Chain.Group Review – Phony Congregation of HYIP Scams!

Avoid the infectious Chain.Group investment scheme if you value the well-being of your bitcoins. As you will learn throughout the duration of our unbiased review, Chain.Group is a unreliable outlet for HYIP investment services that will claim to double your return within an inexplicable duration of time. Serving as a 3rd party destination for unproven and notorious service providers, Chain Group exemplifies characteristics most similar to that of Ponzi schemes which is why we are urging investors to avoid the Chain.Group operation.

About Chain.Group

Chain.Group is an online platform that enables cryptocurrency investors to invest in numerous supported service providers. These service providers are represented as cryptocurrency related trading groups that rely upon a principle return, a minimum deposit along with fixed deposit terms for prospective investors. Investors who enroll through Chain.Group are able to choose one or more trading groups to enroll with in the unlikely chance that they will accrue a profit on their investment.

Chain.Group is alleged owned and operated by a company known as Chain Group Escrow Service. While extensive research failed to churn up any corporate entity known as Chain Group Escrow Service, we believe it highly unlikely that this corporate entity truly exists. No mention of site ownership is divulged in the Terms of Service, FAQ or Support Request tabs found at Chain.Group. Furthermore, no corporate entity can be found among online corporate databases that link to Chain.Group.

To make matters worse, a report will show how Chain.Group was a privately registered domain. This means that finding information regarding the creators behind Chain.Group is beyond our reach, leaving us with only the creation date of this domain which is just under a year ago, on November 21st, 2016.

Promises and Features

It should be known that Chain.Group doesn’t accept responsibility for the performance of any service featured on their platform. According to the promotional video found on the site, in the “unlikely” scenario that a service is unprofitable, the service will provide investors with a partial compensation from a fixed stabilization fund that allegedly is intact. However, Chain.Group assures investors that those situations are highly unlikely and that the “negative trades will balance out with the positive trades.”

X-Bots (

Daily Profit: 0.2% – 5%

Deposit Term: 90 days

Minimum Deposit: $250

Early Withdrawal: Not possible

Dragon Foundation (

Daily Profit: 0.1% – 6%

Deposit Term: 180 days

Minimum Deposit: $10

Early Withdrawal: Not possible

BitStrong (

Daily Profit: 0.1% – 5%

Deposit Term: 100 days

Minimum Deposit: $5

Early Withdrawal: Not possible


Daily Profit: 0.1% – 3%

Deposit Term: 90 days

Minimum Deposit: $5

Early Withdrawal: Not possible

Cloud Share (

Daily Profit: 0.1% – 10%

Deposit Term: 120 days

Minimum Deposit: $25

Early Withdrawal: Not possible

T. G. Thomas (

Daily Profit: 0.1% – 1.7%

Deposit Term: 300 days

Minimum Deposit: $10

Early Withdrawal: 20% fee

Chain Trade Group (

Daily Profit: 0.2%

Deposit Term: 500 days

Minimum Deposit: $10

Early Withdrawal: Not possible

Can Chain.Group Be Trusted?

The ROIs promised through the trading groups found on Chain.Group far exceed those that reside within the realm of plausible. While complete anonymity and lack of responsibility certainly raise red flags, a more pronounced indication that this site cannot be trusted would be how none of the service providers through Chain.Group appear to be licensed. Which means providing their trading service (investment advice) is not being conducted legally!


According to SimilarWeb, Chain.Group possessed a global rank of 37,967 as of November 16th, 2017. Over 40% of the traffic that enters the site originates from referral sites such as, which is a traffic exchange site used to trick search engines, which constituted for over 72% of the referral traffic generated.

Chain.Group Review Conclusion

Chain.Group is a dangerous destination for Bitcoin investors who are on the prowl for seemingly legitimate crypto service providers. Total anonymity while only accepting BTC deposits means that if you do invest through Chain.Group and lose your capital, that more likely than not, you will never be able to trace down and recover your funds. Our two cents on the matter would be to avoid any cryptocurrency site that isn’t upfront about their identity or promises ROIs that are unbelievable.

Review Verdict: Chain.Group is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites: Chain.Group,,,,, &

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  1. otiangamo

    So it’s possible to backdate the review date! This looks fake!!! How come no comment around the supposed review date??? Scam after Scam after Scam! So you want to lead us to yet another…YES…ScAM???

    • Zam

      Where is the chain group link? Web link gone to the hell

      • Daniel

        They have stopped running, they have exited the scam.

  2. emekagideon

    All of you are just the same both the people that provide this information and the chain group owner
    because had it been that this information was provided on time i could have not invested in it but all the same good for those that have not invested

  3. Mike Hyland

    Had na client pay in Bitcoin for website building and related services using and for a month it was accumulating daily interest which I re-invested back into the Dragon subprogram. Thought I made double my fee/investment but sadly looks like it was all a scam just waiting to drain the accounts without warning. Is Dragon just part of this Bitoin exchange or just a side scam

  4. Darell Pienaar

    It’s a hard pill to swollow but your suspicion proved right and they have erased their existance

  5. nate

    the site is not online anymore. Ghosted

  6. Annie

    Scam! They stop process withdrawal

  7. Justin

    I’ve not had any problems with this platform and they seem to fix any issue that arises such as server upgrades etc.

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