Review – Yet Another Exercise in Futility? is a XRP faucet, and it is based on a dice-roll sort-of game, which is supposed to generate free Ripple (XRP) every hour. We learned about this faucet when one of our subscribers asked us to investigate Apparently, was the previous domain used by the people who brought you For some reason, they decided to change their website address and as of now redirects to

The faucet stands out by virtue of the fact that instead of drawing “players” back to its roll page once a day, it does so every hour. As soon as you hit the roll button and are assigned a random number, by a “provably fair” random number generator, a countdown timer starts, and before you know it, you’re ready to take your chance again.

There’s even a payout table featured just above the roll button, which details the amount of Ripples one will receive for every roll, in XRP as well as USD. Apparently, the higher the resulting number, the bigger the payout will be. Those who roll between 10,000 and 10,000 (no mistake, that’s exactly what it says on the site), get XRPs worth $300. Needless to say, the odds on rolling exactly 10,000 have to be extremely small, given how the model would definitely be unsustainable, if that amount were paid out even once a week/month.

Most of the rolls will result in numbers below 9,885, which are worth about $0.0003 – hardly worth anyone’s time. In fact, this is the main complaint that users have regarding the service: it pays VERY little, even compared to other similar services, which aren’t exactly going to break the bank either.

Numbers between 9,886 and 9,985 are worth $0.03. The 9,986-9,993 range pays $0.3, while the 9,994-9,997 range is worth $3. Those who roll 9,998 or 9,999 can consider themselves lottery-winners: their rolls are worth $30. - Coin Faucet

What’s the Catch?

…because there surely has to be one…While most similar services run Monero miners, taking advantage of users’ CPU resources in an underhanded, sneaky manner, that does NOT seem to be the case with We actually tested the rolls and promptly picked up our $0.0003, while keeping an eye on CPU performance. did not spike CPU usage at all. What became clear within a handful of clicks on the site though, was that these guys are looking to make some money with a CPC ad scheme. They shove ads into your face at every step, and if you think you will simply avoid clicking them, you have another thing coming.

You will click the ads whether you want to or not, because the site is set up in a way that will open various unsavory web destinations for you, even if you just unsuspectingly click a page anywhere.

Can this kind of setup cause you any actual damages? While the popping up of various ad-linked sites is little more than nuisance, there is always a possibility that these sites – some of which are indeed adult-oriented, or worse – might come with some surprise packages in the shape of a virus or two. It is unclear if hold any kind of control over the content displayed though the ads that they feature.

Should I Trust

The site does what it says it does, at the above-detailed cost. They’re not lying to you, so yes, you can trust them. If it is worth your time and the risks entailed by the repeated visiting of suspicious web-junk, by all means, go for it.

Additional Features

Besides the above-detailed faucet feature, also have a “Multiply XRP” and “Lottery” feature, which are supposed to increase their users’ earning potential. At the cost of having a couple more junk sites popped into our faces, we learned that these sections of the website are currently under construction.

The referral program on the other hand, seems to work fine. If you bring someone into the fold, you will apparently receive 50% of the prizes this person pockets. At one point, you will also get a free lottery ticket for every roll these people make. withdrawals are processed instantly. To be able to withdraw, users obviously need a XRP wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 XRP.

Users are normally limited to just one account.

Red Flags and Question Marks

There aren’t any such problems to speak of with The operation does not promise much, and what it does promise, it seems to deliver.

The site does not have an About Us section, so we have no idea who’s running it. Information about the domain name registrant is not available either.


The complaints you will hear/read about, are mostly focused on the ads and the small payouts. There’s really not much more to complain about.

Popularity was ranked 8,206,658 as of November 26, 2017, according to SimilarWeb. This indicates to us that the site is not very popular at the moment. Many of the site’s visitors, perhaps its owners to, seem to be based in Russia. Review Conclusion

To answer the question posed in the title of this review: yes, is most likely yet another exercise in futility. The amount of XRPs you’ll pick up through the service is minute. If you like the “gambling” though and you are not bothered by the incessant ads, you may find it entertaining for a while.

Official Site: (previously

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  1. penny

    i’ve been using it no errors at all here

  2. diogo

    why you no show the nonce, hash, seed server hash ? and allow we change its ?


      The “Provably fair” argument done by has been proven to be not 100% fair, otherwise your chances of hitting 10,000 would be extremely high:

      Our game is built in a similar way, we have tested for over 2 years now, we have an account with them, which is very active -we’ve never ever had a high winning prize with their game, the server hash & notch is just a way to make you believe the game is fair, but you should be aware the odds are against you for winning high prizes – which is why we don’t ask our users to deposit funds, we only give out but take nothing from our users.


  3. Sash

    site no more exist – 23.04.2018…


      The site works just fine, please follow the Twitter account for updates on maintenance etc.

  4. Sis

    I got the roll 9909,but the raised said na na na na. Unsportive. Why u did fuck…?


      Please contact us via Twitter and provide us your email so we can look into it.

  5. ziaubl

    I have no any account but when i create an account Msg: showing existed!!!!!???

    • Shung

      Exactly my point but they won’t listen to feedback jus a regular excuse blah blah.. if da site don’t let us in or wont create a new user like other sites clearly something wrong wit the site. I say it’s a fake site 100%.


        We do create accounts manually for those who ask for it on Twitter, there are no exceptions.


      This message usually appears if you try to create another account, but if you genuinely believe this is wrong please contact us via Twitter and we will create the account for you.

  6. Brian

    Here is my rant against I have been playing for over 2 months, about 15 – 17 rolls a day! I have oathed myself to play this game at this pace for 1 year! I have accumulated only 0.61912870 XRP. Not to mention all the bullshit adds that you have to fight through just to begin to play the tightwad amount awarded. YUCK!! I also belong to and I have put a fraction of my time compared to and I already have over 3.00 of XRP and all I do over there is basically watch videos and get paid and the content is actually good!! One would think that XRP being under a $1.00 that you would accumulate at least 1 XRP a week!! at the rate I’m going!! But fuuuuuck nooooo! I have less than 1 XRP!! In 2 months time with tons of BULLSHIT ADDS THAT GO OFF ON YOU!! I mean the weekly XRP LOTTERY IS A COMPLETE JOKE!! Haha. Compared to I have earned much more in bitcoin there. Unless you win 1st or 2nd place in coinfaucet’s lottery. It’s laughable compared to, Hell 10th place over there is $10 btc !! gives you less than Air!. WHAT A BUNCH OF TIGHTWADS!!!! I probably won’t stay with this site because it’s rigged to be cheep and sleazy with those stupid adds and I can do much better anywhere!! Don’t have to put up with all the Booo Shit This site Owner is like a Squirrel trying to hang on to his nuts! Freaking give some love guy! Love 💕 try being at least giving.
    I would rank this faucet as probably the cheapest,stingiest Ever! Now I’m getting mad thinking about all the time wasted here


      Thanks for sharing your feedback. We have some users who received over 200 XRP from us, but some who made much less. Your feedback is important for us and thanks for sharing it.

  7. Shung

    Cannot register….when I tried to sign up it say user existed but
    When I tried signing in, it says user/password incorrect, so I went about password forgot option and enter my email again, that is where I got user not exist.
    I had tried with multiple emails same problem,
    don’t think this site is legit!


      We have protection mechanisms in place against duplicate accounts, so the fact you cannot register doesn’t attest the validity of the site.

      You might want to try using a different device/IP and see if it works for you, you can also use a private browsing mode and see if it works for you. It’s not about the email you use but the device itself.


      What is the error message you were receiving please?

  8. chris

    i dont even see ads i have adblock plus and ublock on i dont even do caphra

  9. David

    ReCaptcha is a problem.. I have not been able to login the past 1 day because it will not let me sign in… ReCaptcha and similar capacities work in other sites but not this one recently… Kind of disappointing.


      We are looking into offering SolveMedia but it’s not going to be soon unfortunately.

  10. KP

    Glad you lot fixed the annoying ad that redirected from login page, don’t mind pop ups I can close em as fast as they appear, all this is 1 minute of fun I’m destined to hit 10000 Ima get it even if it takes a million tries!


      Thanks for the feedback!

  11. TED roll number isnt fair


      Thanks for sharing it. It did happen when there was a server issue, it’s a glitch we’re working on to fix, it did happen in and about a year ago as well, it’s unfortunately a glitch but we are working to minimize and mitigate such errors to the minimum.

      If you would try to spin again you can see it would work properly for you.

      • Mark

        Apparently not even the owner knows how his site works. Ted, many lottery websites such as this use a “rolling” animation such as the one on The roll number is calculated using a computer algorithm. It’s the only number generated. All other numbers displayed on the roller prior to the reveal of your final number are completely irrelevant. However, you are RIGHT that the roll number isn’t fair, but not for the reason you said. You see, you probably used this website assuming that you had a fair 1 in 10000 chance of rolling the highest number, 10000. However, the owner of the website has admitted that in 11 million rolls in the website’s history, not a single roll was the number 10000. As you can see, there is not a 1 in 10000 chance of getting 10000. It’s probably more like 1 in 100 million. For all I know, it isn’t even possible. The algorithm used on this website is the same as the one on, and in the 60 BILLION rolls there have been on there, I have not seen one person on the entire internet brag about rolling the highest number. What’s worse is the owner refuses to show transparency. In another comment on here, he LIED to me telling me that there IS a 1 in 10000 chance of rolling 10000. I wouldn’t be surprised if was the one who DDOS’d this website due to his unethical activity being one of the top Google search results for his website.


          What the user showed is a glitch, there’s no need to put so much commentary into it. Thanks.

  12. Te Iwi Ngaro Rameka



      That is incorrect.
      The site is fully operational.
      Yes, there are ads, because they provide the income for the site.
      That’s the concept of it, if you don’t like it then you are not forced to use the site, calling it a scam is just plainly wrong.

  13. Mark

    This website is just like and They argue that their game is provably fair, so I don’t understand with the thousands of users who roll a number on the sites, and the hundreds of rolls by each user every month, why there isn’t ONE person bragging about rolling a 10000. Not one.

    The roll goes from 1 to 10000, so the assumption made by users on the website is that there is an equal chance of getting every number. However, the website never makes this claim anywhere. What’s the actual probability and is it even remotely possible?

    To show that the game is provably fair, the website explains how it uses a server seed and a client seed to mathematically determine the roll. For obvious reasons, they only give you a server seed hash prior to the roll to prevent people from refreshing the page and rigging the game. BUT, how do I know that there aren’t MULTIPLE server seeds that can match up with the server seed hash? The website can easily look at what my client seed is and determine what server seed to give me so that it will be a small-prize roll, right?

    If you are reading this,, please at least give me the transparent probabilities for getting certain numbers on the table. Be honest: is there an equal 1 in 10000 chance to get each number?


      Hi Mark,
      We had several users who won the $30 prize (9998-9999), we have no intention to cheat anyone and indeed we need to fix the link for more info on the provably fair game.

      Our site has been online since October 2017, initially there weren’t as many users as there are now, but please understand it’s very normal no one has won the big jackpot – but to answer your question there is an equal chance 1 in 10000 to get this number. You would see winners, it’s just a matter of time.

      PS try – over a year with thousands of referrals and no jackpot winner yet.

      • Mark

        That doesn’t make any sense. Between the three websites and its many users, there have been millions of rolls, right? There are probably at least 10000 rolls in a single day among all users. This would mean at least one person rolls #10000 each day and potentially hundreds in its lifetime. But you’ve admitted to me that nobody has rolled #10000. This means that there’s not an equal chance to roll #10000.

        I honestly don’t care if the chance is less than 1 in 10000, but you NEED to tell your user-base what that probability is. You probably have plenty of data from millions of rolls to know exactly how often it happens.


          You are very wrong here. We started as and had to change the domain name to – this all happened during October 2017.

          We are now in January 2018 (not even 3 months since we started) – it’s definitely booming but you can’t compare & who do serve millions of rolls per day to ours – it is booming but we are not in the millions of rolls per day, it’s just impossible even with all the Crypto hype around the world.

          You can see all the data in our main page, the stats page is something we work on as well so it would be included there (it was before but we need to optimize it for site speed, it happened with as well).

          • Mark

            Okay, but I was talking about all 3 websites, because you even admitted that nobody rolled #10000 on Sure, isn’t getting millions of views per day, but website traffic data shows that it got millions of views in the last month. This easily means at least a million rolls each month. Let’s say there were 1,000,000 rolls in the entire month of December. (That’s very fair to assume.) We can use a basic binomial distribution to determine the expected number of #10000 rolls out of those 1,000,000.


            Therefore, in 1,000,000 rolls on your site, there is an expected number of 100 rolls of #10000. The actual number may be a little bit lower or higher than 100, but it should be somewhere around there. However, you say there have been none, which is a near impossibility. This means the probability CAN’T BE 1/10000 to roll #10000. Either you are lying to me, or you are making a basic oversight about the fairness of your rolling game.

            I understand that if 1/10000 actually did win $300, the website probably wouldn’t be profitable. But you have a responsibility to create open and transparent probability tables so that users know how likely it is to actually roll a #10000.


            If you look at our main page you would see that so far we had

            11,548,370 Games Played

            That means we had 11 million rolls in total, over the period of the past 3 months – the data you see online reflects what we have right now, things were not the same 1-2 months ago.

            Things are picking up and we do expect someone to win $300, it is 100% possible and we don’t control or rig anything.

            We have and believe in full transparency with our users, you can see all the withdrawals made from our wallet in live, everything is transparent … if you don’t want to believe in it or don’t give us the benefit of the doubt you can rest assured that each spin credits you with something and the same applies to the referral program. We have GPT sites and offerwalls running our site gathering referrals for a reason – if we were a scam they wouldn’t bother doing so.

          • Mark

            I never claimed that your website was a complete scam. I know that I will successfully receive something every time I roll and that I will be able to claim my Ripple sometime down the line when I accumulate enough.

            My ONLY claim is that “there is an equal chance 1 in 10000 to get this number” is false. It does not take an Albert Einstein to figure this out. Since there have been about 11.5 million spins on your website since inception, that means if everyone has a 1/10000 chance to get #10000, there would mathematically be about 1150 spins that resulted in #10000. Somehow, that number is 0. I don’t see what’s so hard to understand about basic probability. You’re not going to successfully pull the wool over my eyes. If a website owner tells me I have a 1 in 10000 chance at spinning the top number, but the true probability in reality is 1 in 100,000,000, that is a lie and UNETHICAL. It doesn’t matter if everything else is still the truth and real. That doesn’t excuse the lie and that lie hurts your overall credibility.

  14. Void

    CoinFaucet, I’m new to this world, and there is nothing installed in my computer, you guys credit the XRP and give prizes with the clicks we give to the website?
    By knowing a little of probabily the odds of getting 9999 are 1 to 10000, correct? 10**4
    Getting 10000 is like 1-100000 ye?
    I hope the questions do not sound harsh or negative.


      Yes, that’s more or less correct, you get the prize indicated in the table and according to the ROLL result you received as well, that’s right.

  15. Greg Terrell

    How do I reach someone in support for I keep getting chatcha errors on login (I DO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CAR, A SIGN, A ROAD AND A STOREFRONT…….SMDH)!!!


      We have a Twitter support and you can see a Twitter logo in our site, just click on it and you can contact us there. The reCaptcha is working fine for many users and if you cannot go through the visual one try the audio Captcha (click on that icon there and then you can type what you hear instead).

  16. Bettyrullz

    It never gives 9986 or higher, I am playing it 10 days already and never gives… It’s rate is 1-2% I think to gave higher than 9985


      We had users who had over 9986 … The fact you didn’t get it doesn’t mean it’s not feasible to win it. If you buy 10 lottery tickets for 10 weeks are you guaranteed to win the jackpot? Unfortunately not.

      If you try – you would experience the same … we had been playing there for months (not for 10 days) and never had more than 9985 – that’s how it works.


      Your account is active and your last roll was made today so it seems like you can use your account just fine. If you still have any issues with it please let us know or use our Twitter support.

  17. doitnowplease

    It’s installs “coinhive” mining software to use your CPU/GPU to mine coins in the background WITHOUT your permission. Do not go there. Install Anti-Malwarebytes and protect your PC/ios from this deadly intrusion.


      This is just a 100% false accusation, we do not install any “coinhive” mining software and we don’t promote those … this is a 100% false accusation.

      Why is this site letting people just lie and make false accusations without checking the facts first? Website owner – please check it yourself and please do not approve comments with lies and false accusations.

  18. Dimitar Dimitrov

    The site is scam !! I can not go in for a few days, it does not load a dropper, and if it loads it, it blocks it again.


      Can you please let us know your account email so we can help you? You can also contact us on Twitter, we did fix most of the bugs in the site already, and we’re definitely not running a scam.

      We’d be more than happy to assist you, we have a Twitter account for a reason, we do reply to every single tweet we receive, but feel free to reply here as well.


    We’re the owners of – you’re being extremely nasty to us on Twitter, flooding our Twitter with bad messages and now you’re claiming we don’t pay which is not true – here is a proof we do pay out:
    Put there – rErFjUeSDWJAJAfH7D7QxYpZxeWTVhgjaJ
    We’re not sure what agenda you have against our site but if you don’t like it – please don’t use it and please don’t accuse the site of not paying because unlike other scam sites we do actually pay out and we do so instantly as well.
    You will be blocked from our Twitter account due to your false accusations and trying to defame our website with bad reputation, and please refrain from doing so in the future and you are more than welcome to leave our site as we’re not interested in users who have nothing but bad intentions to ruin and destroy other businesses.



  20. Arie

    There is a Twitter account for the site, so it does replace the “About Us” you’re referring to, it’s quite an active Twitter account and it seems like they do respond to all inquiries.

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