HardBlock.net Review – ASIC Regulated Bitcoin Exchange

HardBlock.net is an Australian based exchange located in Adelaide, South Australia. Established in 2014, HardBlock as enabled Australian residents to participate in the buying and selling of Bitcoin since their inception. While this platform has failed to integrate other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin into their exchange platform, HardBlock does offer perks unmatched by other competitive exchanges. As you will learn throughout this unbiased review, HardBlock is a simple service platform that is rather straightforward with their operational procedures.

hardblock.net - Hard Block

What is HardBlock?

HardBlock is an online exchange that is designed for Australian residents. Australians interested in purchasing or selling Bitcoin are able to conduct these transactions through the secured HardBlock platform. The volatility of Bitcoin will dictate the competitiveness of the exchange value offered through HardBlock. Naturally, the higher the volatility, the less value an investor can expect to earn for selling their bitcoins and so forth with the purchase of Bitcoin through their platform.

Who is Behind HardBlock?

HardBlock.net is owned and operated by a corporation known as HardBlock, which has been a registered company since January 15th, 2014. Filed under Australian Business Number 82 759 501 160, it appears that Daniel Wilzynski is the active founder behind this company. Regulated through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), it is evident to us that HardBlock appears to be a legitimate and reliable destination for Australians looking to exchange or acquire Bitcoin.

The registered address on file for HardBlock is 19 Ulva Avenue, Warradale SA 5046. Although not disclosed in the ASIC report, according to the About Us page found at the HardBlock website, Xuna Xu is the active developer and software engineer employed through HardBlock. No other operators have been found in affiliation with HardBlock. A WHOIS domain report will reveal that the domain was privately registered.

How does HardBlock Work?

HardBlock works in one of two ways. Australians looking to become involved in the Bitcoin boom and wish to acquire Bitcoin are able to register for an account through HardBlock.net where they can purchase BTC through their platform. In order to become eligible for both buying or selling Bitcoin, investors must register for an account through HardBlock then go on to verify their identity. Among the documentation needed would be proof of address, proof of identity and proof of utility.

Once your account has been approved, Australians looking to purchase bitcoins must send a bank wire transfer to HardBlock through their payment portal. After 2 to 3 business days and once approved, the investor will have their purchased Bitcoin value sent to their Bitcoin address. Sellers looking to exchange their bitcoins for fiat currency can create an account through HardBlock if they plan on selling more bitcoins in the future but are also able to use the HardBlock QuickSell service to quickly exchange their bitcoins for fiat currency.u

Red Flags and Complaints

Since 2014 HardBlock has been available for Australian residents to take advantage of. Since their creation, they have yet to accrue any real negative feedback. Unlike most cryptocurrency sites we review, HardBlock was quite open about their identity and they are even ASIC regulated, which is a rare discovery this day-and-age in the Bitcoin domain. To learn more about the community chatter regarding HardBlock, feel free to check out some insightful discussions forms featured at BitcoinTalk.org and reddit.com.

Can HardBlock be Trusted?

Yes, HardBlock is a verified and legitimate Bitcoin exchange for Australian residents. No matter your experience, you can pursue an active roll through HardBlock and get started with Bitcoin.


HardBlock.net possessed a SimiliarWeb global rank of 2,870,552 with an Australia rank of 121,285 as of December 2017. While world-wide it may appear that HardBlock is not a popular destination, this site is evidently quite reputable and frequently visited by Australian residents.

HardBlock Review Conclusion

HardBlock is an ASIC regulated Bitcoin exchange tailored for Australian investors. While the volatility of Bitcoin may make exchanging through HardBlock a bit of a challenge for some Aussie residents, it should be noted that investors can receive exceptional rates when Bitcoin isn’t reflecting much volatility. For investors who reside within Australia and looking for a suitable exchange, you would be hard-pressed to find a more secure and legitimate operation than HardBlock.

Review Verdict: HardBlock is LEGIT!

Official Website: HardBlock.net

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  1. Jamie Dobson

    This is vital information to anyone who is looking for a reputable platform to buy a digital asset. Writing from my previous experience with hardblock.net; This occurs in the month of July 2019. Hardblock.net display a friendly interface that may attract you, but the firm is not to be trusted. I came across hardblock.net when doing google research about aged and trustworthy digital network to trade on. Hardblock.net platform appears not to have a comment on their page at the time of my survey, which I think is a good distinguish for a firm, meaning that a review may imply that customers do not encounter difficulties with the organization; Otherwise, customers will speak out about.

    As for what really happened with hardblock, The precise story is that I registered the website and I was able to send funds to personal wallet after my first deposit into hardblock.net, I undergo the same process for higher purchase on Hardblock.net when I received a call from a guy called Daniel who claimed to be the founder of hardblock.net, requesting for additional documentation that is not displayed on hardblock.net official website at the time of my registration, I took the photo holding my driving license as he has asked for and I sent it to him through customer support email support@hardblock.net with the hope of making higher purchase.

    After I have sent the documentation that Daniel requested for, he then blocked withdrawal and declared that I would not be able to withdraw my asset to specific private wallet except I can only withdraw back into the bank account that initial deposit was made. Which I did as he has asked because I do not see the benefit of leaving my funds in a hot wallet; it is not a good idea. However, Daniel would not send my money back, claiming that his bank blocked him from sending back my money into my account, which does not seems to be true because he will not share a proof of prevented payment if it is true, plus it is hardblock.net problem, not mine. I told him that it is his responsibility to pay me back my money, then Daniel asked me to go to the police. With all the report going on the news that putting money into bitcoin is sponsoring a terrorist, yet he asked me to go to the police. Well, the firm claim to be a reputable network, but we all know for a firm to be reputable, they have to be ethical. The revelation is that I feel uncomfortable reporting this to the police, bitcoin is a sensitive subject to the authority, and going to the police means I have to print my account statement which will then go under an investigation, the word that I am buying bitcoin will go to the bank which may have my account closed, this has happened to other cryptocurrency traders too, the national bank does not welcome crypto.

    However, writing about this means a lot to me, and it also indicates I can dig up additional evidence to back up my story. I want everyone to be aware of unethical strategy that hardblock.net is using to take advantage of customers, you will not see a comment about hardblock.net network because hardblock.net has modified the user responds, PLESE BE AWARE, Be Observant!!! DO NOT USE HARDBLOCK.NET an alternative would be bitcoin.com.au, please do not overthink the fees, it is better than using hardblock.net., another assuring platform is remitano.com, this is a peer to peer platform and it is extremely benefiting to user very much than HARDBLOCK.net. LISTEN ATTENTIVELY, HARDBLOCK WILL EXPOSE YOUR PRIVATE IMAGE TO THE PUBLIC IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO EXPOSE YOUR CRYPTO ASSET TO ANYONE OR THE POLICE, PLEASE DO NOT USE HARDBLOCK.

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