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BitCryptoInvestors ( is another cryptocurrency HYIP promoting unbelievably high income claims for prospective investors.

Claiming to have dished out over $3.6 million in payouts to date while allegedly supporting roughly 70,000 “active” traders are among the many fabricated lies incorporated into

To find out why you should avoid this blatant scam operation, we invite you to read our unwavering and impartial review.

About BitCryptoInvestors

BitCryptoInvestors claims to a “distinctive investment company offering our investors access to high-growth investment opportunities in the Bitcoin markets and other services.”

In short, BitCryptoInvestors claims to be an investment company where external investors are able to receive significant returns for their various investments.

According to the FAQ featured at, BitCryptoInvestor invests investors funds in the funding of new powerful mining farms while also claiming to be engaged in the application development of new crypto mining algorithms.

After tirelessly navigating through all the sites various tabs and pages, we were unable to find any information pertaining to the location of these alleged mining farms, the type of hardware they utilize nor any information regarding the creation of crypto mining algorithms.

Detailed in the FAQ section of their site would be Bit Crypto Investors Company, which when searched across Australian based business registrars failed to turn up as an existing corporation.

We searched across Australian business registrars because disclosed in the footer of their domain would be the following: 56 Burnley St. Richmond VIC 3121, Australia.

This implies that their operation is based out of Australia, which as we have already made clear is certainly not the case.


Investment Plans

BitCryptoInvestors suffers a dramatic drop in credibility when you visit their various investment plans that are offering astronomical returns for their investors.

Promoting income assertions between 100% to 340% within a months duration is downright ludicrous, to say the least.

Shared below are their 3 investment packages:


Deposit: $300 to $7,500

Weekly ROI: 25%

Cumulative ROI: 100%


Deposit: $7,500 to $20,000

Weekly ROI: 50%

Cumulative ROI: 200%


Deposit: $20,000 to $100,000

Weekly ROI: 85%

Cumulative ROI: 340%

As expected the only form of payment currently accepted through BitCryptoInvestors would be Bitcoin, which as many of you know is an irreversible form of payment.


Contacting BitCryptoInvestors

BitCryptoInvestors can allegedly be reached through their live chat feature (which only appears in offline mode), a contact submission form or the following below:

Physical Address: 56 Burnley St. Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Telephone: 1 (951) 744-5037


The area code for BitCryptoInvestors telephone number is for Riverside, California, not an Australian area code.

To add, when you search the physical address of BitCryptoInvestors in a Google search, you will notice how the only residing locations revolving around that address are affiliated with furniture stores, there are no other possible corporate entities that fits the description of BitCryptoInvestors.

BitCryptoInvestors Scam Test

Does the site promote unrealistic income assertions?

Yes, BitCryptoInvestors asserts that through their various investment programs that you can accrue a beyond sizable return within an extremely short duration of time.

Does the site provide verifiable ownership information?

No, BitCryptoInvestors does not provide transparent ownership information anywhere upon their site.

How old is the website?

According to a WHOIS report, was a privately registered domain that was created on August 28th, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

Does the site have a physical address?

56 Burnley St. Richmond VIC 3121, Australia is the alleged physical address of BitCryptoInvestors but as we have already pointed out it does not appear to be legitimate, what a surprise.

Are any legitimate sites associated with BitCryptoInvestors?

We could find no legitimate sites associated with

How popular is the website?

According to SimilarWeb, BitCryptoInvestors reflected a global rank of 13,495,202 with a Canada rank of 833,335 as of December 31st, 2018.

Given their exceptionally poor web rankings, it is obvious that BitCryptoInvestors receives little to no traffic.

Were there any discrepancies encountered when reviewing?

There were numerous red flags that we encountered when reviewing BitCryptoInvestors which are as followed:

  • No verifiable ownership information
  • Promoting unrealistic income guarantees
  • No transparent record of paying investors
  • Deceptive corporate entities and addresses
  • Beat-around-the-bush intel regarding how they accrue profits Review Conclusion

BitCryptoInvestors was a poorly constructed investment scam that possesses an uncharacteristically high volume of red flags.

Trying to pass off a fictitious corporate entity as their own high powered investment company, failing to provide verifiable ownership information along with being blatantly vague regarding operational parameters of their site.

Do yourself and others a courtesy by avoiding this pitiful investment scam and invest in more concrete and tested investment solutions.

Verdict: Avoid the BitCryptoInvestors Scam!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Richard T.

    I was intrigued by the possibilities for great profits and cited returns on investment as posted in Instagram. Complete with dramatic illustrations, I had that quick fantasy of making serious money. So, I decided to round up some cash to invest….

    Contact with the company or person running this was tough. I sent an email, then a Direct Message, and finally a suggested contact through What’s Up. Nothing happened. Finally, I was contacted by a source claiming to be ….the training person. No name was given, nor was the name of the business used in the context of our conversation. The lack of formality was deafening. Nobody on Wall Street talking to a prospective client would be so casual.

    As our conversation went on, I got “cold feet “ as if I was about to be taken. He/it wanted $3000-5000 to start, yet the ads said 300.-1000. When I pointed this out, I was challenged to show proof. With two copy and pastes, I revealed his/it’s own advertising.

    Clearly, the scam became apparent, despite the fancy memes. I put the whole deal off to investigate the company .

    Buyer beware! This possible fraud has too many red flags to ignore with its lack of formality, names, or standards to be admired.

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