Wallet-Ripple, MyRippleWallet Review- It’s a SCAM!

Wallet-ripple.com looks like a legitimate operation at first glance. It offers Ripple wallet services, and it delivers a perfectly reasonable pitch: create a wallet at the site and start sending and receiving Ripple – considered by many the best virtual money out there. So far so good. Wallet-ripple.com does not carry any of the telltale traits of cryptocurrency scams, such as wildly generous and consistent profits, a pyramid scheme element and wild claims about how the operation generates its profits. Everything is very straightforward: just register and use the wallet. All the above is what makes this in-your-face scam all the more dangerous.

wallet-ripple.com - WalletRipple

The Wallet-Ripple.com Problem

Nowadays, scams which just take their victims’ monies and run off with the funds are few and far between. Unfortunately, with wallet-ripple.com, we may indeed have happened upon such a scam. What exactly are we talking about? A while ago, we received a complaint from a wallet-ripple.com user, who transferred more than 1k Ripples to his newly created wallet-ripple.com wallet. The funds never showed up in his account, despite the fact that Ripple transfers are indeed supposed to be instant.

If you fancy giving this operation a go, please: be reasonable enough to make a small test-transfer first, of 10 Ripple or so, to see if it goes through (it won’t).

Anyway, the above said user was kind enough to share with us the wallet address he was assigned by the wallet-ripple system. This address is rUocf1ixKzTuEe34kmVhRvGqNCofY1NJzV. Here’s why we feel comfortable sharing it with you here: having read the complaint (and several others at Reddit), we decided to give it try, and we created a wallet-ripple.com wallet too. Lo and behold: the address assigned to us was (you’ve guessed it): rUocf1ixKzTuEe34kmVhRvGqNCofY1NJzV. This is apparently the address “allocated” to all those who are sucked into this scam, and this is indeed where all the ripples go.

Having run it through a Ripple blockchain explorer, we realized that unfortunately, the scam was a very successful one. Even now, people are sending Ripples to the above listed address, effectively handing them over to the scammers. Every now and then, 10,000 XRP are moved from this address to another, rLZXZeFSLrcRHngHGoo9PTsyjoSUB4QCd9, which collects the proceeds of the swindle and then moves the funds on, in batches of 300,000 XRP.

Yes, it is hard to believe scams can be this simple and straightforward, but sometimes a scam is just a straight-up, grab-the-money-and-run setup, without any of the usual bells and whistles.

More Red Flags (not that any are needed really, after the above-said)

The website used for this scam has been created on November 9, 2017, so it is a really “young” “initiative.” The domain is registered to a certain Thomas Viva Vivas, who allegedly resides in Norway (at Nedre Movei, 68 Nesoddtangen). The name is obviously a fake one, and while the address is real (probably just a random pick), the phone number provided by the whois listing is a fake one as well.

Account creation is as simple as giving a name and an email address. The perpetrators do not want to erect needless obstacles in the path of their would-be victims.

The About Us section of the wallet-ripple.com site provides no information on the people/organization behind the operation. The contact section does feature an address though, Hertaksentie, 2. Vantaa, 01300, as well as an email address: petterikolehmainen1@gmail.com. The name Petteri Kolehmainen is real, though the actual identity used here is most likely fake. The Petteri Kolehmainens you will find out there, don’t seem to have anything to do with this scam.


Reddit seems to be the primary channel for wallet-ripple victim complaints. The community feedback generated by these complaints is scathing: people are very straightforward about calling this shindig a bold-faced scam.


According to the Alexa.com, Wallet-Ripple.com was not a very popular site, as of November 2017. It had a global rank of 2,838,164. Most of its traffic came from Germany and Cote d’Ivoire.

WalletRipple Review Conclusion

Touted as “One frictionless experience to send money globally), wallet-ripple.com is more of frictionless way to suck your Ripples out of your pocket. The rudimentary nature of the scam seems to be its strength rather than a weakness. People simply transfer Ripples into the perpetrators’ wallet, and that’s the end of it.

Besides the direct damage they do, such daringly straightforward scams give the entire crypto industry a bad name. Steer well clear of this operation, and DO NOT have any Ripples transferred to the address they give you. As soon as you do, your Ripples will be gone for good.

Spread the word about this scam, and let’s shut this stain of shame down as soon as possible!

Review Verdict: Wallet-Ripple is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: Wallet-Ripple.com & MyRippleWallet.info

Were you too scammed by Wallet-Ripple? Please share your feedback with us by submitting a comment below!

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  1. Ken spiegeland

    Beware using wallet-ripple.org. This is a scam wallet. I beleive it is the same scammers using wallet-ripple.com. beware… My ripple never arrived. They never opened any of my service requesting someone to look into it. Nothing… Be very careful. XRP

  2. Ken spiegeland

    The scam is still out there. The same screen shot shown for wallet-ripple.com, but the site I was recently scammed on is wallet-ripple.org. beware. I think it is the same people. My ripple never arrived. I sent several emails with none ever read. Do no use any wallet-ripple.com or wallet-ripple.com

  3. Geoffrey Isaac

    I thought it was me but on reading this Blog it is clear I’ve been scammed for my 1050 XRP bought on 15th Nov. Only relief, I didn’t pay much but frustrating I couldn’t get out on a 10 X.
    The main reason I was looking to exit is because I have a big problem with Ripple/XRP. When representing their banking clients in building blockchain solutions, Ripple does not include XRP in the equation and as far as I can see, no benefit accrues to XRP tokens. There is also a ‘Devil may care’ attitude from Ripple in terms of whom is representing to look after buyers tokens. They allow the Ripple name to be used to establish wallets without bearing any responsibility for their integrity. I would have thought they would want to protect their reputation!
    I am shall be going on Facebook and Twitter to warn all those that wish to listen.


  4. Lukas Kjellqvist

    I also was scammed for 2322 sent to them on the 14/11-2017, now worth US$ 6,270 (07/01-2018). I opened several tickets on their website and all were closed with no responses. Now completely shutdown my account to where I couldn’t even log in to open anymore tickets. Anyway to get FBI on these people or other authority to follow up?

    Lukas Kjellqvist

  5. evilxon

    I lost 498 ripple on myripplewallet.info in November 🙁

  6. RAlwan

    I bought 500 Ripple coins through Change alley and had given them my address of wallet ripple.com wallet key..after days of following up change alley team came back saying that it is fake wallet and advised me to be cautious going forward..but what is the use..if they knew that it was a fake wallet whey do they transfer it then..change alley must have sent a mail to the buyer indicating that it is a fake wallet and must have asked me to provide an alternate address.. is there anything that can be done

  7. Daren

    I lost 1024 ripple to this bullshit website. And now i get to watch the price rise to $1.30 and I have nothing.

  8. Bunty

    They have over 18 million stolen ripples in their account as of now which includes mine. Please some one stop them.

  9. Nick

    hi all I am also having trouble logging in to see if my ripples have been received. but I was using ripplewalletx.com has anyone else had issues with this site?


    • Dan

      i got scammed by this also. Definitely a scam

  10. jorge perez

    I lost 297 ripple. I also was attracted by showing first, in google results as an original ripple wallet. Now they are not showing anymore and the site is down. I think they are gone!

  11. Jeffrey Talbot

    They got me for 3,211.83743636 XRP over a month ago.

  12. Raymond Neal

    I also was scammed for 176. I opened several tickets on their website and all were closed with no responses. Finally the completely shutdown my account to where I couldn’t even log in to open anymore tickets.

  13. Rachel Barron

    Ok… so now i’m convinced, I too after reading this blog and having trouble taking my XRP out, and checking the address and now can’t load the web site, have come to terms with loosing my 1791 XRP, Please don’t use this site at all.

  14. Harris Brewer

    I deposited 39 xrp to the same address just to see how it worked and now I can’t withdraw them it keeps saying the ripple address i trying to send them to is invalid.. At least it was only 39

    • Luke Myer

      I lost 292 is anything being done about this?

  15. wilson

    Hi it’s seems that I also lost 261 ripple. That is really a mess. Can nobody do anything? There should be a legal instance for this.

  16. Toon

    I lost 250 Ripple. Yes they gave met the exact wallet adress to send it as you mentioned.
    A learning experience !

  17. Andrew

    I also open a wallet at wall-ripple.com then transfer 1 Ether (~1432.564 RXP) from Changelly.com but has not received yet (1 week already). Changelly email me back said the transfer is completed and they can’t reverse it even know is a scam site. I continue emails wall-ripple.com but get no reply…

  18. ArtF

    I also lost ripple to this site.Attention!they also operate a lite coin wallet offer .safe-coin.net.We should do something to catch these F….ers.Maybe launching a offer on the Dark Web would do the job.

  19. VS

    I lost 242 Ripples. It took 2 days for the balance to appear on my dashboard, now I cannot withdraw it. I noticed that my ripple address was not unique and it was a shared address. Lodged a complaint with ripple.com but they replied apologizing for the situation and expressing their inability to do anything in this matter as it was not their site nor a site recommended by them.

  20. Blaack

    I lost 324 ripples to this wallet

    • Mahmut

      I lost 25k ripple on this scam don’t use it

  21. Jim

    Newbie here, lost 11,363 Ripple to this scam site. Chalk it up to a learning experience. Thanks all for sharing though, and very sorry for your collective losses. I just got a Ledger Nano S, and used Shapeshift to transfer my BTC to XRP. I also did a Shapeshift transaction transferring BTC to Ethereum, and it went off without a hitch. Is there something better than Shapeshift to transfer BTC to other currencies? Also, if I use Shapeshift going forward, can I just transfer the new currency to my Leger Nano S and not to any exchange? Any help is appreciated.

    • Admin

      Shapeshift is great. A good alternative would be Changelly. And yes, you can always transfer your coins to a hardware wallet, which is the safest place to hold your coins.

  22. Wayne

    Lost 171 ripple. I logged a support query on the site 12 hours after I expected my deposit but having come back now to check for a response, the website seems to have gone. My investigation as to why brought me here! Just ordered my Ledger Nano S!

  23. thegwoe

    They bought an ad on google that appeared in the top of the “ripple wallet” search. Does google have any responsibility for promoting this criminal enterprise?

    • Terry Keller

      Yes they should have responsibility. Along with Changelly Why don’t they put a stop on the address being used. I lost 482 ripples

  24. thegwoe

    I sent information to ripple.com…. the brains there should help if they ever want crypto to be mainstream. you should too………….. send them info…. now

    they had an ad on ad.google…..wtf

  25. Ovi

    Also lost 153 ripple, same wallet adress as above…

  26. Nabs

    i have send 320 ripples as a try, until now it doesn’t appear . Now its more than 4 days

  27. walter

    its scamm…..i lost 340 ripple

    • Vargas

      I just recently lost ripples two days ago on this wallet. I use changelly and then transferred them to this wallet. I lost it entirely and no one will take responsibility for it. DONT USE THIS WALLET.

  28. Вася Пупкин

    They hosted on firstvds.ru Here is their contacts firstvds.ru/company/contacts To report illegal and malicious activity please go here: abusehost.ru/en.html

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