Hexabot – Legit or Not? That is THE Question…

Hexabot is a crypto currency auto trader, which fancies itself in the vein of well-known, legitimate auto traders such as Gunbot. While the whole premise on which the Hexabot pitch is built, is indeed feasible and reasonable, there are a number of problems which just make us go “hm…”

hexabot.top - Hexabot

What exactly is Hexabot?

Hexabot is a crypto currency auto trader, which operates off the cloud, meaning that it is hosted on remote servers and users don’t actually have to download and install it. That’s not how established auto traders work, but it is feasible and indeed possible, so that’s not really a red flag. Hexabot registration literally takes a few seconds and the user is ready to trade as soon as a Bitcoin deposit is made into the specified “personal” wallet address, provided under the “wallet” tab of the Hexabot user interface.

There are three available strategy modules: the scalping one promises returns of 2.0%-2.3% daily. The Technical Trading one ups the stakes to 7.1%-8.2% every three days. The Swing Trading one promises 22.1%-24.1% returns weekly. Every one of these modules can be activated for free. That’s pretty much all there is to activating Hexabot – it is indeed a LOT simpler than setting up something like Gunbot, where scores of rather technical settings have to be navigated before any actual trading takes place.

In addition to the actual auto trader, Hexabot offers a Bitcoin faucet too, through which users can simply claim minute amounts of BTC, absolutely free and without ads being shoved into their faces.

Other promises of Hexabot include instant withdrawals (processed and sent to users’ wallets immediately), hourly interest, a welcome bonus of sorts, of 0.0001 BTC and a referral scheme, which hands a 5% reward to all users who bring someone else into the fold. A compounding feature encourages existing users not to withdraw their funds, but to re-invest them to grab still more profits.

The person behind the Hexabot operation is a developer called Peter Shepherd, who is apparently very amiable and who interacts with the community through live chat.

Can I Trust Hexabot?

We are very much on the fence about this one. As said, the theoretical side of the business model used here is indeed feasible and it has been employed by legitimate operators. Still, the whole setup raises too many red flags for comfort. On our part, we’ll say for now that we would not trust it, though we shall reserve definitive judgment, pending more feedback from actual, verifiable users.

Red Flags and Question Marks

Unfortunately, such items are very common on the Hexabot “menu.” As a matter of fact, everywhere one looks, one or two such red flags jump out.

The website was registered on 9/8/2017. It is very young, and it just hasn’t been around for long enough to generate relevant user feedback.

The Peter Shepherd identity may be a fake one. We’re not saying it is, but it is a very common name and there just does not seem to be any Bitcoin-related record of it online.

While for the most part, the grammatical quality of the website copy is proper, there are spots here and there, which were definitely not written by a native speaker. Some of these errors are quite blatant. This may not mean much at all, but our overall experience is that beyond a typo or two, proper English is never a problem with legit operators.

The business model – despite its feasibility – has some major holes in it. First off, the site says the bot NEVER loses. Legitimate auto traders never make such claims, as they are fully aware that their users are never more than a bad setting away from racking up losses. Secondly: artificial intelligence is brought into the equation – this one never bodes well.

There’s an utter lack of transparency regarding the inner workings of the software, and there are no proper settings users can tinker with. We can select the strategy to use, but there are finer settings which are absolutely necessary for a proper auto trader, and we don’t really know what kind of mechanisms the strategies employ.

The promises made by every one of the available strategies are simply too good to be true. The return percentages are out of this world.

Why is everything free? The creators of proper auto traders charge for the licenses they hand out, and they charge quite a bit too. A lot of work goes into proper auto traders and letting everyone access them for free is no way to monetize them.

The 5% affiliate setup is a tool often used by Ponzi schemers to effectively turn their victims into promotional engines, thus securing the flow of fresh funds through their pyramids. The compounding feature fits the Ponzi theory to T as well.

Last, but certainly not least, not all is right with the user testimonials presented at the bottom of the Hexabot homepage either, in the sense that they seem fake.

HexaBot - a SCAM?

Take Amber McNulty from Melbourne, Australia for instance. Her picture is the same as the YouTube channel picture of a certain Brianne Fick, who has 20 followers there. Was it lifted from there, or did the YouTuber steal it from this brand new auto-trading site?

Hexabot Complaints

There are no proper complaints about Hexabot out there yet, just affiliate pushers and a few calls for caution from neutral people.

We have recently received payment proof of some minor BTC amounts, from a Hexabot user. For what it’s worth, we are putting this out there. Still, we continue to advise caution with this operation, bearing in mind that every Ponzi scheme pays its clients/victims in the beginning.


I invested a small amount and after 2 days I cannot log into my account. I clicked the forgot password also, and no progress. I e-mailed them and the server rejected the mail address as invalid. I sent a message from their Contact page with zero replies. I then realized that I have been scammed. I also then tried to use my login details again to register it again. Then the system stated that the e-mail is already in use. So on registering it recognises the email address, but on login it states its invalid.


At the time of writing this review (November 1, 2017), there was no data available regarding Hexabot’s popularity on either SimilarWeb. According to Alexa.com, Hexabot.top’s global rank was 347,332, indicating the site is getting some visitors, especially from the United States, Germany, Russia, India and Sweden.

Hexabot Review Conclusion

While the idea behind Hexabot is feasible, as you can see above, the setup generates way too many questions and red flags. This may indeed be a Ponzi scheme. For the time being, we shall refrain from calling it that though. As some relevant user feedback trickles in, we will all find ourselves in a better position to cast judgment. For the time being, we shall not invest our BTCs with this site though.

Verdict: HexaBot is a SCAM!

Blacklisted site: HexaBot.top

Do you have any first hand information regarding Hexabot? Please share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Paul

    As an addition…Another huge Ponzi/Hyip/MLM collapsed in August/September.

    It was called D9Clube of Sports traders. They started in January 2016. They came to Canada and the US in January 2017.

    Some of the top leaders walked away with millions. They are in hiding.

    Most of us lost our money. We came in too late. Google D9club and you might even come across an information site that I created for this program.

    All logistics made sense. They were going to engage in ‘Arbitrage Sports Trading’ to provide the 1.8% daily returns.

    All would have made mathematical sense except for one thing. They did not do the trading.

    The people most adversely effected were from Africa.

    Africa is the ‘New Frontier’ for Global Economic Growth.’

    However, the scammers get in first.

    Now, when there are legitimate programs available, people no longer want to participate.

    There has to be a better way.

    Kindest regards,


  2. marcelo costa

    bom dia, eu também abri uma segunda conta mais depois de tentar em contato com o suporte do site mais a resposta foi que ele não avia entendido sobre minha pergunta, ja avia 1.97523605 em bitcoin de deposito.

  3. Bola

    The site has been taken down. It’s bye bye Miss American pie.

    • Magnus

      It’s taken down to stop new people from signing up. Read the latest news before you make wild assumptions.

      • Bola

        And of course, you’re the only person privy to the latest information. Think, man. Don’t you think that is suspicious?

      • paul

        Please, no more signups. Thank you Magnus.

      • paulM

        Hi, Magnus.
        This stage of their MO is the ‘Exit Strategy.’
        They may try one more money grab before the curtains close.
        Not your fault. Theirs.
        Give back, help out how you can.
        Every ride on the internet is a ride right now.

        Everyone please play safe.

        Kindest regards,

  4. Mosaka

    /r/Hexabot_Scam/ JOIN, so we can discuss this SCAM! bring your pitchforks!!

    • Magnus

      No not a scam. I guess you don’t keep up with the news.

        • Bola

          Yes, tell us, Magnus. We’re dying to know…afterall, you’re the only one who knows.

        • required

          I think Magnus and WackyWoods must work for them because they keep saying its all good just wait they are fixing the issue and they dont want people to continue to invest when in reality the proof is in the pudding!!!! What News Magnus??? Show us the proof ……… Just saying keep up with the news when all we see is that its a scam, the site is completely down, they removed the chat, they dont respond to people TG’s or emails, where did you find this so called proof to ease everybody’s mind??????? we are waiting……………………………hmmmmm.

      • paul

        No, Magnus.
        Yes, I think this is a scam.
        Who are scambitcoin?

    • paul

      Hexabot is not a Cryptocurrency trading platform.

      You know what….If Hexabot wanted to be legitiimate, then Hexabot would have secured a licence through a legitimate trading platform.

      GunBot is easy to achieve.

      However, somone has to run GunBot.
      Kindest regards,

  5. Jason Haase

    lost it all….my small investment into crypto is now gone….I now have to start on ground zero. I was hoping it was real, but seemed too good to be true. I was sold on the “take your bitcoin out at anytime”

    Any help rebuilding my nest egg would be appreciated.

    • paul

      Hi, Jason.
      What happened?
      It is very difficult to understand your message.
      What is:
      “take your bitcoin out at anytime” and what is:

  6. John

    I lost $600 on the Hexabot scam and am not broke. Can anyone spare some coin please? Thank you and God bless


  7. Busted_boy

    Big SCAM. Lost $$$$$. Stay Away.

    • paul

      They are done.
      They are finished with you.
      How do you feel?

      • Heinrich Beck

        I feel devastated. Can anybody send some romanian mafiosi to this fake address in London where Peter Shepherd supposedly has his office?

        • Magnus

          It’s getting fixed. Read the latest news, I posted the link among the comments somewhere.

  8. Harsh Reality

    I do not believe that the site “broke” when a 1000 people all at once decided to withdraw. People in general, believed in Peter and believed in the platform. Because the platform/Hyip was so new, there was plenty of reason to believe it would continue for at least 2 months. I thought to myself when investing, if the hexabot chat ever disappears, I will have been scammed. Sure enough, I’m 99.9% sure I have been scammed.

    • Magnus

      Your not scammed. Peter is working on the site right now. Keep up with the news.

    • paul

      Hi, Harsh reality.
      You describe a ‘Run On The Bank.’ There was no ‘Hexabot.’
      100% you have been scammed.
      How much did you lose?
      Kindest regards,

  9. Harsh Reality

    “Peter” is keeping the site up, that frankly, he’s proud of, to continue to scam. As you can see there are no obvious signs on the website that things are amiss, especially to a noobie. New people, please do not invest in Hexabot. My money is not withdrawable, and I certainly do not expect to get it back.

    • paul

      Peter is taking your currency without you knowing it.
      Please be careful.

      Kindest regards,

    • paul

      What is their website?
      Please publish as much as can be publishable..
      ‘Peter’ keeps popping up from time to time.

      Probably just a pawn. Thoughts welcome.


  10. wsjholdings

    people stop being stupid this shit is a scam, i lost $400 no support they dont even email me back

    • paul

      Ladies and gents…Do not invest anymore.
      This company is done.
      Pull out what you can.
      Rest goes to your promoters.
      Yes: we are all ‘Fucked’ with this company.

  11. Mo

    I deposited 50 Euro some days ago, did not arrive in my wallet. Did sent them a mail and a notice on telegram no response… i guess its gone.

    • Mo

      I did arrive in the wallet if i look at the blockchain adres but the site does not show it.

  12. Kappie Eppie

    **Disclaimer straight from the site **
    Deposit release will stop your investment and will move the selected amount to your withdrawable balance. The release fee is 7.00% and you can create a release request at any time.

    I don’t have an issue with people making money with other peeps money.. 🙂 cause you both win/win right?? but I do have an issue with people just taking people’s money and running off with it…

    so after no response from the one man customer service guy email/Telegram not even an autoresponder. I decided to (MMA) “TAP OUT!!” You know when the guys about to break the other guys arm. That’s what 7% of someone’s capital is. fair enough hexabot taking all the risk all i’m doing is creating capital. “Money for nothing and the chic*s for free” right?? The whole premise of Crypto is no waiting getting it right away. Well it’s been 2 days now. Still no deposit back into my wallet. still waiting..
    waiting.. waiting..you know like when your puter freezes up. But of course I cannot reboot…?

    • Mo

      Same story, deposited money, wallet not updating, on blockchain I can see they money being in my wallet, no way to get the money out of it, since it keeps saying no money.. it’s lost.

  13. required

    I do believe I’ve been scammed. I wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t dragged a friend into this. Sigh.

  14. Brainx

    Big scam.. I cant get my money out

    • Busted_boy

      Same here 🙁 Lost $$$$$
      Anyone had any luck?

      • paul

        You are not in good shape.

        Hi, Folks.

        They are done. You are done.

        Your money:

  15. Jason Devine

    Don’t touch it is a scam. I sent 1 LTC coin to them, and they didn’t even put into wallet for investing. No follow up support on email or telegram, just kept saying they will take a look.

    • WackyWoods

      Jason. I sent them 3.1 LTC without any issues and my account is working fine for almost 2 weeks now. I have recieved payment from my LTC and BTC that was there as advertised by the site. They had huge issues last night as swing paid out and the site could not handle the load of withdraws. They have disabled BTC withdraws and deposits while they try and fix the issue.

      • Kris J.

        Why is the Community (Chat) removed just this night? They could help and response there more quickly if there where issues. Other users can also get in touch with each other more quickly.

        • required

          So true Kris. why did they remove the chat??? I have emailed and sent them a message via telegram and still no response. 100% Scam and as the first person stated I brought a few people in which makes it worse. SMH! RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can from this site.

      • Vince

        Did you retry to withdraw? It doesn’t work at all.

      • Kappie Eppie


        **DO NOT JOIN HEXABOT LTD IT IS A SCAM** and if it is “Legit” and the site is fixed and runs for infinity. By not responding shows they are not concerned. It’s similar to acknowledging a person on the street and saying good evening and the look at you ‘no reply’ not giving you the time of the day & keep on walking.

        It is run probably by some ‘kid’ who uses the alias name of a British actor.
        Peter Shepard (beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10991182/officers).. Everyone knows communication creates trust even if it’s a responder email letting the customer know that their issue is being resolved.

        So like I said earlier even If it’s ‘Legit’ and they tripled your money back. I would not suggest for people to risk big sums of money in this company. This is a minor problem what would happen if there was an even bigger problem. They are on a cloud.. It’s pity people cannot contact the server to shut them down for fraud. Remember people are still joining into this ponzi.

  16. Mena

    I recieved withdraw but I can’t withdraw it it show msg I don’t have active deposit what that mean . What I should do

    • Magnus

      They are having some issues with the site as a couple of thousand people tried to withdraw at the same time so right now withdrawal is disabled. Peter (the developer) was in the chat before the problems started and talked to everyone and also told everyone the site was having problem so the site would be up and down while he fixed the problem. Seems the issue is not resolved yet but I’m sure Peter is working on it and has been up all night most likely. Keep calm and just wait for him to finish. If it was a scam Peter would not very likely try to fix the problems and communicate with the investors as he does. 🙂

      • Kappie Eppie

        @ Magnus…what I think is that you probably are a player in this ponzi scheme too along with this wacky woods character also. The site doesn’t have a current community chat and no word of this on the news section page of the site.. No one has talked to me about any problems. Hexabot has my email and no notification or communication about this. I have emailed and also reached out on the telegram chat. no reply. btw I had to download it on my phone what if I didn’t have a smart phone. I would be out of luck right. Why should I have to do this to communicate with a business. Why not a stoic email like the rest of the world uses. Why doesn’t the email work? It’s published but hmmm probably doesn’t exist. right?

        • Magnus

          The chat was removed because to many rumors was being spread. And Peter was more concerned with fixing the site than communicating, I would probably do the same. If I was in his shoes and a lot of money was on my responsibilities. Yes he sucks at pr and community management but the site is getting fixed. Maybe keep up with the news before spreading rumors =) and no I have nothing to do with the site, I do believe in Peter though. I still got 1btc locked in there and I’m not a rich guy, but I knew what I was getting into.

          • G.W.

            Where is the news posted it would be great if he is working on it. But would like to see where he has been communicating.

      • reddy

        Magnus , Any idea when the site will return to normal? if he is not scamming he could have leave message in new section. about the latest updates.

        • Magnus

          Peter is not the best at present or community management. There is a new blog post on a site that explains it all. It could take a week or even two for the site to come back up.

    • WackyWoods

      Mena. Last night they experienced an issue with the withdraw after the swing bot paided out. It caused the Site to crash. At the they have requested nobody to deposit any BTC and withdraw is blocked while they try and fix the backend stuff. Site is still up and running and can see people have deposited LTC today and it working just Fine. Contact them on Telegram support chat if you worried.

      • reddy

        Why they taken off chat community. Why they are not answering to my mails.

    • Hendowed

      Me too same thing. I dont have active deposit.

    • Moi Cest

      Hi Mena, we have the same experience, I have withdrawable balance and yet it says ERROR… NO ACTIVE DEPOSIT. I hope Peter solve this problem.

    • MarthynS

      e so criar um deposito demo, ai vai poder fazer seus saques.

  17. Jason Devine

    I deposited 1 litecoin and they never credited to my wallet in hexabot. No reply to email or text gram requests. Only had 1 account.

      • Kappie Eppie

        oh yeah 15 bitcoins that’s $176835.07 usd just one wallet I’m sure he has many many more… this guy is sitting on probably 10 15 million i’m sure..

      • Magnus

        One wallet on an exchange yes, that the bot uses to trade with.

  18. S

    They locked my account too the same night I made it. I cant even login.

    • Heinrich Beck

      Did you already make your deposit?

    • WackyWoods

      S. There is a few people with the same issue bit if you reach out to them on Telegram or drop them an email they would reset and fix your account issues. Do let me know if you need the TG contact info to reach out to them

      • required

        I just attempted to reach out to them on Telegram. The telegram chats have been disabled. I just invested about 4hrs ago, and I also made a friend invest. The btc has left our blockchain accounts but the hexabot accounts were not credited. I’m so sorry I got my friend into this.

  19. loui

    Lost my password. Emailed them 4 days ago and got nothing. Where can i contact peter or someone in support?

    • WackyWoods

      Loui.. There is only one support person at the moment for Hexa, so replies at times can be slow. I been on the site now for 2 weeks and never had any issues and spoken to the support guys around 4/5 times and always get a reply back within 24 hours.

      Try contacting them on Telegram @hexabot_top.. Seems to be the quickest way.. Just put down your actual issue with all your detailed information, email,username etc that is on the site and ask for support. they will then reply back once sorted, but if you dont get a response just keep chasing

  20. Chris Wiggett

    I invested a small amount and waited. 2 days in now the login page states that my email adress is invalid. I emailed them with the email adress provided. Outlook returned the adress as invalid. I left a message on their contact page. No response from them.

    I realized this is a scam. So I tried to re-register. It then stated that my email adress is already in use. So the system recognises my email but fail it on login.

    Password reset does nothing. It does not even link you to anything and dont send a password reset email.

    • Heinrich Beck

      This is exactly what happened to me. My second account which got locked still exists with username, deposit and corresponding email address. I can see it over the “search user” function from my first account which is still active and hopefully will be

    • Magnus

      You should contact them on telegram, they answer much faster there.

    • WackyWoods

      There has been known issues withdeposits last week that they were working on. Believe that should have been fixed and they had requested anybody that is missing deposits should reach out to them on Telegram for support. There is only really one Support guy but he does reply (i spoken to them 4/5 times already and always get an answer within 24 hours). If you need the contact info for TG let usknow and we can provide it.

      • Mogi

        All this is verifiable on Blockchains. There is 0 balance on my Hex wallets. He took the money and ran.

  21. desmond modestus

    It pays, it really pays hexabot is cool.. [affiliate link removed]

  22. Vlad

    my account is locked as well, scripting error when trying to recover password. Contacted via telegram and email…we’ll see how this goes

    • WackyWoods

      Vlad. Hope you managed to get through and your password reset, if so would be nice for you to let others know you have been successfull or not?

    • hmm543

      Of course… you can register an UK company in 5 minutes

      • Lineris

        So, can we formalize a collective complaint?

  23. andrewzoer1

    Great write up.. Further reading


  24. Cedric

    how did you loose 3k, did it vanish from your account? please explain

  25. Heinrich Beck

    My account got locked too after having deposited a substantial amount of bitcoins.I contacted the support . I got some elusive answers before they went all together taciturn

    • Ragon Brown

      Wow! How long has it been?

        • NoneYABusiness

          contact teh TG support jerry is very fast after he gets ahold of it,
          Telegram @hexabot_top

          • Heinrich Beck

            Yesterday I tried to contact them via telegram expounding my issue again. To date I got no reply. How do you know the guy’s name is Jerry? Do you know them personally?

    • dave

      My account was locked out few hours ago right after I put in a significant amount of BTC on November 23, 2017. When i try to sign, It keep telling me username password incorrect. This does not make sense. I sending out emails to all parties concerned who can assist.
      Support tickets were sent several times and they did not get back to me.

      • Heinrich Beck

        This is exactly what had happened to me as well… did you open multiple accounts? They shut down multiple accounts in order to prevent cheating on their affiliate program

        • dave

          No I only have one account.
          After sending several emails I finally got a response that the server is down.
          Then a second emali was sent to me with a password.
          I tried to log in after several attempts to log in with the new password they sent me but still cannot get in.
          I will follow up later in week.

          • Heinrich Beck

            As long as they keep communicating your cause isn’t lost. Keep us updated

          • Chsd

            Hey guys, Any news about your blocked account??

    • kaine turner

      this happen to me as well after i deposited $13000 of bitcoin

      • Roygee

        why would you deposit that much in a new company,go in small,see how it goes then maybe go bigger can`t understand people putting in big sums, hope it`s not gone for your sake,

  26. jakeonfire

    i see “AI” used all the time as a marketing gimmick. not a red flag to me. if the descriptions of how the bots worked were more technical it might be a red flag, but all i see is marketing-speak. i’m fine with that. it’s like putting “gluten free!” or “deliciously satisfying!” on a bag of chips (unfortunately).

    from a comment above: “AI is artificial intelligence, usually denoting software capable of LEARNING and MAKING DECISIONS on its own, employing fuzzy logic and various feedback cycles.” that is not hard to believe at all. i’ve made flash animations in the 90s i could describe with those words.

    • NoneYABusiness

      your taking 1 thing i say to adress it, and IGNORING the rest.

  27. NoneYABusiness

    found something interesting did you see the part about the first image?
    linkedin.com/in/tsvetan-futekov-21aa973b/a person in the UK who studies in Subjects studied: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Advanced Management Accounting, Financial Investigation, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Concepts and Business Law. ???
    alot of the demographic match not a native speaker from the UK, but was in finances?
    maby a link there
    he is also the president of this company: mykindafuture.com

    also mentions he is a Data Analyst, so… IDK maby he looked into all the scas going on online and said ahhh what teh f there all doing it i can do it im a pro at finances i know how…? or is he a patsy for a fall guy?

    dont know just think some dots match but doubtful or maby teh person who DID make the site has access to the same blog in that student center website and saw the award (its inside the site BTW)

    maby some one should ask the guy on linked in? also noticed some similar coding in both that mykindafuture website and the hexabot website too. (have a professional look at it its not anything major but some scripts and annotation are similar thought that was odd too…..)

    also Brianne Fick is definately that womans name, i sent a contact request though another chanle just to check… no responce as of yet

    also a side note any one who program’s AI, #1 does not call it ai, and he mentions nothing about what its even programmed IN RNN LMN what type of gradiant? …. anything to do with ai would have had SOME referance to the Structure OF it as its NEW, RELEVANT and would GIVE Nothing away about the actual performance OF the said “bot”

    also “Peter” hates etherum ? All you people signed up on HEXABOT, who ahve talked to him know this right?

    well why does his website tag it?

    <meta name="keywords" content="bitcoin, litecoin, dash, ethereum,

    right there?

    few side notes for ya….

    • Aeray

      Wow. I don’t know who that guy is supposed to be? But it’s the same picture of someone who just friended me on Facebook named jack Paul. Didn’t have any friends or photos. He kept saying hi in messenger and I deleted him without responding. Where did that link come from? Very suspicious

  28. Casey Just Carrow

    I just started and have not invested any money yet. I’m waiting for a few more review, and then spend a few hundred.
    23% of $100 = $23 *4wk = $92 without compounded interest.. This could get really huge after one year!!

    • Magnus Söderberg

      I got my first payment yesterday 😀

  29. magnussoderberg

    There are some problems with your review.
    First the bot doesn’t promise 22% per day, it’s per week.
    Second Peter charges a fee to withdraw your principal (7%) which in my view does make it look more as not a scam.
    AI is not an alarm bell, there are a lot of similar sites that trades regular stocks that uses AI to predict outcomes and they work very well.
    Also Peter keeps a bit of the bots profits so if the bot would fail one week he would still be able to pay out the correct percentages.

    Also banned accounts are accounts that has tried to cheat the system by signing up several people under their own affiliate link from the same computer, which is not allowed.

    • Admin

      Thanks for pointing out the mistake. We’ve updated the mistyped “daily” to “weekly.” It doesn’t change anything though. This is still a massive scam.

    • Josh C

      Yeah, the 22/day thing was a typo. It is PER WEEK indeed. Corrected now. Don’t you act like that’s acceptable though lol. You’re saying 22% per week like that’s a reasonable figure. MAJOR SCAM RED FLAG.
      2% per day, 7% per three days, 22% per week = SCAM.

      AI IS an alarm bell. AI is artificial intelligence, usually denoting software capable of LEARNING and MAKING DECISIONS on its own, employing fuzzy logic and various feedback cycles.
      There are auto-traders out there, legit ones, which simply automate the trading process set by the user. They have NOTHING to do with AI and they never promise fixed returns like your operation does, simply because it is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee profits the way Hexabot does. That’s not how the market works. The AI angle is used to convince the gullible that there is something beyond their comprehension at work here. ANOTHER MAJOR RED FLAG.

      Peter can twist and turn his withdrawal fees and “bot profits” the way he wants to. As long as he does not disclose the actual way his “bot” works, this is a SCAM.

      sec.gov/investor/alerts/ia_virtualcurrencies.pdf – this is how the SEC defines a cryptocurrency scam. See how many of those points fit Hexabot to a T.

      Also people: stop wasting your breath/time on the “Hexabot pays” angle. All crypto scams pay (at least those who want to be around for a few months) in the beginning. That means NOTHING, other than the fact that through your “investments” you are in fact aiding and abetting a scam.

      • anon

        Clearly none of you have signed up. the 22% a week is a different “bot”, different level of risk. For those on the fence, there are 3 different bots. 3 levels of risk. Essentially they pay 2%, 2.5%, and 3% per day.

        It is auto trading btc price.


        Lets say, you have 1 btc, after 2 months, you might have 2 btc in your account. If the price of BTC has dropped by more then half, then yes, you have doubled your BTC, but made a loss.

        The website is safe. The greatest risk is in owning BTC.

        IF you have some BTC, or dash, or litecoin, throw it in for a bit if not, DO NOT BUY BTC. Risk of it halving is too high.

      • Daniel

        It’s hilarious that so many people think that 2% per day have to be scam. On average I make slightly more than 0.5% in the stock market every day, even without margin trading. It’s not really hard to believe that a bot can make 2% in a market that is so ridiculously volatile as the crypto market.

        According to the dashboard the scalper bot makes about 0.085% per hour. At the current price of BTCUSD that’s not even a $8 move. BTCUSD usually moves far more than that within 1 minute. Sometimes it even takes less than 1 second to make a move greater than $10. And you think a bot can’t find a single opportunity within 1 hour to predict a $8 move?

        • paul

          Hi, Daniel.
          Paul here from Ontario, Canada.
          Thank you for your comment. It makes sense.
          Kindest regards,
          Most recent scam that hurt millions was the D9 Clube of Sports Traders.
          I too, got burned, but being an internet ‘infopreneur’ I learned from it.
          Move on and watch out for the ‘trip wires.’

      • hmm543

        Why is 2% per day a SCAM: Look at coinmarketcap.com and you will see the binifits per day. Today it is 27/11/2017 and the first 6 coins (only Ripple is less) have much more than 2% profit:
        1 Bitcoin $162.902.902.481 $9752.11 $6.368.050.000 16.704.375 BTC 8.05% sparkline
        2 Ethereum $46.060.649.714 $479.87 $1.435.640.000 95.984.883 ETH 3.40% sparkline
        3 Bitcoin Cash $28.084.353.924 $1669.21 $1.940.980.000 16.824.938 BCH 4.63% sparkline
        4 Ripple $9.716.355.509 $0.251570 $187.647.000 38.622.870.411 XRP * 0.06% sparkline
        5 Bitcoin Gold $ $360.26 $153.113.000 16.674.461 BTG 4.80% sparkline
        6 Litecoin $4.910.649.317 $90.91 $432.585.000 54.016.008 LTC 4.31%

        • Daniel

          It’s easier than that. The bot doesn’t need to catch a 2% move, it only needs to catch one tiny move per hour. It seems that it’s making about 0.08% per hour. Now watch the charts, 0.08% are often just a single tick. Any human can do that; pick a random hour and try it. It’s just that humans can’t be as consistent as a bot, they are affected by their emotions, greed, market comments, etc.

          Also remember that cryptos are traded 24/7. You don’t need to worry about positions carried into the close and you’re not affected by gaps. That, in my opinion, makes it even easier for a bot to make consistent profits, it just has to follow some simple entry and exit rules. I have written quite a few trading bots for the stock market and the limited time per day, gaps produced by pre- and post-market trading or earnings were always the hardest things to take into account.

          The only problem, the bot will run into, is the volume it needs to trade. Bots like HexaBot are the reason why BTC jumps so far with a single tick. This won’t scale forever, sooner or later HexaBot will have to decrease the expected profit. But with that said, it’s actually great to have so many people saying it’s SCAM, cause the fewer people put their money into HexaBot, the longer it will be able to keep the current profit levels.

          • Jessica Marie Schlagal

            Thank you for being the voice of reason

  30. kate

    Hexabot pays, I was also skeptic at the beginning, but the developer behind this is very communicative and tries to add new features and respond to people inquiries quiet professionally. I have to give it credit as the payouts coming through and quickly too. There are allot of scams in this space, I think this is not one of them.

    • kate

      Ok, I was wrong, my friend just got his account locked by them and can’t withdraw his initial investment.

      • David Jones

        Are you able to provide proof?

      • David Jones

        Are you able to provide a screenshot? Or proof please?

      • rando

        Yo, this is important, please respond. It has been 2 days.

  31. Ocmpz

    Hexa is legit. Members are able to communicate directly with the bot developer. Already tested and completed my first withdrawal.

        • Admin

          Thank you. We will be in touch if we have any questions.

    • KWebb

      That doesn’t mean it’s legit….This system will likely work for 2 months max, then the owner, who lives in Panama, not the UK, will bail.

      • Ocmpz

        KWebb, Legit or not, I already got my 100% ROI back last week and have started to earn bitcoins every week….. i wish you had joined with me when i started so you can earn extra bitcoins everyday too.

  32. Denis

    Nice writeup! I’ve been testing out Hexabot for the past week and it DOES indeed pay. For those that want to see proof of payment, check out my full review here [link to affiliate site removed]

    • kate

      They lock your accounts ! careful scam!

      • Raja

        U never proved that they lock accounts

      • O'Campz

        that is not true. they don’t lock accounts. I just got my capital deposit withdrawn (minus 7% penalty charge). what i have left is the amount made from my profits. feel free to message me if you want snapshot proof.

        • Magnus Söderberg

          Only reason they lock accounts is if you try to cheat the affiliate system.

        • jakeonfire

          if the user chat either started filling with complaints or disappeared completely i would start getting worried. if they were locking accounts for no reason people would be screaming about it there.

      • Heinrich Beck (@HeinrichBeck)

        My account got locked too. Lost 3000 bucks

        • Magnus

          And did you try to cheat the system by adding people in your dowline from the same computer? That’s the only way to get banned. And if you got banned did you email support?

          • Heinrich Beck

            I think the problem is that I had opened another account before using my smartphone to check out their site, but I didn’t deposit anything there. This account is still accessible.
            I contacted the support via email and I got this:

            “Our System has detected multi account activity. May i ask for proof as a photographic image of you and the other person you referred to, with a sign saying “Hexabot.top”. You may send two separate photos. Peter will then take action ASAP”

            I tried to explain what had happened and asked them what kind of procedure they exactly mean by sending them 2 different photos. They didn’t specify on that.
            After insisting I got another email:

            “Did you open the second account under your own referral from the first account ?

            The answer was, that I opened each account without any referral.
            On November 17th I got the last message:

            “You should be able to reset your password if you didn’t open a second account under your referral. Did you register anyone under you referral in your house ?”

            I wrote them that I definitely didn’t register anyone under my referral.
            After that they stopped communicating I couldn’t coax out any further email of them

      • Heinrich Beck

        Why did they lock your account? Did you open a second account too, like me?

        • paul

          Hi, Heinriche.
          You got screwed twice over with many other people.

          Here are the steps in HYIP.:

          Pre- Launch. (Best place to be)


          Globally through the Internet. (not a bad place to be for those with huge downlines).

          It reaches the peak. Usually at 85% of company profits.

          Oh Shit. We can’t pay anymore.

          Let’s pretend that we have too many transactions and we have to modify our platforms.

          Oh, Crap, It’s still too busy.

          Send additional funds now!

          We are almost there.

          Be patient with us.

          Then guess what?


          Paul Mindra.

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