BTC Grand Review – is a Scam!

BTC Grand is an online investment solution which trades cryptocurrencies only.  Their platform is an epitome of a swindle. They claim to offer returns ranging from 20% to 200% after just 6 days.  

These number are extremely tempting for inexperienced investors, but it is impossible to sustain.  During our investigation on this platform, we found nothing, but false narratives.

Their operational model is a simple ponzi scheme.  It will obviously collapse very soon. To know all the lies featured by them and the reasons because of why you should stay away from them, Continue reading our full review.

BTC Grand Scam Review

License and Support

All the firm which present trading opportunities to the general public are required to hold proper license.  BTC Grand is an ICO. They raise money from a pool of private investors for trading purposes.

After the maturity of the contract, the investors are supposed to get some returns along with their capital.  To determine whether this firm is regulated, we checked with the FCA. However, the results were not promising.  This firm is not only unregulated, but also illegal.

They have not talked about their registration details.  However, here are some of the contact information, they have showcased.

Address – John Eccles House, Robert Robinson Avenue, Oxford Science Park, Oxford, OX4 4GP, England

Phone – +44 07730669548

Email –

How does BTC Grand Work?

There isn’t a single piece of information about the way, they handle funds.  Their only narration is that, the investor should deposit more, in order to earn more.  The provided explanation is a blatant one and it certainly does not disclose any valuable information.  

For starters, we do not know the trading style they follow.  Any details regarding the trade entry and exit are not discussed.  The investors are not even briefed about the risk diversification methods, they have incorporated.  

This firm does not feature any performance report.  So, there is no way to determine their trading skills.  Moreover, the names of the traders they have hired is also unknown.  

Considering the current circumstance, investing with this platform is just like gambling.  The odds are against you.

Plans and Profits

There are 6 plans offered by this firm.  The packages are structured in such a way that, the investors are pushed towards spending more money for higher returns.  Unfortunately, the only thing you will get at the end of the transaction is disappointment.


Returns – 20%

Duration – 24 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $50


Returns – 40%

Duration – 2 Days

Minimum Deposit – $200


Returns – 60%

Duration – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $500


Returns – 80%

Duration – 4 Days

Minimum Deposit – $1000


Returns – 100%

Duration – 5 Days

Minimum Deposit – $2000


Returns – 200%

Duration – 6 Days

Minimum Deposit – $3000

Referral Program

Fake investment scheme cannot survive for a considerable period of time without their marketing skills.  To increase their revenue by several folds, they feature a referral program. Affiliates are paid 3% of the total deposit amount made by their referrals.  

BTC Grand Affiliate Program

Any individual can sign up with them and get paid if they bring more investors on board.  Affiliates will get a promotion if they reach certain milestones in terms of traffic. To enumerate, their revenue share will be increased.  Affiliates do not have to be an active participant of the scheme.


Here are the key statistics of this website, which we have gathered using and

Domain –

Registered On – 05/07/2018

Expires On – 05/07/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 7,266,440

Red Flags

BTC Grand does not feature any kind of credible proof to back up their profit claims.  If they were so confident in their strategy, then why don’t they offer demo accounts?

Most of the social trading platforms and reputable services offer practise account.  The main reason for doing so, is to educate people about their strategies and give them an opportunity to familiarize with their platform.  Since this firm does not do anything similar to that, why should you trust them?

This platform is a ponzi scheme.  They have nothing to do with trading.  Their main function is to match the deposit amount with the withdrawals and keep a portion of the amount for themselves.  Inevitably, they will collapse and they will flee away with the money.

BTC Grand Review Conclusion

BTC Grand is a deceptive scam.  There isn’t any data on their website, which would help us trace their identity.  Moreover, they have not provided explanation about any aspect of trading. Consistently profiting through day trading requires skill and dedication, without it you will lose all your money sooner or later.

Do you have any experience with  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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