BTC Heritage Review – BTC-Heritage is a Scam!

BTC Heritage ( is a Forex investment solution.  They claim to be operational from 2004, but the facts prove otherwise.  They supposedly generate returns ranging from 20% per day to 100% after 3 days.  

Most inexperienced investors appear to believe them, but it is highly unrealistic.  There is a promotional video on their website. However, it does not reveal any key information.  They have exaggerated their abilities.

Sadly, they have no credible proof to back up their achievements.  Before they convince you to join them using shady tricks, go through our full review which will unravel the real nature.

BTC Heritage Review

Company and Contact Details

Investment solution which indulge with the retail clients should be licensed.  Any firm which violates the guidelines laid by central authorities will face harsh consequences.  

BTC Heritage represents an ICO.  They raise money for trading the Forex market.  The investors are entitled to some amount of money in the near future.  

We checked the database of the FCA to check the legitimacy of the firm.  Unfortunately, this firm is not listed by them, which means they are illegal enterprise.

They feature some registration details, but do not fall for this trick.  The sole reason for doing so is to earn the trust of the public. The contact details put up on their website are as follows,  

Address – Tower Financial Center 8/29, Calle Elvira Méndez, Ciudad de Panamá

Email –

How does BTC Heritage Work?

No one in the world has any clue about it.  Apart from the fact that, they are self-proclaimed traders, there is no information.  We do not know what indicators or parameters they use.

The investors do not know about the trading approach.  Moving on to the other aspects of trading, there is nothing to talk about it either.  They have not discussed anything regarding their risk diversification methods or about the money management aspect.  

This platform does not feature a trading history.  Moreover, they do not offer a free trial. Keeping the above facts in mind, on what basis can anyone trust them?

Plans and Profits

Seeing the investment plans, most of the investors will get excited.  Before you start thinking about the financial freedom, think logically for a second.  Do you really think these number are achievable? Check out the plans they advertise.

Plan 1

Returns – 20%

Duration – 24 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $10

Plan 2

Returns – 40%

Duration – 48 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $100


Returns – 100%

Duration – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $1000

Affiliate Program

Ponzi scheme thrive because of their marketing skills.  Since, this firm has nothing to do with trading, they rely heavily on new stream of participant to make money.  To increase their revenue, they offer an affiliate program.

BTC Heritage Affiliate Program

Affiliates are paid 5% of the total revenue amount they bring on to the platform.  Moreover, if any individual provides them with consistent leads then, they will get bonuses on top of commissions.  As Usual, the promoters do not have to hold any active investment in their scheme.

Domain Insight

Below we have gathered certain key details about this website with the help of and  The registrant details are not available.

Domain –

Registered On – 25/05/2017

Expires On – 25/05/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 5,275,944

Check out their trust score on

Red Flags

First of all, this firm is operating without holding any proper certificates.  Furthermore, they do not even feature any details about their employees. Lack of transparency is the most common trait found in most of the scams including this one.

If they really had a strategy, then why are they reluctant to offer a demo account?  Do not give then the benefit of doubt because chances are you will regret it later.

BTC Heritage Review Conclusion

BTC Heritage is a fancy fraud, which will make you lose your entire investment amount.  They follow ponzi operation model. Basically, they will be out of business when they turn cash flow negative.  

Some people might have got a few withdrawals successfully processed, but that does not mean they are legitimate solution.  Day trading is profitable, but it is not a shortcut to amass a fortune.

Do you have any experience with  Feel free to express your opinion by leaving us a comment.


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