Bitcoin Doubler Review – SCAM Warning!

This is an in-depth and completely unbiased review of Bitcoin Doubler. As you can guess from the name, the website is a scam and we are about to expose it to the entire world in this article. It is our social obligation and duty to humanity to expose scams like Bitcoin Doubler and save a lot of people from the heartbreaks, headaches and stress that being scammed brings about. Read this with a pinch of salt and a smile on your face knowing that we always got your back, and most importantly share with your friends and family.

Update (July, 2018): There are a TON of Bitcoin Doubler scams. We set up a page that will be contstantly updated with the latest, most viral doublers. Check it out here: Most Viral Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Doublers

What is Bitcoin Doubler?

Bitcoin Doubler, which operates under the (corny) domain name, is an investment program which increases the value of deposits by up to 2 zeros. Supposedly, investors can earn returns of up to 100 times their investment within 24 hours in this program.

As the story goes, the Bitcoin Doubler was founded in 2015 by a team of “enthusiasts” who mistakenly discovered a small flaw in the “Bitcoin client,” whatever that is. In reality, the domain name was registered in 8th June 2017 – first lie caught, first red flag. Moving on, the small flaw turned out to not be that small after all as it enables them to multiply Bitcoins send to them up to 100 times. Of course they don’t want a lot of people to know (lest they copy) and so would we mind keeping it between us?

Back to the innovative team behind the Bitcoin Doubler program, they allegedly realized a weakness in the blockchain that allows them to add new positions. They then ‘double spend’ all the Bitcoins deposited by users and multiply them by up to 1000% (one thousand) of the original deposits. They then keep some to cover operating expenses and as profit and use the remainder to repay their investors in hundred fold – that is, their deposit multiplied by 100.

Bitcoin Doubler -

How does the Bitcoin Doubler program work?

As it is, the Bitcoin Doubler website is very scanty with the intricate details of how the program works but we did manage to extract some useful, albeit nonsensical information from the poorly written web content. So here’s how the site works: The first step involves sending some BTC to the site’s address as provided. No account registration is required (red flag!) and presumably no personal details are needed. The minimum deposit required is 0.035 BTC. After sending the money, a unique transaction ID is generated and serves as proof of deposit. The next step is to wait for 24 hours for your returns to be transferred to your wallet. And that’s about it.

Imagine how much Bitcoin you can make from this website in a week if everything was true? Hell, Forbes magazine would dedicate an edition to examining the Bitcoin revolution and TV hosts would be falling over themselves to host the team behind the website to explain their wonderful idea. Note the operating phrase is, IF it were true. Are we saying it isn’t true? Well.

Scam Test: How credible is Bitcoin Doubler?

In this section, we attempt to determine the credibility, or lack thereof of this site using a set of questions selected by our team from the hundreds sent by our readers based on their relevancy.

Does the website promise unbelievably high returns?

Yes. Bitcoin Doubler promises very high returns of up to 100 times the original investment in a single day. That simply means that, if for instance you deposit 1 BTC, you are bound to receive 100 BTC within 24 hours, and it comes with ZERO risks. Such kinds of returns can only be achieved in corrupt and illegal dealings and even those have some risks.

Is there any information about the owners on the site?

Not really. All we know is that the the website was created by a team of ‘programmers, brokers and investors’ who are passionate about Bitcoin. No more information is provided and as it is, we don’t know the names or the faces of those people. We can’t even tell how many they are and their job descriptions. Most importantly, we are not really sure that they even exist!

A WHOIS query doesn’t help either since they are using a privacy service to hide their identities.

How old is the website?

Having been officially registered on February, is about 2 months old as at the time of writing this. We are surprised that the site has survived for that long with its terrible reputation and we do hope that it dies soon. That said, the site’s age is still below our recommended age of 6 months and above for websites requiring you to send money.

Apparently, they owned before. Seems like each time they get blocked, they open a new site with a different TLD. There are thousands of TLDs nowadays so they can potentially keep up with this scam indefinitely.

Does any credible sites link to the website?

Bitcoin Doubler do have a Facebook page which, although barely active, is a great start. However, we found that the site actually has links and is most likely owned by the same person/people who also own and, both of which are certified scams. We couldn’t find any credible site linking to Bitcoin Doubler which says a lot about the site.

Does the site have a physical address?

To put it simply, the only address provided on the website is the support email address. There is no phone number or office address for mailing purposes or any other form of address. The Bitcoin Doubler website is also registered under an unknown jurisdiction, thanks to WHO.IS, which makes it impossible for us to get any details on its location or owners. It also means that you have no way of tracking them if they disappear with your money, and trust they will.

How does the site rank on Alexa?

As at the time of writing this report, had a global ranking of 642,281 on Most of its visitors seem to be from Brazil, India, United States, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan and Bulgaria.


The scam test above proves that is a scam created for the sole purpose of enriching the owners who, as you have seen, also operate several other scams. Keep away from this site and the others mentioned herein if you value your money and your time.

Verdit: Bitcoin Doubler is a SCAM!

Blacklisted sites:,, &

If you have been scammed by Bitcoin Doubler, please let us know by commenting below.

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132 thoughts on “Bitcoin Doubler Review – SCAM Warning!”

  1. They now appear to operate at promising to double your investment in 15 hours. Their web site was established January 31,2020. They also own

  2. Hi there
    Great work your doing! 👏👏👏
    Can you advise me on
    They do show their latest payments via Blockchain but not sure if Blockchain information can be faked or not
    So I thought I would check with you to see if you know any better wether it’s paying or not
    Thanks once again for keeping the scammers on the run and all your hard work

  3. Please I stumbled on this website: . They claim to be coin doublers; registered in UK with address and phone number. Even listed on government website as registered company; but me being someone whos been stung before – I though even though everything sounds flawless, let me search them even further, then I came accross your page and they sound pretty much like this very one you invetigated.
    Can you look this one up too please and also where can I find that video you mentioned about how to verify transactions so I can verify their testimonial transactions.
    Thanks a lot, keep uop the good work!

  4. You WILL lose money on this website. It’s a clone of the website where at first it seems that you are able to withdraw and everything is great. But once they reach their target goal, the site will shut down. Very common scam. Since 2017? Site was created a couple of months ago according to Alexa.

  5. Give a try of this one – this one really works. It gives 50% chance to win. That means someone could lose and other one could win. 50% for each turn.

  6. Scam i got to find out the good ole fashioned way they scammed me not sure if it was these exact same people but it was a double your bitcoin bot on telegram my stupidity in not checking it all out first. Don’t fall victim to these people and there thieving deceptive ways. If it sounds to good of a deal it’s just that to good to be a real deal. Scamers


    The gearest surprise about these ‘bitcoin double’ is that the autorities seems to give them support, because they never did any thing about victims complaints made against them.
    I got their address and even their registration in the UK and i complaint against them, stealing my 500 euro, but the police replied that i do not have a proof.
    I do not know what proof they want to see apart from my details of bitcoin statement,stating that money was paid into their account. I am sure i am not the first person to report this fraud by the so-called bitcoin doubler.
    All complicities!

  8. Gumut Lean Gabriel

    Please, is also another scammer. They allowed me have 5 invest because I contacted them before starting and now no more response for 6 days now. They are running a 100% for 0.03; 150% for 0.2 and 200% for 0.5 bitcoin within 10 days presently. Please, be warned, they are scammers. Scam! Scam!! Scam!!!

    This website is Scam also , they stole my money , they accept bitoin or altcoin , but when you invest there , they will not pay you anythings . Please be aware .

  10. Gumut Lean Gabriel

    Please, can someone help me. I just can’t believe it. DoubleBitcoin ( appeared on my browser as news and I logged in, searched through, read interesting comments and confirmed the payouts were on blockchain and then deposited 0.00543478 bitcoin and after 24hr I checked and saw 0.01086956 paid. I checked again on blockchain but there was no transaction as such. I have sent several mails and on their support page but no response. In trying to search for their contact, I came across this page/article. Please, I need a help and to get trust worthy bitcoin sites….

  11. Hello everyone. I am new user of this forum :). I am from Hungary and my language is poor :). Thanks

  12. After been scammed by, I suffered from others on this BTC doubling thing, but I started doing tracking of most of their payout proofs. on I didcovered that the BTC wallets that received the recorded/stated payout never paid the minimum of 0.003btc so how can I then entrust my btc with them? The other guys on youtube on the btc adder software lost $120 to them Was fooled by the chats I saw on their youtube page but found out most and fake just to woo unsuspecting victims.

  13. pls i hav duped by many bitcoin doublers its now and has somebody visited place before kindly tell whether they are scammers or not thanks

  14. – try this one! It gives 50% chance to win. So you will have real chance to double your bitcoins without any scammy things.

  15. I really commend what ScamBitcoin is doing, it is actually a very good thing that a website has taken it upon itself to help people distinguish between fake and real bitcoin doubling websites. I want to recommend Bitei to anyone who is interested in investing and making good gains on their bitcoin. I have invested with them for the past 3 days. My initial investment of 0.5 BTC turned 1 BTC and I got my first payout then and I have been getting a daily payout of 0.1 BTC which I will be getting till the fifth day. Visit –, for more information and to invest

    1. Thanks Lisa, I invested with Bitei about 12 hours ago, and I just got paid, I’m so ecstatic right now

  16. Emetu Emmanuel is not a reliable site. they appear to be fake as their website cannot open now. It is purported to be infected currently.

  17. Emetu Emmanuel

    a lot of cyber crimes are on and running. We need to all be aware of these punks and their pranks. They are thieves and will never pity anyone. Their aim is to steal and nothing can stop them but an open campaign against the criminals.

  18. Alfredo Colina

    Here there is another webiste that it´s a scam too:
    They offer you daily profit from %2 to $4 of the money you send them and I wanted to try. Of course I choose the minimun deposit required for the basic plan. I sent the money and just like I thought the deposit never arrived and it didn´t showed up in my account and of course no profit.
    They offer you a bonus of $300 if you make a deposit and it counts as part of your but it´s all a scam. I lost $30 dollar in btc just to try it and they stolen my money.

  19. Hello Frinds if want real trusted website for fix earning not doudble etc etc this website 1000% paid on daily basis small profit but pay not scam
    Please youi can invest with trust

    1. Emetu Emmanuel

      how real is that? Well scams begin by making you trust them by releasing some incentives later they swallow you when you fearlessly send something bigger.

  20. Fred Auzenne

    Here are 2 more scams. I sent them .02 BTC to check them out. Then sent several emails with confirmations and no response and not showing on their “proof” of payment section total BS. No Response The other scam site I did the same .02 as a test no response never showed and have not responded to several tickets. If you could post on those 2 for sure thanks

  21. hey guys has anyone tried using bitcoin miner pro from . i mean like buying the bmprovpn and after mining did a successful withdra

  22. Yeah it’s a scam. They apparently read this article and added a phone numbers that ring and ring. Texted them too. No answer. Tried it with the minimum investment of .003 BTC. The site shows no sign of receiving the BTC yet on my end it does show. It’s been an hour and it is definitely turning into a scam in my mind. Beware of this website.

    1. Pierre Mathieu

      Common, only one web page with no “Who we are”, “Contact Us”, … Registered Feb 2018. No real information on who is behind this site.

        1. Thanks for your recommendation. I don’t have so many bitcoins I only have 0.0025 bitcoins, if this website is paying I’d love to invest 0.0015 bitcoin. I was very cautious now because of my previous cheating experience. Before I was lost 0.02 bitcoins on similar websites. For this kind of website with only one web page, no contact information、no customer service and website information, I was very afraid to be cheated again.

        2. Thanks for your recommendation. I have been invested in today and waiting for double tomorrow. I will feedback the results tomorrow

  23. Eu tambem foi enganado hj envie 0.15 btc e nao recebi nada no negoicien nada com eles som truffadores estafadores.som merdas….


  25. Yep, I’m a moron I sent them .02305147 the web addy is then sent me an ermail from admin@

    Whois contact info is a privacy blind


  26. yes its scam but i found something unique ..most of schemes are ponzy.. but mybitcoindoubly gives u double among every 10 persons. its lottery i got double thr. if you not win thn they will return 91 % amount back

    1. I have deposited 0.03417437 BTC in
      17omrSnCZCwtA6fAySkWtwgpBYwsgGLzgb on 31st JAN 2018. its almost 40 hours back . But till now i didn’t get my payout .

      my Payout address is 3D6zUjijN7ZHMeixnfbjGrsh9Bh1Cqetsk

      i sent mails to lot of times , no response from admin. i had chat 3 times with support team they said they were going to intiate manufind the attached ally. will get soon my payout. it happens 24 hours back. but till no payout.

      I registered in

      And sent personal messages to admin and posted thread ,once admin saw that he banned me .. again i created another user.. repeated same. He did for my 4 users.

      If want the proofs please find the attached docs.

      So I am requesting you all.. please dont deposit amount in…. Its completely Scam..



  27. There’s no such thing as send me $100 I’ll send you back double. It will always be a scam, especially on the internet.

    1. Cutie Patooties is the only legitimate bitcoin investment platform and trust me, I’ve tried them all. These guys are day traders, they trade alt coins and they need investments to make more profit, and to make it faster.

      All the bitcoin doubler sites are 100% scams. The technology behind blockchain cannot be corrupted, can’t be more secure than this. So it’s 100% impossible for someone to double your bitcoins by using a flaw in the system.

      It’s also impossible for any bitcoin doubler site to use some bot to predict the price and do the trading so that you get 100% ROI in 10 hours or 2-3 days. It’s mathematically impossible!! It can be done but not trading bitcoins. And if anyone could do that trust me, he wouldn’t be sharing..cmon..think about it..all automated you put 500 BTC and get 1000 BTC in 10 hours..Jesus…why would anyone share this??

      So better safe than sorry. I am with since Feb. and made over 4 btc in profit, that I already cashed out. 100% in one month is way better than nothing right?

    1. you should try on my bitcoin doubly. its lottery.. if you cant win than you will get your 91% amount back.i tried it twice.. once iwas lucky, second time i got my 91 % back

  28. Enrique, yo también fui estafado en 0.01 BTC, no importa la cantidad, es el delito, no contestan Soporte ni correo, así que hice la denuncia con el formulario IC3 en el FBI, alguien sabe cuanto demora este trámite?

  29. These idiots stole about 500 pounds from me. I used my investigating skills to find out their registration with the UK companies house and the name of the ‘so-called’ director , complaining to the authorities was easy there after.

  30. I am sorry to hear that some of you got burned with bitcoin doublers but to assume that all bitcoin doublers are scam is simply wrong!!!! I don’t agree with that. Today I tried and they’re program really pays. Received 0.03 payment after investing just 0.015. didnt even took 24 hours like they advertise. But I do understand that it’s simply matter of time when they will close down as such programs dont exist forever. Early bird gets the worm hahaha

  31. Dieter De Zwarte

    There do not exist any bitcoin doublers. The only way to actually “generate” bitcoins is by mining them. I recommend if you want to buy mining hardware.

  32. Yup – definitely a scam! They just took my deposit but didn’t acknowledge receipt of bitcoin. The link back to the site just shows nothing received and zero response from support.

  33. I invested 0.05 BTC with them on Tuesday evening and I received 0.15 BTC on Wednesday evening. It’s great to have extra money without having to do any extra work –

    1. Ilawagbon george they are also scammers too, they took my $100 bitcoin, they are bunch of criminals hungry for people’s money beware of this site.

  34. bom galera , to passando aqui para avisar a todos para não investir nesse site , pois realmente eles não cumprem o que promete coloquei 0,02 e nunca voltou ficou só carregando e não deu confirmação nenhuma de transação efetivada sendo que em minha carteira ja tinha confirmado o envio a horas , achei que era o problema na rede blockchan mas não era e me roubaram essa e a verdade….

  35. Well it is really a scam. I still see sites running. How is it possible that they are still online ?

    Any way to track them ?

  36. More info about:
    Creation Date: 2017-10-13T13:58:30Z

    Zhat would be good to check it before I send BTC ….

    Domain Name:
    Registry Domain ID: e1c70833b57848e996fbae77454e8394-DONUTS
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2017-10-18T13:58:46Z
    Creation Date: 2017-10-13T13:58:30Z
    Registry Expiry Date: 2018-10-13T13:58:30Z
    Registrar: NameCheap, Inc.
    Registrar IANA ID: 1068
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.6613102107
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Registry Registrant ID: 17669de385554a7ba171fd2017742af4-DONUTS
    Registrant Name: WhoisGuard Protected
    Registrant Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
    Registrant Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411
    Registrant City: Panama
    Registrant State/Province: Panama
    Registrant Postal Code:
    Registrant Country: PA
    Registrant Phone: +507.8365503
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax: +51.17057182
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email:
    Registry Admin ID: 2a819daa84b5416c9b22362d43f540e6-DONUTS
    Admin Name: WhoisGuard Protected
    Admin Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
    Admin Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411
    Admin City: Panama
    Admin State/Province: Panama
    Admin Postal Code:
    Admin Country: PA
    Admin Phone: +507.8365503
    Admin Phone Ext:
    Admin Fax: +51.17057182
    Admin Fax Ext:
    Admin Email:
    Registry Tech ID: fe1c1bf44249442c95c046d8d7eb8e15-DONUTS
    Tech Name: WhoisGuard Protected

  37. You can all file an IC3 complaint for interest crimes with the FBI. If you all do it they will take notice and have the tools to be able to find them.

    Here is the how to do it;


    If you believe your businesses is the recipient of a compromised e-mail or is a victim of the BEC scam (regardless of dollar amount), you should file a complaint on the FBI Internet Crimes Complaint Center website at

    Please be as descriptive as possible, identify your complaint as “Internet financial Crimes” and try to include the following information:

    • any chat records
    • Identifiers for the perpetrators such as chat names, e-mail addresses, websites, Bitcoin Wallet Address or account information and any other information you have
    • Details on how, why, and when you believe you were defrauded
    • Actual and attempted loss amounts
    • Other relevant information you believe is necessary to support your Complaint

    Complainants are also encouraged to keep all original documentation, e-mails, faxes, and logs of all telecommunications. You will not be able to add or upload attachments with your IC3 complaint; however, please retain all relevant information, in the event you are contacted by law enforcement.

  38. Scammed on Oct 24, 2017 for $450 usd. Website was called There is a fake law enforcement domain seizure notice there now. The last sentence is poor English and has been added on top of a background image. The site has resurfaced with a new domain name, but the same scam.

  39. Randeep Singh Bagga

    I was not scammed as I did not deposit Bitcoins. I went to this site and having a look at the site when the chat window opened. After having a look at the website, I asked the Support person in the chat that how they were able to double the Bitcoin in just 10 hours. He said that they were investing in High-Profit ICOs and were able to give such high returns. Now anyone who has invested his money in an ICO knows that after an ICO ends, the trading on that coin does not start immediately. The support person asked me to give it a try by sending 0.05 Bitcoins. I immediately replied to him “I should try to lose my Bitcoins”. To this, he just said “Oh” and then said “Leave our site immediately” and he closed the chat window and blocked me LOL.

    So people, be just aware. First of all ask questions to support as to how the site is earning money. Only if you are thoroughly convinced, only then decide whether you want to go ahead with your investments or not.

  40. It seem I got scam as well for 0.15 btc. My deposit status is stuck & they’re still waiting for my btc; however, as of now I’ve 218 transaction confirmations. Following is the bitcoin address where I sent my 0.15 btc: 14yQSXxFTFdGWQ7KEN83fgADngKSiLMp7X. Does anyone know which gov’t agency we can report this scam to?

  41. Yes is Scam and l invested and lost 0.02 BTC ast week, thery never reply any support message, l But I still see many people get cheated daily by checking their investment address in

    I created a forum with

    I am planning to attract all innocent investors to this site and inform the scams. I am planning to list in google search and add

    1. yes, even me, I have lost lots of money on this site and others fake doublers too, I send $ 50 worth of btc to this site and that bitcoin die a natural death.I am so done with all of them. Learnt my lesson already. Thank you so much for this adventure, I wish there could be a platform where we investors could hold together to always conduct massive camping against all these fake blood sucking scamming demons, who always steal our money online and run in tin air.

      1. I’ve been scammed by this bitcoin doubler too 0.003 btc and previously on a site called

        But i found this 1000% legit; you’ll earn bitcoins abt 1% a day of your deposit: [affiliate link removed]

  42. Scammed as well. Wish I’d read your review first. No doubt they will have other sites registered. is there anyway they can be reported and caught? Fucking arseholes!!!

  43. hate bitcoindoubler

    this website is scam, they steal your money, all what you see of deposits and payouts and timers are wrong and fake. they take money and do not return a single penny, mother fucers

  44. They have a banner on altenen and i have been scammed 0.01 :// and support never camed back dont try the sites on altenen cuz may it be risk for you THANK YOU….

  45. Hello everybody and thank you.
    just to inform you that the link to this bitcoin doubler can be found in the CoinPot wallet!

  46. Yes they are a scam, i was scammed on the 3rd Aug. they gave an address and naive me i sent in 0.02999 worth of bitcoin. Zero support has responded.

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