Review – Shady Crooks! is a new service which claims to help all the investors who are getting involved with the crypto sector. This firm is led by an anonymous group of people and any information about the employees or the founders are completely unknown. When it comes to online investing, lack of transparency is never a positive sign and since this company adores it, that factor alone acts like a big red flag. We checked their legal certificates and sadly none of them checks out.

So, we can confidently say that they are frauds and are bound to face criminal prosecution in the near future. The whole crypto sector is something which the law hasn’t caught up to yet and that’s the main reason as to why many people are losing a lot of money to scams perpetrated around it.

As newbies it is very easy to get caught up in the idea of making big returns with the least amount of efforts, but sadly the reality is never that simple. Before you proceed with this firm in any way for any reason, go through our review once to understand the gravity of the situation and then you will know all their filthy agendas. Review

Company, Legality and Support

Financial sector has been a hotspot for scams for almost decades now and ever since the early 2000’s the internet has made it easy for crooks to increase their reach. Countless modification of the law hasn’t been completely able to eradicate the fraud operations, but fortunately it has made it hard for them to establish themselves in the first place.This platform boldly presents an incorporation certificate on their website and they have the audacity to call themselves legitimate.

We checked the database of the FCA to verify their claims and just like we expected, we didn’t find any information about them. The facts clearly prove that they are bluffing about their legal status and as such, you certainly can’t expect anything good from them. As investors, always make sure that you are dealing with firms which hold all the proper licenses or else the risk of losing your capital will be way too high.

After all, security of your funds should be your first priority and do not let some fancy claim cloud your judgement. We did find a few contact information of this firm which will be listed below. However, know that they only interact via email and that is a confirmed trait of a scam.

Address – 5 Catherine Drive, Tongwynlais, Cardiff, Caerdydd, United Kingdom, CF15 7JT

Email –

Phone – +12056870016 Business Model is an investment firm which specifically focuses on trading the crypto markets. They claim to have some sort of proprietary strategies that allegedly have a high win rate. Everything they say makes sense theoretically, but they haven’t put any kind of evidence together to verify their accomplishments.

For example, they don’t reveal any of their parameters and metrics used for trading. There is no trading history showcased by them and the exact statistics of their approach is not disclosed to the public. Proceeding with them without knowing anything about their business model is certainly not a wise move and no experienced investor would dare to deposit with them.

If they were really able to generate huge profits, don’t you think they would have offered demo accounts or free trials to flaunt their abilities? Lack of evidence and false narratives peedled by them means that they are desperate and more importantly it proves that they have no real connection with the markets in the first place.

Investment Plans and Returns

There are 3 types of investment plans offered by this firm and the returns promised by them range from 20% per day to a mind blowing 280% after 24 hours. Looking at the advertised figures, it is no wonder that a vast majority of newbies are attracted to them, but if you do the math, then you will realise that the numbers shown are impossible to achieve. Plans

Legendary investors like Warren Buffett and Jesse Livermore rarely achieve more than 50% annually and if those people couldn’t do any better, it means that it is almost next to impossible to outperform them. So, don’t let a few fancy numbers and fake narratives mislead you, because if you believe them, then it will cause a deep dent on your bank account.

Making money through trading is possible, but it certainly isn’t easy. You will have to put in a lot of efforts and keep adapting to the new market conditions in order to stay consistently profitable. If anyone promises you an easy path, then do yourself a favor and ignore them outright.

Affiliate Program

The creators of this program are leveraging the power of shady online promoters in order to expand their customer base. All the affiliates who are willing to work with this firm get a fixed percentage of the revenue they bring on to the platform and all they have to do is drive web traffic to them. So, to create a sense of urgency and convince the public into spending money, the marketers are creating fake review websites and false narratives.

The connection between the creators and promoters is quite clear and given the level of conflict of interest with the clients, do not trust any of their claims whatsoever. After all, the only way they make money is by spreading lies and exploiting lack of knowledge exhibited by the naive investors. Review Conclusion is a confirmed con platform which will take money from the public in the name of investments and leave them empty handed. Using history as a guide, the chances of recovering the lost funds is almost zero. So, save yourself from all the risks present by simply avoiding them and never even consider the possibility of indulging with them.

Did you invest with Were you able to get your money back from their platform? Let us know your answers by commenting below.


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