Ormeus Global Review – Wealth Building Operation or SCAM? 

OrmeusGlobal.com is a rather curious cryptocurrency destination that is partially entangled in an ongoing beta stage. Harboring an assortment of cryptocurrency related products that were created with the intentions of building wealth, it appears that no one authority is certain as to whether or not Ormeus Global is a legitimate opportunity or a fraudulent operation.

What is certain would be how the ideology behind each of the products rendered would be based upon the principle of “set it and forget it.” If experience has taught us anything though, it would be that such systems that require minimum user effort don’t tend to work out well. Nevertheless, it is crucial we look further into the nature of each of these products before finalizing a conclusion.

ormeusglobal.com - Ormeus Global

What is Ormeus Global Wealth Building?

Acquiring a better understanding of Ormeus Global Wealth Building requires one to step back and analyze the big picture. Ormeus Global, found at ormeusglobal.com, appears to be a site designed to “transform your inner landscape of body, mind and spirit into a centered gold.” Metaphorically speaking, this site was tactfully created with the alleged notion of helping individuals discover their true value while building personal wealth.

Which, by divine design, attracts a rather large demographic of individuals who are looking to become the best version of themselves but more specifically those looking to add to their net worth. Now, as you can piece together, those of you who are looking to add to their current wealth will need to commit with one or more of the products found at ormeusglobal.com. It is a rather ingenious marketing approach which is why thorough observation is mandatory.

What does Ormeus Global Offer?

Ormeous Global Wealth Building operation can be broken down into 3 segments. Each of these segments have an upfront service charge which, when evaluated, will cost you no less than $999 per year. An expensive service charge for certain which is why we encourage prospective investors to approach these “wealth generating” opportunities with caution.

Master Trader

“Why Not Let A Pro Do It For You?” is the motto behind the Master Trader solution. This product is essentially a copy trading service where investors are able to mirror and execute the same trades as a quote in quote “professional Forex trader.” Whether there is any truth behind this is beyond our ability to figure out. No disclosure of this investors past performance history is provided nor are any identifying features so we are uncertain whether this individual is licensed or not.

Aggressively marketed as a product solution where you can learn the art of professional trading with no steep learning curve is the main selling point with this service option. The initial price tag associated with the Master Trader product would be a payment of $174 per month ($2,088 a year) or a one-time payment of $1,874 for 1 year.


The 2xB89 is an automated trading bot that employs sophisticated trading software. All the users have to do is set up their account and let 2xB89 do the work for them. With this product solution you allegedly create wealth with an astounding ROI of up to 160% in a completely hands-off environment. Based upon the principle of “set it and forget it” it appears the 2xB89 is the closest embodiment of a “Holy Grail” trading solution we have come across.

Whether or not the 2xB89 can deliver these divine returns we honestly have no clue. Again, we are provided with nothing more than the empty words reflected in text by the creators behind Ormeus Global. No documentation of investment results or information regarding the functionality of this auto trading bot is disclosed on the site. The retail cost for access to the 2xB89 starts at a sum of $174 per month ($2,088 a year) or again, a lump sum payment of $1,874 for 1 year.

Bronze Membership

This membership package is considered the entry-level package which offers a significant price reduction on both the Master Trader and 2xB89 solutions. Among this enrollment package would be a 1 year membership in Ormeus Global, Master Trader, 2xB89, Ormeus Coin, access to their InnerQuest platform and shopping tokens. Starting at a retail value of $4,654 the total “discounted” cost for the Bronze Membership comes at a value of $999 per year.

Pricing - Ormeus Global Wealth Building

Mining Contracts

According to ormeusglobal.com, there are both short-term and long-term mining contracts. However, for the time being, only short-term options are available to pursue since long-term mining contracts are still under development. No disclosure of pricing is provided to investors and the only relevant information we are provided would be that investors will have to pay a potential transaction fee for their bitcoins they have mined by the sites cryptocurrency miners.

Can I Trust Ormeus Global Wealth Building?

This is perhaps the most difficult question to access when evaluating the trustworthiness of this site. No identifying components are provided on the site and a domain search will yield nothing more than the obvious which would be that this site was registered less than a year ago on February 24th, 2017. Employing a privacy package when registering the site has allowed finding any ownership details beyond our grasp. Which leaves us with only the word of a well engineered site.

Whether or not you believe the site to be trustworthy or not is entirely upon you to decide. Since this site is relatively new and still under development there has yet to be any negative feedback reported on the site, which we believe amounts in a slight increase in their trust factor.

Question Marks and Red Flags

The absence of ownership identity behind this site is a troublesome factor to weigh. While most legitimate investment opportunities are open about their corporate entity and creators, this site has failed to provide us with any of these components. Furthermore, we are provided with a vague description of how each of the products function and with no proof of their success.

Take for example the ROI of up to 160% with the 2xB89 auto trading bot, one could assume that if their system was generating such high yields that some transparent documentation could be provided. While most other verified cryptocurrency return rates accrue no higher than an annual return rate of 20% it certainly inflames suspicion.


At the time of writing this review, Ormeus Global displayed a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,364,947. In addition, most of the traffic derives from users who reside within the United States allowing the site to currently possess a rank of 773,320 in the United States.

Ormeus Global Review Conclusion

For the time being, Ormeus Global does not appear to be a scam. Due to no evidence or negative feedback being reported, it is futile to accurately determine whether any of the service solutions provided through the site have led to a loss of funds or an increase in wealth.

Please share your experience with Ormeus Global by leaving your feedback below!


  1. Richard

    Really? Doing some homework would help you sound less like gossipy/chatty little high school girls! Liam Robertson of Alphabit stands behind this project; he’s also behind Ripple XRP and aelf. Just to name a couple of projects he advises/funds. Many other world-class minds behind it as well. The price of Ormeus rises and falls in sync with the rest of the market – no hype, no fuss, no difference. I would strongly suggest that you little ladies untangle your panties and do some research. Wish you know how shamefully stupid you both sound!

  2. dflkasdjf




    • Richard

      The mining farm is in Utah; all are welcome to tour! As of yet, all the folks I know have been paid. Untangle your panties and understand that this is a startup and will have hiccups as all startups do. You have been paid by now; fess up!

  3. FreiGeist

    What is with the 250$ Million Mining Project of Ormeus 🙂 ? to big scam? 🙂

  4. Chang Lee

    The scam artists at Ormeus Coin and Wowe Coin are both using fraud and bots to illegally rip people off. They both buy and sell millions of their own worthless coins back and forth to their own exchange accounts to raise the price and volume and give the illusion that the coins are trading in high volume and that the price is rising.

    In reality all that’s happening is that they are buying and selling to their own accounts they control so the only loss is the commission fee. They do this with millions of their own coins (the coins cost them nothing) back and forth continually artificially raising the price and volume.

    When people notice the massive fake volume and continual price climb as in 400% in 48 hours with OrmeusCoin they jump on board paying high prices for a fake traded coin.

    The problem is people will hold the coins on a smooth sail up so Ormeus and Wowe use shakeup bots that dump coins price at about 20% under value to cause panic selling and buying then they make fake trades and raise the price back up.

    This causes a price crash and massive selling and then buying.

    Before this even starts Ormeus and Wowe put out hundreds of sell orders that cover every price range and they pre do this on every exchange.

    On my images you can see the endless 100, 1000 and 29.49780097 seller orders spread all over the exchanges they use at every price point. This is a huge pump and dump but the pumping is done with fake trades and fake volumes.

    With Wowe coin they didn’t have it the scam bots as refined and tuned. You could easily see the endless pump and dump attacks when you zoomed in.

    They look like a Square tooth wave form on both the Volume and trade price. See Images:





    They are doing this again with Ormeus Coin but they managed to smooth out and cover up the Square tooth wave form now.

    I watched the price drop 20% instantly several times now with Ormeus Coin when the bot did a instant 20% price drop sell for no logical reason. I hope someone reads this and prosecutes these felons.

  5. gary bennett

    hello all, just to share with you all, just how lucky can you get, I deposit £250 with binary365 linked to toroption as the broker, after that something on bitcoin forum caught my eye, it was messages from page after page of warnings and tales of being scammed, then I saw on your site stating binary to be a scam without a doubt and I thought there go £250 I wont see again. but I did request a refund of my whole account balance, well you could knock me down with a feather it turned up in my credit card account today, I was so worried about the stories I have read I stopped my credit card and reported them to Scotland yard fraud squad, but I got it back, YAY. but I’m sure this a rare occurance and do not trust them, as of late they are everywhere offering bitcoin, you can look through general articals on line and there they are, in between paragraphs binary365, you cant get away from them, I cant trust anyone so I will not invest in cryocurrancy, my loss but I,m safe regards gary

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