Cheapest Doubler Review – Shameless HYIP Scam!

Cheapest Doubler ( is a grotesque Bitcoin investment service that claims to double your deposited bitcoins within a 24 hour period. Cleverly implanting a fictitious pretense of rich reward through their nonsensical business model, CheapestDoubler has followed suit with the vast majority of HYIP scams that structure their unscrupulous business model upon a too good to be true exemplary.

While no community feedback has yet to enter the fold about Cheapest Doubler being a reported scam, we still find it pressing to deliver this objective review to warn the cryptocurrency realm of the dangers most unknown for those looking to commit with this Bitcoin doubling operation. - Cheapest Doubler

About CheapestDoubler

Cheapest Doubler is an Bitcoin doubling platform that claims to generate a 200% return on your Bitcoin deposits within a 20 to 24 hour period. Payouts are automated at so as soon as the platform magically doubles your Bitcoin deposit, they should automatically be paid out to your Bitcoin wallet address. According to the site there is 100% up-time at Cheapest Doubler and zero probability for a transaction to fail.

Strong sales tactics coupled around the ideology of being able to amass quick earnings through Cheapest Doubler make this site exceptionally dangerous. According to the Support page, is operated by a private limited company known as Bitcoin Finance Ltd. What we cannot seem to figure out though would be how this corporate entity possesses any correlation to Cheapest Doubler. The site,, was created in late October 2017 while Bitcoin Finance Ltd was incorporated on April 7th, 2017.

Furthermore, no mention of Bitcoin Finance Ltd can be found on the sites Disclaimer Policy, which means that Bitcoin Finance Ltd shares no affiliation or responsibility with the site. This is a deceptive scam tactic that we have grown accustomed to witnessing amongst unorthodox and fraudulent cryptocurrency scams. Which this leads us to deduce and believe would be that Cheapest Doubler is simply claiming that Bitcoin Finance Ltd is their corporate entity to make their operation appear more legitimate than it actually is.

How does Cheapest Doubler work?

Allegedly, Cheapest Doubler works by taking your deposited bitcoins and entering them into their automated system. Their automated system, in turn, gathers information from blockchain transfers and other cryptocurrency exchanges to study and predict the future Bitcoin price. Their servers will then open and close thousands of transactions per minute, analyzing the price difference and transaction fees to generate profits.

Now, for those who possess relatively no experience in the cryptocurrency domain, the Cheapest Doubler system may come off as a truly amazing program. However at we possess far to much experience and knowledge regarding these sort of ill-natured operations not to know when we are being spoon fed copious amounts of BS. Regrettably this is just another one of those situations but never-the-less we will still put Cheapest Doubler through our scam test!

CheapestDoubler is a SCAM!

CheapestDoubler Scam Test

Does the website promise unrealistic returns?

Asserting that Cheapest Doubler promises unrealistic returns is a complete understatement. The returns promised at are completely ignorant and unachievable. Claiming to provide a ROI of 200% within a 20 to 24 hour period is absolutely mental. It is obvious that Cheapest Doubler most aptly fulfills the description of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Is there information regarding the owners of the site?

No factual information regarding the owners of the site are provided. While we are provided with a corporate entity that allegedly operates the site, research has shown zero affiliation between Bitcoin Finance Ltd and Cheapest Doubler.

How old is the website?

A search query will inform us that was created on October 25th, 2017. Furthermore, the registrars behind this site appear to have registered the site with a privacy package which makes finding information regarding the creators behind this site out of our reach. This enables Cheapest Doubler to remain an anonymous service, which they undoubtedly prefer, while also making it nearly impossible to discredit their alleged corporate entity.

Does the site have a physical address?

As expected, Cheapest Doublers only identifiable information is associated with their alleged corporate entity, Bitcoin Finance Ltd. As we have indicated, we believe there to be no correlation between Bitcoin Finance Ltd and Cheapest Doubler leaving the only other contact information available on the site to be a contact form and the email address (

How popular is the website?

During the time of composing this review (November 5th, 2017), had a global Alexa rank of 5,649,093. This discovery informs us that Cheapest Doubler is not a popular site and receives scanty amounts of traffic. More than half of its traffic seems to originate in the Philippines.

Does Cheapest Doubler resemble a get-rich-quick scheme?

Cheapest Doubler fulfills the exact mold of what get-rich-quick schemes are all about. Claiming to accrue profits that otherwise would take over half a decade amongst legitimate Bitcoin mining sites is an outrageous assertion to make about their operation.

Are the CheapestDoubler reported Bitcoin transactions legitimate?

The vast majority of the reported bitcoin transactions found at are fictitious. A simple search with will confirm this truth and will just go to show you that Cheapest Doubler is not an operation that is trustworthy or legitimate.

Cheapest Doubler Review Conclusion

Based upon the information provided above, CheapestDoubler fulfills the embodiment of a get-rich-quick scheme. Falsifying their Bitcoin transactions while claiming to double your deposited bitcoins with a 24 hour period is unacceptable and a tall-tale sign that this site cannot be trusted. If you are wishing to prolong the longevity of your Bitcoin wallet, then make sure to avoid investing with corrupt and untrustworthy operations like Cheapest Doubler.

Verdict: Cheapest Doubler is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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