CashMine.Pro Review claims to be a fast and highly profitable cloud mining solution which supposedly yields returns of up to 7% daily. However, there is no sort of payment proof to support their claims.

While we were investigating this service, we were convinced that we are dealing with a HYIP type scheme.

Continue reading our full review to find out why you should never indulge with this fraudulent platform.

Who is behind Cashmine.Pro and contact information

There is no information about the creators or developers behind this platform.

Have you ever encountered a reputable investment company which outright denies to reveal the management side of the firm?

Neither have we.

The actual creators have maintained anonymity in order to avoid criminal prosecution.

Cashmine represents an ICO in which they raise a certain amount of money from investors and provide them with fixed predetermined returns.

Since this firm takes money from public for mining activities which is a type of investment, they have to be regulated by certain authorities.

We have confirmed through FCA, this firm has never been licensed and thereby are operating illegally.

The support team of this firm can allegedly be reached through telephone and email.


It appears that Cashmine.Pro specifically targets users from Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, India and Saudi Arabia.

This website has a lot of paid traffic source.

Apart from that they also reach people through YouTube.

According to, this site ranks 7,211, which is quite impressive.

Cashmine Promises and features

The headlining feature of this platform is that it helps people who do not know the technicalities involved in mining.

A couple of years ago, mining was generating a good ROI and the barrier of entry was very nominal. However, as the Bitcoin reached the all time high in early 2017, everyone’s attention turned towards procuring cryptocurrencies. As a result a lot of people got involved in mining.

Nowadays forget about making profit, it is difficult to break even unless and until you have a large enough capital.

Cashmine advertises returns of up to 7% per day. Needless to say, these type of returns are unrealistic.

There is even a profit calculator on their website. According to that, if a person invests $3,000 for 90 days at 7% returns will yield a return of $31,506.3, which is more than 600% ROI.

Don’t you think this offer is too good to be true?

Affiliate Program

Cashmine features a referral bonus program in which the affiliates promoting this platform are paid a flat 10% of deposits made by their clients.

The affiliates get 10% replenishment in their GH/S as well.

Considering the popularity of this site, this approach has indeed helped them a lot.

Deposit and Withdrawals

A minimum amount of $10 is required to get started on this platform.

The deposit and withdrawal methods supported by this platform are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Exmo, Wex, AdvCash, Dogecoin, Dash, Nix Money, Payeer, Bitcoin Cash and Perfect Money.

They state that the withdrawals are processed instantly.

Cashmine.Pro Complaints

Many members who sent money to this fraudulent firm never got anything in return. Once you have invested, their support team does not care to answer your emails also.

This platform is not at all reliable by any means.

Is Cashmine.Pro a scam?


The outrageous income claims and flat out lies combined with the fact that we are working with an anonymous service makes it much more obvious.

Cashmine.Pro Review Conclusion

Cashmine.Pro is not a legitimate mining solution.

Though the Crypto currency boom has peaked the interest of everyone do not invest into them until and unless you have gained enough information about them.

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  1. t.m

    Je n’ai pas eu la capitale ou les pots de vin
    Pourtant, j’attends toujours quelqu’un qui sache
    Je suis sur le point d’ouvrir les tirages
    247 124,40 Gh / s =
    $ 2247

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