Bibit Bot Review

(Review written by the Bibit Bot team)

Today we’d like to tell you about a service for cryptocurrency arbitrage called Bibit Bot.

Why specifically about it?

We saw video reviews on YouTube and decided to check this service.

In addition, this is a new product on the market and there should be increased attention to it.

Also, we want to say that there are also comments on the various crypto-exchange forums in favor of the Bibit Bot. That’s why we decided to check the service personally to make sure whether the product is a scam or not and how good is it.

The bot about which we will tell you today is called Bibit Bot. According to information from their official website (, the company is located in London, also they are represented in all social networks and actively lead them.

What do they offer?

A manual bot, with a few options to choose from your budget (0.04 – 0.22).

What is it for?

To buy currency on one exchange at a low price and sell to another at a higher one.

It’s incredibly difficult to find such deals among millions of others, so these bots make your earnings much easier. - editions

It is worth saying that since Bibit Bot is manual, it does not have access to your money, which means that there is much more trust in this service.

In addition, the company offers free training in arbitrage from experts in this area when buying a tariff from 0.06 bitcoins. A good move in our opinion, since the trained and grateful users will necessarily renew the subscription for the next month.

We of course bought this bot on the site to check it for real and tell you.

Entering the site, we paid for the service (it is worth saying that the payment passed through the guarant) and specialists of the company immediately contacted us. Thanked for the purchase and sent all the necessary data (login and password for “admin”), said how to use, helped set up the bot, connected exchanges and asked whether we need training.

We did not need it, because we are well versed in this area, but still asked him to send us to make sure of the quality of the materials.

Personally, we liked it, although we are far from newcomers, for such people it will be a huge plus.

We were set up by the bot, the exchanges were connected, and notifications flashed to the telegram. For a couple of hours it turned out easy to make $100. history

Is it convenient to use?

For us, yes, but if you love when you do all the work for you – it’s not about Bibit Bot, deals are made by you personally for security reasons. However, as the employees of the service told us in secret, soon they will gain the support of the audience and they will also add the possibility of automatic operations.

To sum up, we want to say that among all that we have tried before is a really good product for good price and what is most important without any scam. Everything was fine and safe as possible.

But nevertheless, on the Internet, on request  “Bibit bot”  also has some negative reviews. We have read each of them and want to inform you that these are dummy.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why do they appear?

It’s simple. Absolutely in any sphere, and especially in the crypto industry, people always try to “stick the wheels” to competitors. Sometimes it happens successfully, sometimes not. With this case, there was no constructive critic on their part. All their reviews are based only on “personal opinion” and conjecture. All their facts are refuted in a couple of clicks on the site or YouTube channel of the Bibit bot.

So what’s wrong with him? Why did the other “reviewers” complain?

In general, they all write about the same thing because without purchasing a service its unreal to identify any cons. We bought and did not find them. But they talking about 2 main minuses, which even if confirmed and still not reflected on the bot’s work (which is a more important parameter in our opinion).

  1. Bibitbot anonymous – it means that they are scammers

This is not true.

On their website there is a contact phone number on which we easily contacted and also the registered address of the company.

Why would an anonymous mobile phone contact and address? That’s it!

So the team is not anonymous.

In addition, the person with whom I talked about buying in a telegraph seemed to be a real name and we easily found him in Facebook in a few minutes.

  1. It has fake reviews and feedback

Why such loud statements? So we do not understand. We went to their website, YouTube channel and telegram channel.

What we got:

1) The site presents reviews of real people about the use of the service. There were screenshots with correspondence on which satisfied (in our opinion) customers say thank you to the service and ask various questions.

2) On the YouTube channel Bibit bot, we found 2 reviews that they seem to have sent users. Real screen recording, real people. How can this be a fake?

That’s all the arguments against which were easily disproved, it was enough to just study the contacts and social networks of the bitbot in more detail.

Even more, these reviews are ordinary dummies that advertise another service. So, it’s just attempts of competitors to spoil the reputation, which by the way looks very raw

In addition, on the Internet, we came across other teams of reviewers who, like us, are unhappy with the criticism of this service, or simply tell us about their experience. We have thoroughly studied their reviews and this is a good example of constructive criticism. They talk about the pros of the service, about the cons in their opinion. On personal experience and the overall impression. They refer to the logic and facts, which is very important in the currency and in respect of money in general. You can also read them:


In general, everything, thank you very much for your time. Of course, the decision to purchase this bot for you, we just told you about what they encountered in the process of buying and studying. And because we really were outraged by negative “reviews” towards this service.


  1. ALex

    I agree, the bot is really good and sends interesting notices, on which you can actually earn, and even the team of the bot free of charge. I can send my results, how do I do this? And then the link does not miss?

  2. blurpng

    something is fishy here, if you look at the reviewer’s name its callet “Bibit Bot”
    and the reviewed item is also called “Bibit Bot”
    if you look at other articles it tends to say “sanath kumar” or other names and it says the item’s web address on the “reviewed item”
    unless an admin is going to clear up & verify this review authenticity i wont trust it

    • Admin

      The review is by Bibit Bot in case you had any doubts…

    • ALex

      So what’s wrong with that? Bot posted a note and laid out the suspicion that they have successful clients and video reviews and proved that they are not scams. Although many bots write just from the head of the amount of earnings, and here is a video recorded from the phone.

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