Review – Too Many Question Marks & Complaints! is the latest Bitcoin trading and mining company to emerge with its website claiming to offer an automatic Bitcoin trading & mining solution with the highest returns for investors. This unbiased review takes an in-depth look at whether or not this site is even worth looking at. If you are considering investing with this brand new offer, we suggest reading this review until the end so that you may fully understand what you are getting yourself into by doing so.

Note: Please do not confuse with and These are separate websites owned by different people.

What Is BitcoinXL? an alleged company headquartered and registered in London, claims to offer its members an automatic Bitcoin trading & mining platform. They have a supposed team of expert traders whose focus is purely on Bitcoin and thanks to the exceptional diversification of their investments; they are able to deliver a steady income for members. They also profess to trade only on the best trading markets on the net, alongside owning the best mining software available.

Their website states that their name is synonymous with effective and profitable bitcoin trading and mining solutions and that their members need little to no trading experience. Members can make a deposit, choose between four investments plans, and then simply sit back while their experts do all the work. BitcoinXL members also have the option of withdrawing their initial deposit at any time, as well as making quick and easy withdrawals through their website.

Can I Trust BitcoinXL?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this review, we do not consider BitcoinXL trustworthy. After deciding to take a closer look and conducting a bit of investigative research for our BitcoinXL review, we were left with a number of red flags and too many question marks. We will highlight these concerns later on in the review but for now; let us look at what they are offering their members.

Investment Plans

BitcoinXL offer four investment plans that members can choose from, they are as follows:

  • Starter – 0.13% Hourly or 3.12% daily ROI, Min Deposit 0.003 BTC, Max Deposit 0.100 BTC
  • Normal – 0.15% Hourly or 3.6% daily ROI, Min Deposit 0.101 BTC, Max Deposit 0.500 BTC
  • BTC Expert – 0.17% Hourly or 4.08% daily ROI, Min Deposit .501 BTC, Max Deposit 1.00 BTC
  • VIP – 21% Hourly or 5.04% daily ROI, Min Deposit 1.001 BTC, Max Deposit Unlimited BTC

Promised Features

  • 1 BTC Signup Bonus
  • Guaranteed profit
  • Automatic Interest
  • 24/7 Withdrawals
  • No Trading Costs
  • Initial Deposit Back Anytime
  • High Leverage
  • No Risk of Losing Capital

Question Marks & Red Flags

While conducting research for this BitcoinXL review, we discovered a number of issues we were not entirely happy with to say the least. Firstly, this website is brand new. was only registered on August 8th, 2017 and the registration was done anonymously. They opened their doors on August 11th, 2017, as seen under the “News” section of their site. This means that in under a month they have acquired 76,263 members and have paid out a total of BTC 8691.00457 (as seen on their homepage) that equates to nearly $40 million. We find this a little hard to believe.

The second issue we have is that they have not put any faces to their business nor have they provided any names. So whom are you actually investing with? For all you know, this could be a random teenage boy sitting in his mother’s basement running a website! Are you willing to blindly invest your money into a company of which you have no idea who is actually behind it? Another thing that stood out for us is that except for one or two stock bought background images and vector icons, there are actually no pictures on this website at all. They do not even show you their supposed top of the range bitcoin mining equipment. This certainly does not lend them credibility.

The third but most concerning issue we picked up is in regards to their alleged company registration. On their website, they display two different company registration numbers. The first number found on the homepage as well as under their FAQ section is #10536825, the second number found on the certificate of incorporation they provide is #1056888. You might say that this could simply be a typing error. However, we decided to look up both these numbers and to our dismay, we found that these numbers were registered under two different companies. Neither of these companies was BitCoinXL or BitcoinXLorg Limited. This begs the question, is BitcoinXL even registered at all?

The first number #10536825 is registered to Bitcoin Corp LTD and the second number #10568888 found on their supposed certificate of incorporation is registered to HAMNAH & HASHIM LTD whose nature of business is Hospital activities. You can view the relative company information by clicking on the numbers above. We tried doing a search on the name BitcoinXLorg Limited and the results showed that there was no such company registered with them. This leads us to ask, where did they get their Certificate of Incorporation from which they proudly display in pdf format on their site. The most likely scenario is that the certificate was edited to display their name.

BitcoinXL Complaints

Further to the above, we had a look at other BitcoinXL reviews on both Google as well as YouTube and noted quite a number of complaints. Some of these complaints ranged from members not being able to make withdrawals, to others who had their accounts frozen after making the first withdrawal. Others complained that they had made their withdrawal but it had not arrived in their respective cryptocurrency wallets after days of waiting. We also saw concern over the fact that some members had made their deposit yet the deposit was never “confirmed” by BitcoinXL.

In fact a lot of the reviews and comments we read were claiming this service to be yet another HYIP scam site. Some were even betting among themselves as to whether this site will last 30 or 60 days before suddenly disappearing with everyone’s investments. The only positive reviews we came across with supposed proof of withdrawal were from people who are actively promoting this service. That in itself is a major red flag you should consider before depositing anything with them.

BitCoinXL Review Conclusion

At present, this looks to be a scam. Unfortunately, we simply cannot ignore the evidence we have gathered which point to that conclusion. There are just too many questions marks and red flags here. Should this service clean up their act in the future, provide a credible company registration number, display the people behind the service or some names at least, as well as stick around for longer than a few months, we will update this review and conclusion accordingly. Until then, we would advise staying away from this particular Bitcoin investing service.

Verdit: BitcoinXL is a SCAM!

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  1. Hemkumarsahu

    Hemkumarsahu village MATIYA p.o. gurara thana bhatapara

  2. bitcoin victim

    I had invested 0.2btc on , and waiting for the withdrawal.. it’s still showing as pending withdrawal from past 3days.. its totally fake i guess.. how can we complain about this to cyber police

    • yourfirstbitcoin

      It is very sad, but it seems that this is quite impossible. First of all we need to guess the owners of that sites (there are many same sites). The dilema of HYIP that it WILL always scam people. But first or even second wave could earn something more than invested. So, everyone envolved is trying to be a firstwaver. Today, some owners decided to build their income without paying people at all.

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