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Available in English and French, is a cryptocurrency exchange which currently supports the buying and selling of various cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more. The operation is 100% Canadian built and operated, though the services that it provides are apparently available to a global user-base. The operation is focused on its “Canadian” nature however, and on the multiple funding options as well as the easy verification process it touts. The safety of user funds is another top-priority matter.

Apparently, the exchange is built on the same technology as the New York Stock Exchange. The system is 100% in-house built, and it has been stress-tested under various hypothetical scenarios, such as DDoS attacks. The exchange’s record in this regard is rather impressive as well: since 2015, it has not lost a single coin. Funding Options

Those looking to open a trading account with can make use of a multitude of deposit options to get money deposited to this account. Many of these options are only available to Canadians, underlining the Canadian-focused nature of the operation.

The deposit methods entailing the lowest fees are bank draft and money order. The fees are 0.25% on both of these, while they can be as high as 5% with Interac e-transfer. Interac online, Flexepin vouchers and bank wire are also available. Bank wires carry an 0.5% fee.

For CAD withdrawals, Interac e-transfer, direct bank deposit and wire transfer can be used. The fees incurred upon withdrawal span the 0.5% (in the case of bank wires) to 5% (Interac) range.

Coinsquare Trading Fees

The trading fees offered by Coinsquare are extremely attractive. The Bitmarket fees start from 0.1% for market makers (those providing liquidity) and 0.2% for takers.

The Quicktrade fees run the 0.2% (makers) to 0.4% (takers) range.

How Exactly Does Coinsquare Work?

The operation takes great pride in being extremely straightforward and simple to figure out – even for beginners.

The first step is to register an account. The sign-up process takes but a few seconds, and all it requires from registrants is an email address, which has to be verified. Following the actual account creation, users need to undergo additional verification. They are required to provide a phone number (non-Canadian numbers are apparently accepted too), as well as a number of documents, such as utility bills, bank statements and government-issued IDs.

The funding of the account is the next step. Once money lands in users’ accounts, they can get down to the actual trading. Some have complained that the way some of the limit orders are set up is confusing. Overall though, the community feedback is great in this regard.

What definitely has to be pointed out about Coinsquare is that above and beyond simply letting users trade various cryptos, it is a full-fledged trading platform, which offers charting features, as well as a customizable trading interface. The QuickTrade trading feature – already mentioned above – lets users trade any coin to any coin easily and quickly.

Should I Trust

Judging by the community feedback available through forums such as bitcointalk and various reddit threads, is indeed trustworthy. Obviously, there are user complaints out there, quite a few of them in fact, but there is nothing pointing to fraud on the part of the operator, in any shape or form.

Red Flags and Question Marks

The operation does not raise any such issues. By red flags and question marks, we obviously mean proof of fraud, or some kind of blatantly obvious indication that we are indeed dealing with fraudsters. Coinsquare are not fraudsters, though the quality of the services they offer may fall short of some of their users’ standards here and there.


As said above, complaints are indeed plentiful. Reddit is the main scene for Coinsquare detractors and complainers, and while the majority of issues raised through these complaints are indeed legitimate, none of them seem to call into question to legitimacy of the operation.

Some people have complained about the operator holding their money hostage, and the support staff being rude. Withdrawal processing times seem to be way too long in some cases too. At least one user took 7 days to withdraw his CAD, while another was hit with massive withdrawal fees on a BTC withdrawal. Some have suggested that withdrawals should be made in LTC rather than BTC, and the funds should then be converted back to BTC at a different exchange.

Downtimes sometimes struck the site too. In at least one instance, user access was denied to the platform, due to what was later revealed to have been a successfully fended-off DDoS attack.

Other users aren’t shy about pointing out alternatives (such as Quadriga) to the service, due to the withdrawal limits and other inconveniences.

Coinsquare Review Conclusion

Though Coinsquare is indeed legitimate, it seems like many of its operational aspects need further streamlining. The number of complainers is just too big for comfort. Remember though: the operator is transparent regarding most of the issues users complain about. If you plan on trading with Coinsquare, make sure to read the fine-print as well as the not-so-fine print attached to the description of every service.

It also has to be pointed out that Coinsquare have a number of special offers in place for those looking to trade large volumes of cryptos. The Coinsquare Concierge program is aimed at those trading more than $25,000, while Coinsquare Diamond is for users trading over $100,000 at a time. The Diamond feature offers free wire funding and access to a concierge trading desk.

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  1. shinymusic

    I have nothing with great success with

    I have made hundreds of trades, deposited, and withdrew without any issues.

    I once had a bitcoin deposit get “stuck” over the weekend but it was released monday.

    Great interface with low fees. 5 stars for me.

  2. Karla

    For the exchange being around since 2015 to not even have a decent download of all transactions and having a joke of 3 tabs to download transactions separately, not to mention all in different formats, this is the worst crypto exchange experience! Provide API to connect and download our transactions! Plus they do not show the actual transaction fees anymore on their transactions page. I have been asking for a report for a year now with no resolution. Regret using the exchange! Stay away.

  3. David Smith

    Brutal scam! Will not let me have my own money, FUCK YOU SHIT FUCKS

  4. steven

    What are the alternatives for canadians to trade coins rather than coinsquare?

  5. Ed

    I cannot login to my account does not open.

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