Review – Viable Australian Bitcoin Brokerage?

If you are an Australian resident who has been fervently searching for a way to quickly obtain or sell Bitcoin then perhaps is the brokerage for you. Relatively new to the Bitcoin arena, has constructively used their time and has groomed their brokerage into a cryptocurrency exchange that enables Aussie residents to purchase Bitcoin from over 1,200 locations throughout Australia.

Partnered with Dominent Venture Partners, has exponentially grown their brokerage into one of the most popular exchanges for Bitcoin enthusiasts. To learn more about the opportunities available we encourage you to keep reading our comprehensive review and decide for yourself whether or not this exchange is one that you can trust or just another scam.

About is an Australian based cryptocurrency brokerage that allows Aussie residents to buy or sell Bitcoin through their platform. Regrettably, no other cryptocurrencies are currently supported through their platform but this may change in the future due to the increase value and demand for Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Perhaps the most unique feature regarding would be how only cash deposits are allowed in order to purchase bitcoins.

Among the locations accepted for Australian residents would be Newsagent, ANZBank, WBC Bank and Voucher. No internet or electronic funds transfers are accepted through this exchange and for each transaction a 5% fee will be included on top of GST commission. While the site isn’t as open about their identity as we would like, we did discover that Global Internet Ventures Pty Ltd is the active corporate entity behind

Furthermore, near the bottom of the home page, it is mentioned that their exchange is partnered with another corporation known as Dominet Venture Partners, found at As research will show, this corporate entity is a venture capitalist domain that prioritizes in starts ups and strategic business planning, which could be part of the reason why has amassed as much popularity as it has throughout the past months. Features

Two exchange features are available at this brokerage, which would be buying and selling bitcoins. As previously mentioned, only cash deposits are the accepted form of payment through this platform for the time being and transactions can be conducted through Newsagent, Voucher, WBC Bank or ANZ Bank. The maximum order currently accepted is $2,500 with a daily limit order equating to $9,000 per person. Once you begin an order, you have up to 2 hours to complete the order process, which isn’t strenuous or extensive at all.

Those looking to purchase bitcoins must visit one of the supported deposit locations, select how much they would like to purchase then enter their email address, Bitcoin wallet address, mobile phone and complete necessary actions required through their deposit destination. Selling bitcoins can be done online where all Aussie residents have to do is indicate how many bitcoins they wish to sell, fill out their bank account details along with some contact details then select “Place Order.”

Red Flags and Complaints

We were unable to find any negative feedback regarding Fortunately, we were able to come across some feedback found at where some investors bickered about the lack of competitive pricing exhibited through their exchange.

Can be Trusted?

Due to the lack of complaints regarding this cryptocurrency broker and how they appear to be owned and operated by legitimate corporate entities, we believe that is a viable and legitimate Bitcoin exchange. The only characteristic that we found to hinder this operation would be their pricing values generated for those interested in exchanging Bitcoin.

Popularity is a widely popular Bitcoin domain with a Similar Web global rank of 150,814 as of December 2017. Headquartered out of Australia, it comes to no surprise how this operation is ranked 2,845 in Australia. As expected, over 90% of the sites traffic originates from visitors who reside within Australia and almost 12% of all the sites incoming traffic is referral based. Review Conclusion has reflected exponential growth and a stunning surge in popularity since their inception on May 31st, 2017. Throughout the information disclosed above, we believe that will continue to grow in popularity as the Bitcoin boom continues to steer in full-effect. Available to purchase bitcoins in over 1200 locations, other Australian based cryptocurrency exchanges have their work cut out for them if they wish to compete to the standards set at

Review Verdict: is LEGIT!

Official Site:

Other good cryptocurrency exchanges for Australian residents include BinanceChangelly and LocalBitcoins.

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