Review – Altcoin Exchange is a virtual currency exchange aiming to support as diverse a range of altcoins as possible. Indeed, if you’re not a true crypto currency buff, you’re likely to find dozens altcoins you have never even heard of at Obviously, the stated goal of the operation is to provide a safe and secure environment for the trading of these altcoins as well as for the launching of new altcoin-based ICOs. While the operation looks clean and legitimate, a closer look at the community chatter hosted by sites, such as, will reveal a few issues, the gravity of which isn’t entirely clear. Let’s not cut ahead of the chase though, and take a look at the site first.

As far as promises go, doesn’t trigger any red flags. There are no too-good-to-be-true promises made and the operation doesn’t float any crypto currency mining and cloud mining schemes.

When it comes to the “About us” section of the site though, the spot where we should learn specifics about the corporate entity behind the operation and its licensing status (if any), we are treated to a rather disappointing listing of goals and mission-definitions. There are no specifics. For an operation that intends to become “a pillar in the online crypto currency market place”, that just won’t do…One has to know who he/she is dealing with. - About Us

What exactly does offer though and what’s the source of the negative feedback out there?

If you ever need to pick up a few UFOcoins, Antimatters or Aspers, is your destination. The operation features trading on a staggering array of such crypto currencies (for the full list, see below), and it offers information and a more or less official Bitcoin exchange rate on every one. The problem is however that when the crypto currency market explodes into this myriad of currencies conjured up from thin air by who knows whom, some missteps are bound to happen. Namely, some of the ICOs associated with this market will inevitably end up going belly-up and scamming some investors.

A clear example in this regard is GMB (Gambleo), an ICO aimed at working out a currency to be used for various online gambling and sports betting activities. Although it has never been elucidated whether was indeed directly involved with the GMB fiasco, some investors hold the operator responsible. Other such ICO fiascos have happened at too.

Another oft-decried problem used to be their steep withdrawal fees, which have since been sweetened somewhat.

What’s slightly more disturbing about the operation though is that it’s completely anonymous. The website itself is registered by NameCheap Inc, so there’s absolutely no personal identity linked to it in any shape or form. Such an approach leaves ample room for an eventual scam-exit, should the people behind it all decide in favor of such an unsavory move.

The domain was registered in 2016, so it’s relatively new. Its domain authority score is 24 out of 100 and it has a slight spam score too, of 2/17. is slightly popular at the time of writing, especially in the US. According to Alexa, they also get significant traffic from India, Italy, France and Spain.

How exactly does handle your funds though and what should you know about deposits and withdrawals?

Depositing your coins with the operator is easy enough. All you have to do is to head to your account and to the “Balances” section, under the “My Account” tab. Locating the coin you want to deposit is easy through the search feature: just start typing the name of the coin or its ticker symbol in the search field. Once found, click the Action tab, and then “Deposit.”

To generate a wallet address to which you can send your coins, click the “generate new address” button. Once the actual transaction is done, you can check the status of your deposit under the “Deposits” tab. Some digital coins may take longer to show up in your account than others.

Most deposits should indeed show up within 10 minutes. If they take longer, clients are advised to use a block explorer to see where their coins are. If the deposit still fails to settle in 30 minutes, a support ticket can be opened with

Coin withdrawals work in similar fashion to the above-described deposits to a certain extent.

Once again, you are required to go to the “Balances” section of your “My Account” tab, and to locate the coin you want to withdraw. Then click the Action tab and Withdraw. Once done, type in the amount, provide a wallet address to withdraw to and your password. The “Process Withdrawal” button sets the wheels in motion. To confirm the transfer, you will have to head over to your email and click the link provided in the confirmation email there. The status of your withdrawal can be followed on your  “Withdrawal” page.

You can cancel a requested withdrawal before clicking the confirmation link in the above said email. Once you’ve clicked that link, the withdrawal can no longer be cancelled.

Upon logging into your account, there are a number of things you can do to make sure the process goes smoothly. First of all, make sure you’re using your username and not your email address. Check the registration email you have received upon sign-up, if you’re not sure what your username is.

Check the reCaptcha checkbox. If you are still unable to log in, reset your password and try again.

Upon registration, do not click the confirmation link twice. If you do, you will be presented with an error message. If you receive the said message, just ignore it and log into your new account.

CoinExchange Review Conclusion

Community chatter at showcases the fact that people don’t really know where to put this operation yet. Some are quick to call it a scam, while others gripe about the high withdrawal fees and still others voice their contentment with From the above analysis, it is clear that not everything is as it should be with this crypto currency exchange.

Update (December 20, 2017): We have continued keeping an eye on following the posting of our review, and we have to say we don’t really like the way the operation is shaping up. There’s more and more negative feedback flowing in regarding the operation, and many people are quick to scream “scam.” While some of these complaints are later sorted out, as the issues turn out to be delay-related ones, this is no way to run a crypto exchange. For this reason, we’ve decided to downgrade the rating we initially gave the operator, and no longer recommend it as a trusted crypto destination.

While most of the complaints are indeed delay-related, some people think that the entire setup is a fake one, including fake orders, fake bids, fake sales, robots used to generate bids, and of course, it does not help when people have their cryptos locked in their wallets for weeks, on account of “maintenance.” support is not helpful either. Whether these guys are actually stealing crypto funds or not, we cannot yet tell, but what’s certain is that no reputable and serious operation should ever generate this sort of clap-back from its user-base.

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Full List of the 323 Supported Altcoins

(Updated: June 19, 2017)

ECC        E-CurrencyCoin

ZMC       ZMicron

ESP         Espers

XYOC     YocoinClassic

RUNE    RuneStoneCoin

ANTX     Antimatter

LINX       Linx

UFO       UFOCoin

WORM  HealthyWormCoin

AMMO  AmmoRewards

NRO       Neuro

COUPE  Coupecoin

DOGE    Dogecoin

GOLF     Golfcoin

BCC        BitConnect Coin

MET       Metacoin

TCOIN   T-Coin

ROC       RoosterCoin

DMB      DigitalMoneyBits

1337      1337

CHEAP   CheapCoin

ETH        Ethereum

GLT        GlobalToken

MOON  Mooncoin

XSTC      Safetradecoin

TRUX     TreauxCoin

LTC        Litecoin

SPRTS    Sprouts

SFE         SafeCoin

VOX       Voxels

CREA     CreativeCoin

LVPS      LevoPlus

GWC      WildersCoin

DGB       Digibyte

611        SixEleven

XPASC    PascalClassic

IOE         IOECoin

OC          OneCoin

PCS        Pabyosicoin Special

POT        Potcoin

ETC        EthereumClassic

COXST   CoexistCoin

EQT        Equitrader

ZEIT       Zeitcoin

SST         SSTCoin

PUT        PutinCoin

TSTR      TristarCoin

HONEY  Honey

DRS        DigitalRupees

WYV      Wyvern

KMD      Komodo

ACES      AcesCoin

SHM       Saham

RUP       Rupee

SHND     StrongHands

PIVX       Pivx

CRN       CoronaCoin

TIPS       Fedoracoin

QUANT QuantumCoin

XP           XP

TOR       TorCoin

GMB      Gambleo

RAIN      Condensate

HODL     Hodlcoin

PICO      Pico

MINT     Mintcoin

LMC       LoMoCoin

GREV2   GreencoinV2

SKULL    PirateBlocks

CACH     CACHeCoin

PCN       Peepcoin

BULLS    Bullshitcoin

WOW    Wowcoin

XVE        TheVeganInitiative

KUBO    KubosCoin

POL        PolarisCoin

BIGUP   Bigup

CJ           CryptoJacksCoin

XZC        ZCoin

FTC        Feathercoin

DOGEJ   DogeJunior

BELA      Belacoin

DGC       Digitalcoin

YHC        YokohamaCoin

SIMP      Simplecash

HYP        HyperStake

XVS        Vsync

POSW    PoSWCoin

ICASH    iCash

CUBE     DigiCube

DASH     Dash

MGM     Magnumcoin

KURT     Kurrent

FOOT     FootyCash

ZCC        ZcCoin

MAXI     Maxicoin

GTC        GlobalTourCoin

ZEC        Zcash

ZCL         Zclassic

TRANCE Trancecoin

TSE         Tatoocoin

GREENF GreenFingers

XGTC     GirlsTokenCoin

DNCV2  DronecoinV2

IXC         IXCoin

ATX        ArtexCoin

ERY        Eryllium

GFC        Guficoin

PDG       PinkDogCoin

ELS         Elysium

DBIC      DubaiCoin

MUE      MonetaryUnit

UNO      Unobtanium

BITB       Bitbean

KRA        Kratomcoin

HNC       Huncoin

EMC       Emercoin

XBU       Ubercoin

MXT       MarteXcoin

BOAT     Doubloons

CNT       Centurioncoin

BENJI     BenjiRolls

HALLO   Halloweencoin

ANI        Animecoin

ZENI       Zennies

TELL       Tellurion

TOPAZ   TopazCoin

RNS        RenosCoin

RUB       RubbleCoin

MOIN    Moincoin

IMX        ImpactCoin

ALL         ALLION

ORB       Orbitcoin

UNIT      UnitCurrency

XSA        Sigma

LUNA     Lunacoin

ARGUS  Arguscoin

BON       Bon PeKaO

CXT        Coinonat

SDASH   ScryptDashCoin


BRIT       Britcoin

VC          VirtualCoin

PULSE    Pulse

AMS       Amsterdamcoin

FRT        Fortesque


ACP        AnarchistsPrime

HOLLY   Hollyweed

GEERT   Geertcoin

GRS        Groestlcoin

STO        SaveTheOceanCoin

NLG       Gulden

MAC      MachineCoin

DEM      eMark

JIN         JinCoin

SFC         SolarflareCoin

BLK        Blackcoin

TPC        TrumPenceCoin

WCL       Wowclassic

BIZ         BizCoin

CLT        CryptoLottoToken

LDC        Landcoin

LEVO     LevoCoin

420G      Ganjacoin

COOC    CoochieCoin

BPOK     BitPokemonGo

HOC       Huobicoin

GB          GoldBlocks

CHESS    ChessCoin

OGN      OGNCoin

BOPS     Beonpush

MILO     MiloCoin

REGA     Rega

FAIR       Faircoin

XEV        EvoPoints

SHOT     MoonShot

CHILI     ChiliCoin

GOLD     GoldenCoin

HVCO    HighVoltageCoin

XCT        CBit

BTD        BitCloud

ATOM    AtomicCoin


EMIRG   EmiratesGoldCoin

BTCRF   BitcoinRefill

TLE         TattoocoinLimitedEdition

ADCN    AsiaDigiCoin

FAZZ       Fazzcoin

XBTS      Beatcoin

XCHE     CheCoin

VLTC      Vaultcoin

KLC        KiloCoin

EXCL      ExclusiveCoin

MEA       MiddleEarthCoin

ADZ        Adzcoin

ZOI         Zoin

ARG       Argentum

PIGGY    PiggyCoin

POST      Postcoin

PCM       Procom

GMX      GoldMaxCoin

EGC        EverGreenCoin

CANN    CannabisCoin

DLC        DollarCoin

TER        TerraNovaCoin

SUPER   SuperCoin

DMC      DynamicCoin

TPG        Trollpayment

BLAZR    BlazerCoin

AMC      AngelaMerkelCoin

BET        Betacoin

CQST     Conquestcoin

WRP      Wrapper

CYT        Cryptotokenz

PUT        PutinCoin

NRN       Neuron

BIGUP   Bigup

FCH        FastCash

TELL       Tellurion

HALLO   Halloweencoin

DOGE    Dogecoin

CREAK   Creakcoin

MNM     Mineum

SYNQ     BitSynq

SCT        ScryptToken

VOX       Voxels

HONEY  Honey

ECN       E-Coin

PRX        Printerium

EDRC     EDRCoin

MOON  Mooncoin

CNNC    Cannation

KMD      Komodo

KORUNA              CzechoSlovak KORUNA

DOGE    Dogecoin

MER       TheMermaidCoin

HONEY  Honey

GAM      Gambitcoin

LVPS      LevoPlus

PAYU     PayUToken

BITZ       Bitz

MOON  Mooncoin

CAB        CabbageUnit

ORO       Orocoin

XCO       XCoin

CC          CoolindarkCoin

RHO       Rhodiumcoin

WOW    Wowcoin

FSX         Frost

ENZO     ENZOLimited

HMC      HarmonyCoin

FGZ        FreeGameZoneCoin

XXX        XxXCoin

TIPS       Fedoracoin

PAL        Palcoin

ZEIT       Zeitcoin

INSN      InsaneCoin

XDE2      Xde2

MEC       Megacoin

XBC        BitcoinPlus

MOJO    Mojocoin

YOVI      YoviCoin

GLT        GlobalToken

MENTAL              MentalHealthCoin

POLOB  PoloBittShares

ALTC      AntiLiteCoin

SYNX      Syndicate

CRW      CrownCoin

DASH     Dash

1337      1337

MST       MustangCoin

HONEY  Honey

MEME   Memetic

LTC        Litecoin

MBIT     Mbit

ELCO     ELcoin

PUT        PutinCoin

BLU        Bluecoin

CREA     CreativeCoin

ECN       E-Coin

WASH    WashingtonCoin

GLTC      GlobalTradeCoin

MSCN    MasterSwisCoin

SRC        SecureCoin

AMC      AngelaMerkelCoin

HPC        Happycoin

XZCD      ZcoinDark

GOKU    GokuCoin

TSE         Tatoocoin

ZSE         Zsecoin

VOX       Voxels

HONEY  Honey

PIVX       Pivx

SPRTS    Sprouts

KOBO    Kobocoin

VIDZ       PureVidz

SLR         SolarCoin

XQN       Quotient

EBT        EbitTreeCoin

SHND     StrongHands

MIU       MiyuCoin

REV        Revenu

ZEIT       Zeitcoin

UNO      Unobtanium

PCN       Peepcoin

GAM      Gambitcoin

AU          AurumCoin

LVPS      LevoPlus

NBIT      netBit

CALC      Caliphcoin

SILK2     SilkCoin2

XP           XP

CMX       CoinMiningIndex

NBX       NetBit

HAL        Halcyon

SCORE   Scorecoin

CMT       Cometcoin

KUBO    KubosCoin

XLR        Solaris

BXT        Bittoken

GRS        Groestlcoin


  1. Familyguy007

    Coinexchange is holding our customers coins as ransom. They do not wish to resolve issues logically. They only want things their way, even if unreasonable. I want to know what country they are located in!

  2. John Jansen

    I hear so many negative reviews here, but I wonder why and whether they have any ground. I am quite an active cryptotrader and I use Coinexchange as one of my main exchanges. Never had any issue here!!! Which is quite different compared to many others.

    OK, I agree, it looks a bit like the msdos among the WIndows and IOS operating systems, not so fancy. But if you look further, it is more than fine! And yes, they offer coins that you should stay away from. But if you buy them, blame yourself and your (lack of) research, not the exchange.

  3. Plys86

    Attention. Do not make deals on Coinexchange – they steal money. I bought STRONGHANDS – SPRTS and made a transfer to my local wallet. Several translations have passed, but one exchange Coinexchange has not missed, answered that there was no confirmation by e-mail. On the balance, the money did not return – those. support does not answer. I lost 100 million SPRTS

    • cryptofans

      maybe you should try Tech token, based on waves platforms. check that out 1 waves : 25000 tech.

  4. ccointrading

    Like others on here, I’ve had a deposit to my COINEXCHANGE address never get credited to my account. DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

    After looking in to the issue, COINEXCHANGE randomly takes deposits from it’s customers using temporary addresses which they assigned then remove from customers.

    The scam works like this:

    1. COINEXCHANGE creates an ETH address when you click “generate” on your account (these are likely from a premade list)

    2. You then send your ETH to this address on your COINEXCHANGE account

    3. the address is removed from your account once the first transaction clears

    4. the ETH is immediately transferred from the “assigned” address to their holding account.

    At the time of this writing. the COINEXCHANGE holding account has close to one million US dollars from this scam. In my example, their address is 4b01721f0244e7c5b5f63c20942850e447f5a5ee … see for yourself.

    Contacting customer support is futile. They will run you around in circles, wait weeks to respond, then tell you that you made a mistake because the address is not on your account (they removed it after the deposit).

    I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT USE COINEXCHANGE. If you have been scammed, forward your information to law enforcement for the country you reside in.

    Crypto currency is having a hard enough battle at being accepted without criminals like this taking advantage of people.

  5. cf

    Guys! Coinexchange isn’t an unreliable site. They are a Scam!

  6. CE

    Beware of…… it’s a scam and most of the new altcoins on coinexchange are fake as well, they want you to buy useless lowrated fake coins to collect more money from new members… that’s their goal.
    I am waiting for 11 days to get a response on an open ticket…… are amateurs with fake website and unknown coins with no value….. BEWARE OF COINEXCHANGE.IO

    • CE

      i forget to mention that coinexchange stole my money and refuse to respond on even on my second open ticket. coinexchange = scam

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