Review - Scam Review is a crypto investment solution which is said to offer once in a lifetime opportunity to earn income on cryptocurrency without having to do anything.

They offer returns of 250% per month guaranteed. If you are a veteran trader or have spent a few months in trading any asset then you will definitely know that the income and returns stated are complete hoax. During our investigation, we realized that this platform is full of fake claims and only misleading information which are designed to captivate newbie investors attention and loot their money.

If you want to know in depth information on those fraudsters operate then go through our unbiased review which will show you all the factors because of which we are advising you to stay away from them.

Company and Support details

In simple terms is an ICO which raises trading capital by a group of private investors by issuing contracts. On the maturity of the pact, the investors are enabled to get certain monetary benefits along with their initial deposit.

Firms which caters these type of services are required to follow the guidelines of the local regulatory authorities. We could not find any licenses this company should hold,since there is no information about them even on FCA without doubt this firm is operating illegally are the creators behind them are filling their pockets while feeding the investors with telltale stories.

Undoubtedly these crooks have made any client to appear trustworthy in front of the public. They have put up a registration certificate of some sort but clearly that does not make them legitimate or authorized. Here are the ways to reach the support staff of this firm:-

Address – 100 Baker Street, Marylebone, London, United Kingdom, W1U 6WG.

Email –

How does works?

These faceless scammers have put up such a vague explanation, be ready to get your stomach tickled. This firm states that they use some custom algorithms and modern methods of analysis along with tested strategies which identifies assets that will generate huge profits.

There isn’t any insight provided by their telltale story and still the basic question of what and how exactly thee funds are utilized is left unanswered. Trading any markets includes a solid system with precise rules failing which, the trading capital is bound to get doomed.

We are not briefed about any actual methods of analysis which are considered by them before opening a position. Keeping all this blatant information in mind, do you really think they actually trade.

Investment Plans and Profits

The most common thing or trait found on every fake platform is that they flaunt unrealistic returns which no one can ever achieve on a daily basis. These are 3 investment plans where in for higher returns, perks and individual attention, investors should increase their starting account balance.


Returns – 4% Daily

Min Deposit – $10

Max Deposit – $999


Returns – 6% Daily

Min Deposit – $1,000

Max Deposit – $9,999


Returns – 8% Daily

Min Deposit – $10,000

Max Deposit – $100,000

Affiliate program

Fake investment company like this one has a primary motive of making money and they design their scheme in such a way that the only one who gets hurt as far as money is considered will be the investors. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates who bring on investors to this service are rewarded with high commission rates, the exact payout depends upon the number of people referred by them. It is not compulsory for the affiliates to hold an active account in order to get paid, now do you understand why many blogs provide scams like these?

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum spend is $10 and the minimum threshold for withdrawal is around $4. This platform accepts only two e-currencies which are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There is no information on whether there are any fees applicable on transactions with this firm. The withdrawals are said to be processed instantly.

Domain Insight

On this platform, they show statistics of their user base which reveals that they have more than 519 members which is another fabricated lie. This website has a global rank of 1,781,034 and it ranks 45,090 in Singapore according to The main regions this service is targeting are Singapore, Bangladesh,Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

There is no information available about the registration of this website on but we know the domain was registered on 15/06/2018 and it expires on 15/06/2019.

Is a scam ?


After going through every inch of their website and looking at all the information they have featured, there is no evidence to show that they have a profitable trading history. The alarming facts does not stop there, the details of thee persons handling the clients money are unknown.

Assuring this company somehow managed to find a miraculous way which earns them consistent profits why are they offering it to the public instead of collaborating with some big hedge funds or pension funds? It is because they are aware that general public is a lot more likely to fall for their shady practices. Review Conclusion is a typical ICO scam which are flooding the online investment sector. Trading has many prerequisites just like any other profession. Unless you have complete awareness of how the different aspects of financial markets work, you cannot make money. The only reason scammers can afford to pay certain clients for some period of time is because they are just using the deposits made by new victims to pay the old ones. This scheme will inevitably reach cash flow negative stage, that is when this company will shut down and run away at your expense.

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