CoinBit Pro is a South Africa company that offers a course teaching “how to build massive wealth with Bitcoin regardless of whether the market is going up or down.” By completing their course, you too could join CoinBitPro’s marketers who are earning more than $1,000 USD per day!

And not only that, you get a sales funnel included for free, which is basically a web page designed to make people leave their personal information with you allowing you to then contact them with various marketing offers. This includes an automated follow up system whereby emails are sent to prospective buyers in order to close the deal.

The domain was registered on June 21, 2019 for 2 years.

At the time of writing, this site is only 3 months old, yet it is already getting small amounts of internet traffic, especially from Canada.

So is CoinBitPro the real thing or is it a SCAM? Let’s see… (CoinBit Pro)

CoinBitPro – What is it exactly?

First of all, as a prospective CoinBit Pro client, you sign up for an online course. That is their main product. Then, you can earn commissions whenever you sell the course to others. For that purpose, they provide you with a marketing funnel to help reach and follow up on prospective buyers.

Sounds a bit like a MLM/pyramid scheme, however they do have a product.

And that product is their online course where they teach “everything you need to know about Bitcoin and Altcoins. A complete solution to take you from knowing nothing to a becoming a cryptocurrency trader, in your own time.” It covers Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading from a very basic to a more advanced level.

If you loved the course, but do not feel you have what it takes to become a trader yourself, you can then go ahead and sell the course to others, earning a commission for each sale.

CoinBit Pro Products

The purpose of the CoinBit Pro courses are to educate about cryptocurrencies and how money can be made with it. Successful completion may allow you to open your own “business,” whether as a trader, investor, or an MLM marketer.

The basic course is the Crypto Intro Introductory Course, which costs $250, plus an annual subscription fee of $100 (total of $350).

They also offer a Crypto Pro Advanced Trading Course for $1,000.

Both courses include:

  • Access to a personal back-office where you can stay updated with the latest news, tools, and training
  • A marketing system
  • Sales videos
  • Lead capture pages
  • Live trading webinars/Q&A’s with industry specialists on a regular basis
  • License to resell
  • Free support

Compensation Plan/Referral System

CoinBit Pro offers a referral system where members can make 100% commission on each new sale they bring. For each sale, you can earn $250-800.

As far as we can tell, the affiliate program cannot be joined without making the initial purchase of the introductory course.

Who is Behind CoinBitPro

CoinBit Pro employs experts in business, cryptocurrency, sales, online marketing, and education. Their stated goal is to provide high-quality education and reliable up to date information in the cryptocurrency industry to give people the tools necessary to control their destiny, money, and to learn to trade on their own and to prevent people from falling into scams.

We like that. It reminds us of our own mission.

Some of the people behind CoinBit Pro are:

Contact Information

You can get in touch with CoinBit Pro via email (we believe it’s though we are unsure) or through the below social media platforms. There’s also a contact form on the site.

For people in Africa, they offer a more localized Facebook page and a phone number (+27 72 566 5729).

Review Conclusion: Is CoinBitPro a Scam?

We like CoinBit Pro’s mission statement and also the fact that they are transparent. This definitely looks like a legitimate operation to us.

The only questions remaining to answer are:

  1. Is the course itself really good?
  2. Do they make you sign up with any illegitimate brokerages?
  3. Is the affiliate program converting and paying?

For now and until we have further information, we would recommend joining CoinBit Pro at your own risk.

If you have any first-hand information – positive or negative – regarding CoinBit Pro, please make sure to let us know by commenting below.


  1. wickus prins

    Very good review. I’m also a member or customer of CoinBit Pro program. I joined the Pro Package $1000 and find the content really worth it. I have been in the company for 2 months now.

  2. Bradley Murray

    Good day.

    Thanks for the review on CoinBit Pro, I really enjoyed it.

    I am Bradley Murray, Co-Founder of CoinBit Pro, I would love to give you access to the actual Intro and Pro courses for a week. I would love to hear your review on the content and possibly any suggestions to make it better.

    Ill drop my email below, looming forward to connecting with you

    Bradley Murray

  3. Vasile Ometita

    Can you check boerse if us legit or scam

    • Admin

      What is their website address?

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