Review – White Label Crypto Trading Platform Solution is a newly launched trading platform and turnkey white label solution provider for cryptocurrency trading. The operation is so new, that there’s little feedback available on it online anywhere. In fact, there’s nothing discussed on it at bitcointalk – arguably the most happening cryptocurrency-focused forum –  for the time being. The evolution of the operation, from a simple idea to getting together the team and to actually launching the site, can be tracked via FinanceMagnates’ press release-style news-bits, which do indeed offer a thorough background on

What is the operation offering though? The product is a web- and mobile-based trading platform which allows its users to trade, exchange and analyze various cryptocurrency markets, safely, securely and – according to the site – “lightning fast.”

What cryptency offers, could also be described as a full brokerage solution, as it includes all the tools, front end and back, that a brokerage dealing in crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and scores of others, would need.’s Background

The company behind the effort is apparently O-Systems, a well-known trading platform provider, thanks to its involvement with the binary option, Forex and CFD industries. Vista Brokers have jumped into the deal as well, bringing regulation into the equation. Vista Brokers is a CySEC-regulated firm, and it brings the operation under the legal umbrella, by virtue of its Cyprus-issued license. Indeed, is based in Cyprus too: the actual address is 76 Georgiou Griva Digeni Ave., Limassol, Cyprus. Support can be reached at There is a contact form available too.

The system brought to bear by had been in development for more than 6 months before the actual launch of the operation. Unlike O-Systems’ previous creations, has nothing to do with options, CFDs or other financial derivatives. Through the platform, traders will actually be able to purchase cryptocurencies that they will be able to hold. Major exchanges such as Bitfinex, Poloniex and Kraken will be connected into the system, and crypto acquisition will work through them. The available trading is crypto/crypto pairs only, though deposits are accepted in fiat currencies too.

The push will be spearheaded by none other than Sami Mana, of Leverate fame, who has quite a bit of experience in this vertical: he worked 8 years for the technology provider.

With Cryptency, Mr. Mana’s ambitious are high indeed. He plans nothing less than to “conquer the world” with this new project. In an interview available on YouTube (embedded below), Mr. Mana has made it clear that Cryptency would be focused on crypto vs crypto margin trading. That explains why will be different from the exchanges currently dominating the crypto landscape: besides being able to margin-trade, users of the new technology will get much improved support, sped-up account management and a completely different platform, that they will end up using in completely different ways. Features

Those looking to start up their own cryptocurrency brokerage today (thus securing an advantage over the existing exchange-model, through the features detailed above), can request a technology demo directly at the site. runs a promotion as well, which knocks 50% of the setup costs right off, offering a number of other incentives during the first 6 months of the new brokerage’s operation.

The Full Brokerage Suite currently offered includes an Exchanger platform, which is aimed at those looking to acquire, sell and exchange various cryptos, without any commissions involved.

Coindex is the module meant to take care of the actual trading. It offers access to no fewer than 800 tradable assets, and it routes orders directly to the supported cryptocurrency exchanges.

The integrated CRM module may not look like a big deal from a strictly theoretical perspective, but it is very important for a new brokerage from a practical point of view. It takes the burden of Customer Relationship Management right off the broker’s hands and it does a great job at handling everything in this regard, from conversion funnels to KYC issues.

Cryptency offers aggregated liquidity from some of the top crypto exchanges, such as the above-mentioned Poloniex, Kraken and Bitfinex. This way, everyone is covered from retail traders to white label brokerages and fund managers.

This liquidity is delivered through an aggregated feed, which means that Cryptency users will get unparalleled access to trading.

Knowing the background of the operation, it is safe to say that experience will be a massive factor in Cryptency’s (as yet theoretical) success. These people have helped scores of white label operators “hit the ground running” as they put it, so those who will call upon their services, will be in good hands indeed.

Market Analysis Tools

The power of the Cryptency platform will manifest itself through the charting solutions and technical indicators that are included in it. Charts as well as indicators can be customized and multi-screen views are supported, with detachable charts. The merits of technical analysis are often questioned in regards to crypto currency trading though. According to many, because crypto assets do not behave the same way traditional assets do, using classic technical analysis makes little sense in their case. Whether or not that is indeed true, Cryptency offers a decent selection of tools in this regard.

Advanced order types like stop and limit orders are also supported by the Cryptency platform. The same goes for watch lists, trade alerts and news.

In addition to all the trading, the platform also lets its users take part in ICOs.

Cryptency Review Conclusion is unlike anything we have thus far reviewed. It doesn’t just act as a crypto currency brokerage, with actual trading and not just the usual crypto-based CFDs, it is also a technology provider. As it is, it may in fact launch a revolution in the crypto industry, augmenting the offers of “traditional” exchanges, and in time, maybe even replacing the current model used by these exchanges.

The potential in the project is easy to see. Whether or not the brokerage model will be a success, depends on actual execution though.

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