BTC Pro Miner Review – BitMiner/BTC Miner is a SCAM!

Let us just begin this review by stating the obvious: is a scam, or rather, a sort of cloud-mining Ponzi scheme, the whole premise of which is unreal.

Why are we so certain that this is the case? Let’s elaborate.

This is a cloud mining site.

Let that sink in.

What that means is that its chances of being legitimate aren’t stellar from the get-go. This online vertical is plagued by massive scamming, prompting some experts to declare that almost all cloud mining operators are scammers.

The still worse news is that even if it were to be legitimate, it would still not be worth anyone’s time. Legitimate cloud-mining services seldom ever make ROI for their investors.

In btcprominer’s case though, there is no “threat” of legitimacy. The site is a genuine Ponzi scheme indeed.

What is the proposition/promise here?

Is it too good to be true?

It is indeed the very definition of that.

BTCProMiner clients can create free accounts at the site, and begin “mining” BTC for free…they can of course upgrade their accounts for a small (or large) fee, to secure additional benefits.

The free version of the setup comes with profits of 40 Satoshi per minute and 0.0006 BTC per day.

Yes, you read that right: you are essentially getting all this for free.

The most basic upgraded version costs 0.01 BTC, it raises the daily profit rate to 0.0012 BTC and it introduces the affiliate scheme. This program is essentially the heart and soul of the Ponzi scheme, because this is what it relies on to bring new customers into the fold.

The affiliate revenue rate is 20% of the upgrade money that referred clients spend at the site.

Further upgrade packages raise this rate to 30%, 40% and 50% respectively.

What’s more, there’s a Limited Version upgrade package, which costs a massive 7 BTCs, and offers affiliate cuts of 105%.

If you happen to have 7 BTCs though, just hold on to them and wait for the price to rise.

Don’t even think about “investing” them with these guys.

By taking a closer look at this limited upgrade package, the unlikely nature of the offer becomes obvious in a heartbeat: if offers a daily revenue rate of 2BTCs, which means that in 3.5 days, you would have your investment recovered, after which in a couple of weeks’ time, you’d be well on your way to putting these guys out of business.

The math doesn’t add up with the other upgrade packages either.

Thus far, two of two scam red flags are triggered: the site deals in cloud mining and its sales pitch is based on a too-good-to-be-true offer.

About BTCProMiner

Who exactly is behind this operation though?

While the site does not have a proper About Us section, there’s some information available on the Contact page.

The company behind the site is apparently BTCProMiner Cloud EU LTD.

A search on the company name will reveal that it does indeed exist and that it’s registered under company number: 09951039, with offices in London, at 20-22 Wenlock Road.

The only CEO of the operation is an Italian gentleman named Giacomo Bugini, who is pictured standing in front of a few racks full of ASICS.

What exactly is wrong with this whole corporate profile though?

It seems like BTCProMiner Cloud EU LTD was founded by Mr. Bugini electronically, by 1 GBP share capital.

Bugini has apparently been associated with a number of other unsavory operations too, like ADVgeneration, which turned out to be a Ponzi scheme (no surprises there), eurobitmarket, a defunct exchange, (also apparently defunct) and others.

Bugini is apparently also responsible for Bitminer – another cloud-mining scam.

He apparently founds companies left and right and uses them to set up various online Ponzi schemes and scams.

To call this corporate background suspicious would probably be the understatement of the year.

If knowing all this, you still decide to trust your money to this Bugini character, you probably do indeed deserve what’s coming to you.

The website itself,, is not particularly trust-inspiring either.

While it’s light on sales copy, it features a very dubious “proof” page, which offers information on some transactions as well as bitaps verification.

It is important to remember though that Ponzi schemes may in fact pay some of their victims during their early stages, and all signs seem to point to the fact that is indeed in the early stages of what’s likely to be a brief existence.

Latest payouts to BTCProMiner Members

Certainly, for all its reach and popularity, failed to produce a single confirmed user who actually picked up BTCs from the operation. The chatter on there is very negative about BTCProMiner, with most posters convinced that this is indeed a scam.

Several bitcointalk forum members have created accounts at BTCProMiner, but none of them got paid anything.

One of them reached the payout threshold of BTC 0.005 in about 8 days, after which he requested a withdrawal. He was then told to increase his IPV to secure access to instant withdrawals, or to wait 30 days for the manual processing of the withdrawal.

Others have chimed in, stating that instant withdrawals weren’t granted to those who had already upgraded their accounts, either.

Some even went as far as to wait out the 30 days allegedly required for manual processing – to no avail.

Reddit users haven’t really addressed the operation yet. There are a few promotional posts looking to get some BTC enthusiasts hooked, but no one has yet pulled the curtains back on the scam.


Well only just found your page about BTCprominer I love your review thanks for the heads up thought it was fishy when I wanted to upgrade with the balance accumulated 0.5 and didn’t want to pay saying I have 2 accounts on my IP I have been using for months and no auto payout. Never received anything and they have never replied to any of my messages, I have visited the address in London the owned of the site does not live there it is just an apartment the woman that does live there told me she has a postal block for the amount of hate mail she was receiving to that company this was last month.

BTCProMiner Review Conclusion

Having read the above, no one should find it surprising that no registrant information is available on the domain. These scammers are obviously ready to pack up shop at a moment’s notice and to move on when the time is right.

Taking advantage of the “affiliate program” they’re pushing, they’re getting people to refer their friends in the hopes of convincing some of their victims to “upgrade” and thus to hand them BTCs. is the definition of a pyramid scheme.

According to, by the way, is a highly popular website with a global rank of 15,919 at the time of writing.

A significant amount of this website’s visitors come from Brazil, India, Spain, Thailand and Venezuela.

Review Verdit: BTCProMiner (also known as BitMiner and BTCMiner) is a SCAM!

Blacklisted sites:,,,, &

If you have been scammed by BTC Pro Miner, please share your story with us by replying below.

To join our member list and receive additional scam warnings from us directly to your inbox, please subscribe to!


  1. Gabri

    Please help me ,I was paid already fee maintenance for site and, for withdraw my amount at free v1.0 mining plans. They didn’t send me my btc. What I must to do? Now I enjoy on this site at v1.0 mining plan. Why they don’t want to give our btc amount ?Why the police of the sites let them to be scam.

    • rajan

      there are lot of scam sites, with ponzi scheme in the whole world there are 5 legit sites .nice hash, minergate, eobot, hashiny, genesis, dont go beyond becoz i did research and lot of positve comments about them

  2. Shashi Bhusan Panda

    Btcprominer is totally scam .there is no withdrawl no answer for any ticket no mail I’d nothing it’s totally time a waste.

  3. Byron Cullen

    Stop begging and go to work recovering what you lost…be smarter about where you invest

  4. sayan kumar ray

    hi friends , i am from india in btc mining i have lose near about 2 btc = 960967 which is to big amount in india now we are under very trouble we need to sell our house if we dont pay the amount to the borrower
    if any concuss and social aware people willing to help me then it will be very helpfull to me i will be thankfull to all life ..

    my btc id is 18yR1zM6tfPTajkoTXCGqobN6JW9z4By4Y

  5. Erickson

    I’m from Philippines, I’m unemployed due to age I’ve been doing faucet claiming for 8 months and I only got a ten thousand of btc and im losing my severance pay. I have one 2yrs old son my wife left me due to debt if someone could donate some btc, I only needed 1btc in total for me to start small eatery business in order for me and my son to survive… Here’s my btc address


    Thank you in advance for those who are willing to help me and my son.

    • RAPPER

      Better eat your shit when you selected this shit earning business

  6. Farid

    hi guys , my name is farid , im live in IRAN , im educated in hardware engineering but in my country there is not enough job right now, sorry my english is bad , i have a sick mother who need heart surgery , im not lie and crying right now, i was depressed and i spend all of my money in one of SCAM mining sites and right now i dont have any choice else i never do this, i dont care some people what think about me i just want to save my mother , she need 3000$ , any one here want to help any much — my wallet address : 15FEFWQStZURwJ4KpzAJuG54hzTWHocz1J
    i hope no one ever be in my position. thanks all.

  7. ami

    this site like all is scam . never trust to them

  8. Alexander

    Im a single dad with 2 kids and kinda too late reading this blog. I made a lot of debts just to upgrade to v3 and now i dont know where to live right now, now i live on a rented house and in the next 3 months we have to move from this house into street perhaps. I m desperate right now and hoping some kind person to send me btc to help us to survive. My btc walet is 3AwdEfv1kCveVaDMxe195kMTcqbBaPEkgY. Thank u and God bless u

  9. nald

    Hello family. I got scammed on a couple of mining sites and I’m broke as I’m here right now. Ineed money urgently to pay for me school fees. Please any good samaritan here can send me some via this address 1Go9t9sjWep5yHrLYemufgqevRq4ZTtBSo thank you thank you ……….

  10. Walter

    Hola señores, perdí dinero pensando que podría obtener ganancias en esta pagina, saber que mi familia vive pulseando el pan cada día y con la esperanza y confianza que me tienen esperan que me valla bien en este mundo de Cryptodivisas , y con la estafa que me han aplicado con que cara les voy a contar, no suelo hacer esto pero algunas veces hay que dejar el orgullo atrás, cualquier donacion de btc 1Faa8XYxaYogrkjV73r8B7NxJsTY61H3y
    Dios los tendrá en cuenta y los bendecirá en grande.

  11. msquared

    This scam was set up one month before the previous scam was shutdown by the UK. It’s exactly the same previous site. Graphics and typos, 100% the same.

    You will never get paid.

  12. Rajan

    I have requested for a withdrawal (-0.00370000 BTC) it shows pending
    waiting for my pending withdrawal

  13. orizwedanta

    hello admin..can you review this site too?its scam or not?

  14. Rich

    I really wish I read this site! I just invested like an idiot. Smh. I guess I need to tell the wife now. Aghhhh that’s so fkn irritating. Why do people scam. I mean I know why but being a hard worker it pisses me off. Sounds like everyone’s throwing out their wallet info in hopes to get some free money too, cmon people, stop with the entitled bullshit. I lost my family’s money too, shame on me, it’s going to really suck but I did it, I should have invested wisely. I was is a tough spot and let my emotions get the best of me but stop with the cry baby “help me get my money back here’s my wallet” half of you are probably scammers too. Y’all have no clue what it means to be broke asf and losing the rest of your savings. Sorry y’all caught me on a grumpy day. Stay away from this site in this review. Let me get 5 min in a room with those scammers.

  15. Henry.John

    I Need Some Bitcoin ..
    Please Guys help me donate some :
    I really want it so far ..

    • Byron Cullen

      Really!? Stop begging!! You are probably a scammer…the nerve of some people

  16. Enoch

    Hello family. I got scammed on a couple of mining sites and I’m broke as I’m here right now. Ineed money urgently to pay for me school fees. Please any good samaritan here can send me some via this address 3673Z8Xhq8Eh54j4xb9ZH3tdDosw98mAbu Thnak you

  17. Jorge David

    I have 0.2 bitcoins on bitminer, used it for over 1 and a half year, here is a link of a picture from my experience so far…
    As you can see the last 4 on this list has 1 year old already, nothing was credited.
    Don’t try to trick others believing you gonna win something too CAUSE YOU WILL NOT. There is others free btc miners out there this one DO NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.
    Feel free to experience that by yourself if you want to, I’m wining nothing showing that to you, actually I’m losing some of my time to show you guys as the author of this post did.

  18. Frederik

    Too bad. Im hope that make me some money. I am broke, really broke. When someone ist so nice. Send me BTC to these Address. Thanks. 13f9nR7NQGnRyn5gqgouXsfQYG3DsgaKir


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    • Rojean

      Is it really paying till now?? I got withraw now and its pending they say i need 30+ plus days to process

      • CeesM

        Me too get paid, one time 0.0032BTC but I have two pending payings

        • owltuyulnetz

          could you guys show the payment proof of your own?

      • Manas sahoo

        They asked me miner fee 0.001 btc is it real they will pay me

        • owltuyulnetz

          dont do any deposit yet , till who said got paid are send the proof

  20. Lashaun Beazer

    Lashaun Beazer,

    NEED HELP! Bitcoin address! 11e1tmYkFb71A5dnvwZUNweW7aapqDxug

    I live paycheck to paycheck, and I thought I could get ahead of the game with this gimmick. Welp, I put 1,500 in, and got back zero. THIS SITE IS A SCAM! DO NOT USE IT… Please be generous and help me get my 1,500 back. Will delete after I do, and do things the right way and the hard way. Thank you! Bitcoin address: 11e1tmYkFb71A5dnvwZUNweW7aapqDxug
    I hope there are human beings that cares enough for unfortunate people like me.

  21. changze Yu

    Sorry my English is not good enough.I am a college student.I was bitten by 0.9BTC at bitMiner and now I have problems with eating money.I hope there are kind people who can sponsor me BTC or money.
    My Wallet Address 19sHJoZS7n3Zcpjb3KVY3bSakaMeLd839N

  22. ryan

    hi I’m broke as and need btc for shopping… pls send anything to 1EiPbj2Zao9ApWB8RSwDE2Xtec8oqhnyd6

  23. Graziano

    I have dependent children and unfortunately now I’m living on the street … if someone could give me something to be able to rent an apartment at least I put my children safe waiting for a steady job.
    bitcoin address: 12D1DvHyy6u5bVPHHHSt1tpmTbFxNua6fS

  24. John

    Oh. I CAN’T believe it! Theirs so many scam sites! I Have had it with with all the corruption. I’m actually evicted from lack of money. It’s awful. I is there any good sites. That pay? I lost my rent money. FeelING sick right now. Any donation would help me get my 1200 dollars back.

  25. Andrew

    Someone hacked my wallet and stole all the savings 🙁 Please Guys help me donate some BTC 32LZXgnG1UsCGLfk4RucV5UWLSPMZtUZL1 Please :(

  26. Andrew Nikitin

    Hello. My english is bad. I am a student. I had some accumulated bitcoins. But because of sites like this I lost everything by investing in them my savings and now I do not even know how to pay for studying at the university. I believe that there are good people on earth. Who does not mind a few satosh. I would like to ask you to pay for studies. My wallet 1JRAmW8fY5JG7mbM3PYxTmNht2SQFFahNq Thank you for your help.

  27. Dinesh Idnani

    I had a debt of around 300k after which i thought to invest in this site. I upgraded twice thinking that at least this will allow me to clear my debts but infact i lost more what i invested. I upgraded again to 0.009 btc thinking that they will pay but not yet. I was working since 2 years because my initial debt was even more than 500k of which i cleared most but these scammers have again put me in a bad situation. If anyone can help will be greatly appreciated. I also need a support contact number for if anyone has some detaila pls help. My wallet id is #39EXnjCV7hnEayRh6EMyEgVPqwk8czwFuZ

    • Karaer

      This bitcoins are not safe indeed i think we need banks. this bitcoin is the most bad for good but most good for bad people like this scammers if it was bank they could stop it but bitcoin pfff do know i dont see the future paying with bitcoin not whort it
      I think the most good currency is the ripple that works together with banks and government.

  28. Josef

    Why I do not read the first reviews 🙁 I ran into StartMiner and I was going to be nice for the family … then the Bitminer invitation, followed by BtcMiner and the BtcProMiner Final I spent all the payouts and loans from my friends for upgrades, Satoshi, would she find a good fairy who would help any amount? Do not even speak to me at the door at home: ((((Please, thank you in advance for at least for reading and perhaps the warning about fraudulent site see start type and bit miner ….. my wallet is 17pnhh8CpdrgkkLDsegfVy4qkBGhYTLv4D Please Please

  29. Pmv

    Im a jobless and i read your article. I just borrowed money to fund my btc wallet..please help me get back my money here is my wallet address 3QKFKMX4f3Gc3JpGFpDYhJVqGj7zfJoFoM hope someone will help me.thank you

  30. Jennifer Holand

    SOS Btc Pro Miner ! I was robbed of everything. Please help me, I have already sold the car, I have asked for loans in the bank, and I have no more food to give to my family and my young children. I ask an urgent help to all the angels who read my message. Thank you so much. Jennifer. My BTC Address is:


  31. Y

    Good Day

    I have been ripped off also by them. I had to pay back loans to family and i have taken more to upgrade my account. I have requested withdrawals but nothing showed up since Dec 17.

    After reading your comments i am really disappointed, i was thinking of upgrading it more so the withdrawal will be faster but i realized its all fake and scam.

    I am really crying because I have no face to show to my family and friends who helped me to invest.

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me with anything:


    I will be really grateful, i just want to pay back my parents and friends who trusted me and gave me money to invest.

    God Bless you

  32. Jason

    I was in Big problem now since i read this review too late for me to know that this was a scam

    In need of money to provide for my kids I was attracted to upgrade and pay
    I am single father of 3 children and i hope you can help me recover the money i pay to this scammer

    here is my wallet

    please help

    thank you very much

  33. Rrrr

    Átbaszós kalap szar ez az oldal! Hogy baszná meg a retkes köcsög a tetves ribanc anyját

  34. Thomas Samuel

    I regret not visiting this page before. I purchased their V1.3 for 0.09 BTC hoping i’d be able to settle of my family debt with the mined coins, now i have no idea what to do. My parents are due to visit me on January end and i am already behind my rent and bills. Is there any way i can recover the money? Or if any one could help me
    This is my wallet address – 3LvZ89ajcSQ9WGwX7kYgY8NoKYruHN277R
    I have tried contacting them through their website and provided email address. and i am not getting any response.
    Please help

  35. Ramanaraj


    I’m from India & working in computer Browsing shop. I heard that we can earn money from Bitcoin & one of my friend explained about the BTCprominer and he sent the referral link. With the help of the link i’ve created the login & request the windrawal of 0.00412329 & it has not yet credited in my account. When i sent an query with the customer care they advised me to update the Version. So i’ve sold my wife jewels & properties to invest in the version and bought the version V1.2 but till now nothing has been credited in my account & customer care not yet replied my queries. When i tried to contact them through phone but no one is answering. Please help me to get my money back.

    Because of this my family is in very bad situation & i can’t able to go outside from my house becasuse i have borrowed lot of money from my neighbors. This is my wallet id # 1DBu2mSgFr85rvCwBhf3YgaPeEjn7egDp. Please Please Please help me out to solve my problems. Just now i saw this blog and i’m helpless.

    • Junoon

      I can help you only if you allow me to fuck your wife daily for one hour. I will pay you 0.001BTC daily.

      • liston

        piece of shit like u deserve to get bullet shot thru ur head

        • Byron Cullen

          Both of them…the beggar and the guy who respects no ones wife…

  36. Ghanshyam Sethi

    I have not received any funds from october to till date.

  37. Danie Antwi

    Please thanks for this review but its too late for me. I convince my parenta and took student loan to buy bitcoin for upgrade on this site and they have ripped me off all the money I had. I dont know how to explain to me parents now. Am a Ghanaian and in tertiary. Please help me with any little funds to recover this money cause i dont know what to tell my family.

    Thats my wallet. Any amount will be gladly appreciated.

    • Danie Antwi

      Please am the one who wrote this comment. Ive received some donation and I kindly want to know the person who sent it so as to thank him or her personally. May your God faithfully favour you. You been such a blessing to me.
      Its 5am on 1st January and as at now i cant even sleep all because of this donation. God bless you.

  38. RYAN

    Completely scammed out of 7 LTD! Help me recover some of this pleaaaaaaase! Was saving for my daughter’s college education and these fucks ripped me off…not a damn thing I can do about it now…any donation will help! Thank you so much in advance 🙁


  39. prudvi

    yeah its scam my withdrawl also pending today of 0.005btc

    • prudvi

      they are randomly paying i guess for proof who has more referals

  40. muthukrishnanpk84 what about this site.Is it scam

  41. Şeref dursub

    Benim hasta bir kızım var GÜVENDIM maaşımi alıp bu siteye bastım Ameliyat parasını çıkarma ümidiyle ama yıkıldim 1 kez daha ne olur yardım edin bana ???1GSCtp3G6PxYf44f9vCXJL2xWrk2qqrV7B

  42. Roy

    Dear Admin

    Is this same with need your assist.. thanks

    • Admin

      It probably is. They keep changing their domain names, but it’s always the same scam!

  43. Derp

    Same scammer now runs Check companies house for details of the business/owner

  44. James

    Please help me to return my lost here in BTCProminer any amount is a big help. 3MYBXMjvd9ArnnxjG6nXSC2DY6oTDybDoX Thanks you very much…..

  45. Arnel

    Hi im arnel and im scam too.. Can you guys help me.. This is my wallet.. 3HQAmmgavkfSc7HrHHBTTNvb5fjiXsdFA5
    Thanks for any amount you share its a big help for me..

  46. Ruslan Russia

    Our system has detected 2 free BTCMiner V1.0 accounts on your IP address. You can only have 1 free account at a time! You need to Upgrade your BTCMiner to make withdrawals. Withdrawals for premium accounts are not limited.SCAM!!!!

  47. fmchawki

    Received 6.32564800 BTC TXID 7014fed818be5717b87ae287f9216ac48365233132b67c33d106cc0ab33c2cfa. Generate Bitcoin online [affiliate link removed]

    • Louis ZAR

      Yeah, so another one had to bite the bullet and find out too late…. 0.09, thanks for all the comments and advice, just a bit late. Fu@cking SCAM

  48. Stephan

    i wish i saw this page before…
    Ialso believe it’s a scam… i was blinded by the profit they were promising…
    so i did the 0.5 bitcoin upgrade…

    i didn’t got it and i can reach them to pay me back…

    can we do something to take this site offline?

    • Admin

      I suggest filing a complaint with the FBI.

  49. vinayashree

    its a scam did not pad me

  50. btc

    i and three referral friends were invested 0.09 and plus fee, so total almost 0.4 BTC to four of us at level 2. And then they paid 0.005 for each then over 2 month we withdraw everyday with a fucking pending. total invested 0.4 btc but withdraw 0.01 btc. fucking scammer. people beware.

  51. Rob

    I too lost .001 BTC to this scam… emails and calls fall on deaf ears, no withdrwals all are pending, but no upgrade upon payment to pro… SCAM!!!

  52. Carlos César

    Se alguém poder contribuir comigo na minha carteira tentei entrar neste site e vi que era somente scam não paga.To precisando para investir na MMM. 1C7vLX9vr1w4hNDBfofXbyexf2xTZUtNit

  53. Winston Jesudas

    This bitcoin miner is a pure scam. Lot of people contribute money to the promotor welfare. I lost 0.003 bit coin for this scam. I am sorry for myself.

  54. Eija

    I withdraw my 0.005 btc about 6 times but the status is still pending. Totally scammm…

  55. rk

    Chhutiya banane k 1000tarike.
    Phle panding cancle aya fir 10 din baad cancle krte hi cancle aaa rha h .koi paise nhi milte bhai sb chutiyawada h

    • Junoon

      bhosdike tere jaise lodu aur gaandu bandon ki har koi gaand maarta hai…tu hai hi issi layak..

  56. Jj

    I was scam from too, after upgrade payment done. Already 48 hours, account still in level v1.0

  57. ddiddo

    SCAM… now it is moved to new domain –

  58. Alvin

    I too was scammed by this too good to be true mining site. It also paid me when I upgraded my account the first time. I thought that it is really legit so I upgraded again to the second level. Still, after two months of waiting, have not received any payout.

    PS After checking yesterday, the site was already gone!!! our money is gone! I thought my family will have a nice Christmas… 🙁

    • Dennis

      Is this the same guy that is associated with the name “SCRATCH17”? I believe the original developer of this program is real. Let know know if such a program truly exists?

  59. ciptapesonakreatif

    And the web page is gone.

  60. Gusica Emil

    Our system has detected 2 free BTCMiner V1.0 accounts on your IP address. You can only have 1 free account at a time! You need to Upgrade your BTCMiner to make withdrawals. Withdrawals for premium accounts are not limited.
    Date ID Amount Source Status
    2017-11-11 12:11:04 138207 0.00500276 BTC Withdraw Pending

  61. Mary jane Oprecio

    🙁 its a scam im a victim also… 🙁

  62. Junmoni Begum

    10000000000000000000000000% scam

  63. Omotolani

    I didn’t see this info earlier, I wouldn’t have been scammed, I was scammed by 0.06, 0.02, btcprominer”0.005…. Im so broken, I am only trying to survive. Pls you can help a sister. Nothing is too small. This is my wallet id: 1CLRGQPxFhzvkUeLsNstbJBGJQkBX1QkWr..

    • K

      Omotolani you’re right. BTC miner(pro) is a scam. I subscribed for their v1.1 as an upgrade but it was not effected. Neither did they acknowledge the receipt of the BTC coins I sent to them as a means of payment for the upgrade. I sent an E-mail but no response.

    • Junoon

      help only if you allow me to fuck you

  64. Andi

    Help me, I have lost a lot of bitcoin after upgrade in ptcprominer. Whatever you give me is very meaningful to me. this my bitcoin wallet 1DqUMG3xLFzupkE3cfGf26cmpqufYyrnmu

    • Luyolo

      Hi Andi please give more details

      • jorvanskie

        i widraw my 0.09 btc from and i didnt get anything yet. i upgrade my account to 1.1 because they told me that they detect 2 ip’s on my network and need to upgrade to widraw my btc on the site. HERE IS MY BTC ADDRESS: 37o1Jt9XmzE9YkDc76t4JjuNxBsNJa9u5p any amount is appreciated. i just want something to buy for christmas for my self and from my parent so i try this one out but it turns out to be a scam :(.. thankyou everybody that will send me btc of any amount. bless yah all

  65. ali.babender

    Thanks for your very good article.

    Can I put translated version of this on my website?

    • Admin

      Sure, if you include a link to the original.

    • Anne Gonzales

      Same here. Wish I knew its a scam.

      Date ID Amount Source Status
      2017-12-03 05:56:27 179556 0.00501143 BTC Withdraw Pending

  66. Jagdish.

    It is not a scam…. But a patient is needed

    • Alexis

      do you know that,, and have in common, it all ran by the same person. making money is hard in a way this guy is sitting back watching the stacks come in. and we are the victim any Bitcoin miners that work overnight is a SCAM i contacted them 5 time no answer, there taking your money out of your pokets, why because everyone want money so dont trust get rick fast like bitcoin ether web miners, unless its you mining rig. you can scam anyone i can scam anyone its easy.

    • Byron Cullen

      You must work for them lol

  67. Simon

    I have recieved over 5 btc from btcprominer.
    All paid in full with NO referrals. My first payout of .17 took 45 days the next 4 were around the 25 day mark. The last three were all exactly 34 days.
    I just set the thing up and forgot about it.
    I do agree however that the companies admin and dispense needs systemic work .
    I do sense a reluctance in sending payments, which i guess hints towards a scam. My 10x wallet has been recieving off scedule payments from btc and are currently on par with advertised payments.

    • Z

      Great input, Simon. I still have not recieved any transactions aside from the first withdrawal, however your post gives me hope that one can “set it and forget it”, only withdrawing approximately monthly as a kind of salary; with a tinge of patience necessary.

      • Onyekachi Okoronnkwo

        Z. Don’t be fooled. Mr Simon may likely be one of the btcminer guys or agent out to clear doubt from the gullible ones to make them fall victim. I am not saying for sure that they are scammers. But I am only reminding you to be cautious as there are many evidences from some people and there victms that they are con artists.


      Dear sir Simon
      If you have received BTC from… Please inbox me… My mail id is …. Coz I have also invested init

    • Kelechi

      Please Simon, how do you set it and forget it? because i want to do exactly that.

    • Omotolani

      Liar!!! Mine has stayed more than 65 days and yet nothing. Do send me something from what you received. 1CLRGQPxFhzvkUeLsNstbJBGJQkBX1QkWr..

    • Arunkumar

      for Receiving mined bitcoin, we have to pay for that??

  68. Feruzakhon Aksu

    definitely scam, I have mined 0.1 btc and that disappeared, I was suspect ,it can not be true like this fast mining

  69. Abdus Samad Azad

    Well, I am new to the and I don’t think it’s a legit. Now a days, the price of a btc is in it’s peak. And they are giving you 0.0006btc in a day for free!!
    I started today and website is showing I already earned 20000 satoshi.
    But I think I should give it a try, because no effort required in this website. All you have to do is Login, wait and watch. I will let you know if it’s a if it’s legit or a scam after reaching the withdraw threshold, i.e. 0.005 btc. It will hardly take a week.

    • Omotolani

      So were you paid? Cos I didn’t receive a dime ????. I think anything or platform is fake.

  70. Bebas

    i paid for an upgrade but after a week it’s still not active. I’m also getting no response on my mail which I send to contact on btcminer till now I’m afraid it’s scam. hope the coming week that it’snot.

  71. alex dy

    BTCProminer is not a scam. they paid me exactly.
    real money enter to my wallet address. just be patient.

    • Aubrey Santiago

      hi how long did you wait for your payment? did you upgrade your account?

      • Bebas

        How long it took before your upgrade became active?

        • Z

          My accounts usually upgraded same-day. Remember when sending BTC to an address to take into account the bitcoin delivery fee, depending on your wallet address, as it will be deducted from the total you are sending instead of added as a tax in most cases. This means, when sending 0.01BTC, remember to include “0.00034545” or slightly greater above the 0.01BTC you are sending.

          Also that the wallet address is correct.

    • Kishore

      Can u send me your payment proof

      • Bebas

        Its scam. I think u friends with the people behind it. Coz i never got my upgrade although i paid for it. I never had any reply on my many many emails towards them and the payments are still pending and im sure its scam.

  72. Z

    Hello, I am Z and I am currently investigating I have upgraded to version 1.2 and have even placed ad space on the recommended A-Ads website. I am putting 100% faith into this website, knowing all risks to be associated with it, and carefully “playing by the rules” of the site.

    I have indeed recieved the initial 0.005~ BTC TXID transaction, and have already garnered a handful of referrals (soon to be more, hopefully) through the ad website. Currently waiting on a 0.1 BTC transaction, estimated wait time 10+ days. Approximately 8 days left to wait.

    Many people would like to pass this off as a scam and I am willing to confirm so if I do not see returns in the near future. However, patience is key and while I am out about $350 to this website, it has claimed to generate around 28000 bitcoins from its servers, and I’m confident that if it were an illicit operation that it would have been taken down sooner than 180 days.

    I will report here over the next few weeks with new findings or dud results. Wish me luck, and I will be back soon.

    • Z

      footnote: the driving force leading me to believe this site is legitimate is the fact that there are still 4,000,000 or more bitcoins to be produced until the finite limit is hit; and after some calculation I have deduced that the site claims to generate ~155 btc/day, and at a steady, non-increasing rate, will generate this number for greater than 25,000 days = 70 years. I am no genius but I once heard that bitcoin was estimated to stop production estimated year 2140, and that estimate was made roughly 6-7 years ago. Unless bitcoin farms have indeed began producing at a frightening level, I think the math is sound enough to back a “risky investment” such as this.

      thank you.

      • jer cuarteros

        but there is a difficulty level , which means that the system will correct it self : it needs 10 minutes to mine a block, no more no less, (e.g. if world has 1 billion hashrate that can mine 1 block in 5 minutes, difficulty will increase to make sure their hashrate can only mine 1 block per 10 minutes the next time.) if these guys are claiming to generate 155 BTC a day without uppgrading their hashrate , they willl see diminished btc generation every 10 minutes. if a mining facility won’t upgrade their mining rigs every 6 months or a year tops, they will start to lose money from the electricity consumption rather than earn money.

        in short : no cloudmining facility can generate steady income without using that same income to increase, or upgrade their rigs, which costs around 3000$ for 1 new antminer…

    • A

      It’s fake..fake and fake…it’s more than 30 days and I did not receive anything…

  73. Ceejay

    I have a Question, Is a SCAM?

  74. essiralc

    I’ve been withdrawing my btc for a two months waiting and I didn’t receive anything! its about 0.004 what a waste

  75. topbahadur

    I am gone invest in this BTCProminer program but if it is scam, i will not invest any way.

  76. tentenet is scam..they hold ur payment for some reason and no respond if u send message to them

    • umbertobell

      non so chi ce dietro tutto questo ,ma so solo che le persone che rubano i soldi ad altri ingiustamente ,sono delle MERDE

  77. umbertobell

    mi sa che mi hanno fregato i soldi ,sono restato aV1.0 ,ho pagato per passare a V1.2,sono passati gia’ 4 giorni ancora sono sempre a V1.0

  78. Xmoney

    Please is a scam i need your comments asap.

      • Xmoney


  79. Ma.victoria r.carino

    Pls prominer owner please pay our pay outs ..

  80. Ma.victoria r.carino

    Hello sir/ good day i have also acct here v1.2 i upgraded july 21 2017,but all my withdrawals including today still pendings i have invite upgraded also v1.2 and he also have invite upgraded v1.2, and i also have invite v1.1 ang also v1.0 why my withdrawals still pendings

    • aril

      its a scam.. i also on acc ver 1.2 but its been 2 month but i still dont get my payout.. just believe me & never upgrade your acc anymore.. its a waste

  81. Xmoney

    I bought version 1.1 for 0.01 bitcoin and upgraded my account with btcprominer.I was only paid 0.005.On the July 11th i withdrew mined bitcoin,they told me to wait for 20+ days and since then my withdrawal has been pending.This is 36 days now no bitcoins in my wallet.I had written over 10 emails no reply.
    So i believe btcprominer is a scam!!!!

  82. Paul

    PTCPROMINER is paying many bitcoins. do your test in the paid versions.

    Received 0.00516204 BTC TXID cf9c4b4b3487bc528a1f8601797da5edb49bd9e478d4376e8e28274eabac2d1a. Generate Bitcoin online

    • aril

      at first they do pay you but only 0.005 BTC like that.. after that you will never get any payout at all.. so dont believe in this scam anymore.. never upgrade your acc its a waste

  83. Zaharin

    join real miner… Listed in blockchain info pie chart. Read and sign up for free, and choose your self to invest or not

  84. Nadine James

    I have been scammed by BTC Pro Miner. I was paid on all referrals and paid on my first withdrawal .005. The sad part is that I referred a couple of people and they have referred others too.

    • Chief Blogger

      you got scammed by getting paid on all your referrals??

  85. julian

    Hola, hice una actualización en la versión 1.2 y llevo mas de veinte dias esperando el primer pago, ademas cuando tu actualizas no te informan el tiempo de espera para los pagos dice pago por dia 0.015 pero no es asi porque dice diez dias o mas no especifica cuanto es ese mas llevo 24 dias y no me ha pagado nada, otra cosa de ellos es que nunca hay respuesta en la pagina de soporte.

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