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CryptoBlaze, found at, is a malignant investment opportunity withering away the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency confines. Deceitfully embedding false visions of amassing unbelievably high returns with the aspirations of receiving as many Bitcoin deposits as possible is the focal point behind this investment sham. Well-designed to operate unobtrusively to the cryptocurrency community, we predict CryptoBlaze to become a viral scam operation in the months to follow.

With this is mind, we urge our readers to garner the facts shared throughout our unbiased review to learn the truth behind CryptoBlaze. What you discover about this cryptocurrency operation may surprise you which is why we ask you to read this insightful publication before shelling out any bitcoins with CryptoBlaze. - Crypto Blaze

What is CryptoBlaze? appears to be an online platform that employs the investment of bitcoins and application of cryptocurrency mining. While not much more information can be found on the site in regards to the investment process practiced at CryptoBlaze, an alleged daily return of 8% is promised to all investors for a lifetime who make a deposit through CryptoBlaze.

Who is Behind CryptoBlaze?

CryptoBlaze is allegedly owned and operated by a private limited company known as CryptoBlaze PTY. According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, CryptoBlaze PTY does appear to be an actively registered corporation as of August 28th, 2017. The ACN of CryptoBlaze PTY is 621 324 749 while this corporation is filed as an Australian Proprietary Company.

While everything appears to be in order in regards to CryptoBlaze PTY, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the site,, is indeed overseen by ASIC authorities. Typically when actively registered corporations are filed on regulation sites, the domain of that corporation is reflected in the report, however, no mention of can be found in the report which makes us believe that CryptoBlaze is likely not a regulated platform.

How does CryptoBlaze Work?

Speaking from an operational viewpoint, CryptoBlaze functions in a relatively straightforward manner. Investors who are interested in joining their platform simply register for an account through where they are then enabled the ability to deposit bitcoins into their platform. What becomes of your deposited bitcoins becomes a bit of a mystery since they are allegedly mined and invested but besides that we aren’t provided any other information except, of course, for the daily return guarantee of 8%.

CryptoBlaze Complaints and Red Flags

CryptoBlaze hasn’t had to endure complaints or negative feedback due to how unpopular of an operation this site is. Since is unknown and has yet to go viral it has failed to make an appearance in any real reviews as well. Red flags regarding CryptoBlaze would be how the domain,, is not featured on the ASIC site and how they promise a daily return of 8%.

As we have made abundantly clear in past reviews, most verified and legit cryptocurrency mining sites amass a monthly return between 2% to 2.5%, not over 200% as promised at CryptoBlaze. When you break down the CryptoBlaze operation, it becomes quite clear that this investment platform embodies a Ponzi scheme business model. Promising to generate a daily return of 8% forever based off your initial deposit is not only unsustainable but flat-out ridiculous.

Can be Trusted?

After warily weighing the information above, we do not believe CryptoBlaze to be a trustworthy cryptocurrency investment. While appears to be backed by a corporate entity, we are convinced that the domain in question is not regulated as portrayed on the site.

Popularity reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 10,025,361 as of November 30th, 2017. It goes without question that the site is not reputable and receives minuscule quantities of traffic. Review Conclusion

CryptoBlaze, in the most simplest of terms, is a Ponzi scheme. Coming from a mathematical and operational standpoint, the returns promised through are impossible to achieve long-term and illogically supported. We advice would be to avoid this suspicious cryptocurrency platform and only invest with verified and trustworthy investment solutions.

Review Verdict: CryptoBlaze is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. wizz

    SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!! They banned me – unable to login and online support tell the same lie – wait for admin help next day blah blah blah….

  2. Gene

    I am the victim, cryptoblaze took my money and refuse to pay. I’m trying to contact Administration for past 4 days and no respond. This is the biggest scam.

  3. Michael Pepin

    You have no proof of what you are saying.

    I putted 30$ worth of bit coins and took out 5.25 after 3 days.

    I did 8% of my capital everyday like advertized.

    They were no fees involve when taking out my profit and no complication.

    I will put a 250$ Investment again today and take it out as it goes to make sure their is no issues with the withdrawal process and post an update here.

    And if I am able to withdraw for 2 weeks then I made a capital and I am now risk free of my investment.

    Keep in mind that if they are investing everything in their programs and mining it’s not so far stretch that they can give you an 8% capital gain since that they are a lot of room for making money out of processing transaction.

    • Mike

      He wont withdrawl the funds its sill in pending after 4 days.
      it seemed fine at first it was withdrawling but now its not.
      Gather your pitchforks we going hunting for a lttle scamming witch 🙂

  4. Susan G Clayton

    Thank you for the review ! Having watch dogs like you guys is a great relief

    • otobu07

      Кажется я потерял 0.001 BTC?? Они собаки? Собаки мне не отвечают…
      Как бы мне вернуть 0.001 BTC, кто мне поможет?
      Напишите мне:

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