income, Expense, Transfer and Exchange. There are scores of sub-categories available and users are free to create their own. Besides notes, transactions can be labeled with the profile pictures of the users involved in them. Expenses incurred with businesses listed in the directory, can be labeled with the full details of the business involved.

Perhaps most interestingly, all this data can be exported from the phone, in CSV format, by emailing it to the accountant or to oneself, for further use/inspection.

Who is Behind AirBitz?

A search reveals that the domain was registered on October 10, 2013 and was last updated on September 9, 2017 by Paul Puey of Airbitz Inc. from 311 4th Ave #413, San Diego, CA 92101, USA. The listed phone number is +1.6198508624. The email is The administrative and technical contact is Tim Horton. Phone number is +1.8583448909. Email is


Contact Information

Help and support is available via email (, telephone (+1-844-928-9744) as well as Telegram and WhatsApp. They can also be contacted using


As of November 23, 2017,’s global rank is 699,807, according to SimilarWeb. Almost 30% of their visitors are Americans, but they also get traffic from other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Brazil, France and Vietnam.

Airbitz Review Conclusion

Airbitz is a unique operation which delivers tremendous value in the crypto-economy, by offering solutions to issues no one else has thus far covered. It is definitely an operation to keep an eye on going into the future.

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