AsiaProfit.Biz Review is an investment company which claims to generate returns of up to 7,800% after 45 days.

At the first glance of this website, we were convinced that it is nothing but a HYIP website. The return claims are all lies.

When we took a thorough look at this service, the misleading information on their website was very disturbing.

Continue reading our review to find out why you should avoid this fake get rich quick scheme.

AsiaProfit.Biz Company and Contact Details

This firm is supposedly founded by commercial traders with more than 10 years experience in the forex market and crypto currency exchanges. The names of the individuals are never revealed.

Would you trust some unknown person to handle your funds? We wouldn’t.

There is a slight confusion about this firm. First, they tell us that their company is registered in UK and provide us with the details of their location, i.e. 250 Bishops gate, London, EC2M 4AA, United Kingdom.

They also state that their activities are authorized by financial control authorities under the name of

We have confirmed through FCA both the companies have never been licensed to carry out any investment activities and both of them are operating outside the law.

Claiming to be a registered company is an effective trick used to trick newbie investors into thinking they are legitimate thereby, earn their trust.

The support staff of this firm can be reached via:

Email –

Phone – +123456

Live chat available on their website.

What kind of returns does this platform offer?

The idea of easy money is very enticing. Imagine having the freedom to work whenever you feel pleased. But unfortunately, it’s unrealistic for most people.

This platform features a wide range of investment package which yields returns of up to 7,800% after 45 days.

Do I need to say more?

High return claims are used just to catch your attention and trick you into believing that you can become rich very quickly.

If this platform generated the type of returns as advertised, do you really think they would offer it to the public for free?

Domain Insight

According to, AsiaProfit.Biz domain was registered on 26/04/2018 and expires on 26/04/2019.

According to, the majority of the visitors coming to this site are from Pakistan.

Also another major traffic source is from Brazil, which accounts for 10.74% of the total traffic.

Other countries where this website has gained noticeable traction are Russia, France, Ukraine and Vietnam.

What does AsiaProfit.Biz do with your funds?

Well, they are completely silent about it.

They do not disclose any information about what indicators or parameters are considered by them before initiating a trade.

Moreover, we are not aware of any risk management techniques they follow.

How can they expect investors to trust their company when the lack of transparency is very disturbing?

Though this firm claims to trade both forex and cryptocurrencies, there is no performance report which proves that they are profitable.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal methods supported by this platform are Okpay, Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.

Time taken for processing withdrawals is not stated anywhere on their website.

Does that ring a bell?

Affiliate Program

AsiaProfit.Biz offers an affiliate program which allows anyone who promotes this platform to be rewarded with up to 8% of the deposits made by their referrals.

To reach maximum amount of people within the shortest time period, this firm provides the affiliates with a complete range of marketing and advertising tools.

Is AsiaProfit.Biz a scam?

The short answer is yes.

They might pay you some amount at the beginning but don’t think that you have found the royal way to riches.

This firm is just a ponzi scheme which can’t last for long.

AsiaProfit.Biz Review Conclusion

After going through all the facts and evidence there is no doubt that this is a fraudulent ponzi scheme run by a bunch of faceless scammers. Please don’t fall for the information on their website.

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