CryptoTab Review

CryptoTab ( is a software which helps you earn Bitcoin by using the processing power of your computer.  They are basically a mining pool which harness the collective power of all the users and shares the revenue with them.  

This service has been around for a decent amount of time and has gained immense popularity.  There is no one word answer for the amount of money you might earn by using them but that depends upon the specs of the device you are using.  

This software is compatible with both windows and Mac so majority of the users will be able to use them.  To know how it performs in real time continue reading our full review.

CryptoTab Review

How does CryptoTab work?

CryptoTab is a plugin.  It requires Google Chrome to run and it will be active as long as the browser tab is open.  If you are opening the plugin for the first time then you can choose whether to login with Facebook or Google details which is way more secure.  

Moreover if you change your devices then the earnings will not get lost.  This software might not get started with mining but do not panic if it shows you any sort of error.  

Check the security system as in most cases it is the thing which will block the mining script.  The easy way to maximise returns is by referring people. If you want to increase the earning rate then tweak the Bitcoin mining speed and change the value from Normal to High.  

By changing the setting CPU power will be maxed out.  One of the main concerns with the CPU mining is the wear and tear cost in the long run.  Considering the present level of difficulty in ming, mining may not be worth your time unless you have a strategic plan.


The net profit you make is directly proportional to the kind of equipment you are employing.  Assuming you have the latest hardware, you will make much more returns than those who have started out with the basic configuration.  

On the bright side the minimum payout threshold is 0.00041 BTC.  Furthermore you can increase the earning rate by 8 times if you use their CryptoTab Browser.  

Never have high hopes about the profits because regardless of which software you use, CPU mining will not make you a fortune.

Affiliate Program

To increase the number of users for their offerings, this firm features an affiliate program.  Any individual who has a blog or any type of other platform which talks about the things related to cryptocurrency sector can join them.  

At first glance their compensation plan might seem like a pyramid scheme but do not get confused.  They are least likely to be a pyramid/ponzi scheme. The affiliates are free to create their own mining network which will boost their earnings.  

In order to create their own chain they have to recruit people under their link.  They have provided a lot of promotional tools for the affiliates in order to make their work a lot easier.

Domain Insight

The registrant details of the domain are untraceable.  With the help of and we have gathered the following key data regarding their website.

Domain –

Registered On – 26/12/2017

Expires On – 26/12/2018

Alexa Global Rank – 12,850

Rank in Iran – 947

This website is considerable popular in Iran, United States, Venezuela, Brazil and Angola.

Is CryptoTab a Scam?


Whenever a platform gains popularity they will create some buzz on many popular forums.  Below we have gathered the comments from real users wherein they have expressed their opinions about this software on

hello guys just want to ask. Does it speed up the mining process when using 2 or more computers but logging in only 1 account on cryptotab. For example, let’s say I have a desktop and a laptop. I use cryptotab both on them for browsing. Does it speed up the process when I browse on my desktop and then just put it on on my laptop? thanks for your answers

CryptoTab Review Conclusion

CryptoTab is a legitimate mining solution.  It gives an opportunity to every individual to get started with mining without having to break the bank.  On the flip side the only thing you need to know is that the returns offered by them is not enticing but that is okay as you did not have to pay anything.

Have you tried CryptoTab?  How would you rate them? Let us know by leaving a comment.


  1. Flemming

    Stock at 0.0000019xxxxx. everytime i am supposed to change to 0.000002xxxxxx, it goes back to 0.0000017xxxxx and mines up to 0.0000019xxxxx then i all starts again from 0.0000017xxxxx. Who steels my satoshis`where do they go. ?

  2. Raymund Barrera

    I would like to post this warning to everyone based on my own experience: If you ever encounter these 2 bitcoin mining pool sites by any means…don’t ever try to register.

    Bitcoin Values and Multimining

    They let me join the pool and when I reached the mark when I can possibly withdraw they blocked me from accessing my wallet for more than a week…then i tried to login again and I was able to login and access my wallet again BUT in both mining pools ll my bitcoins were GONE. They LITERALLY STOLE ALL my bitcoins. So, stay away from those two bitcoin mining pools at all cost.

  3. Raymund Barrera

    Just very recently I joined the CryptoTab Browser craze using my 3 laptops…I got the link from a youtuber with whom I have subscription and he proved to me that Cryptotab does pay. He showed me his very own withdrawal details. I would say, Cryptotab is NOT a scam. Thus, I will go on til I reach my target. Happy mining brothers and sisters.

    • erich

      doesnt pay me anymore scammers and they sent crypto hijack virus which is change address. be carefull.

  4. Gerard

    Hi guys, for me it works. I withdraw after I made 0.0042 BTC but it takes 1-2 days to withdraw, anyway it will not make you rich but still it is like a passive income. If you use the following link [affiliate link removed] you will get a bonus of 80,000 satoshi

    PS: Don`t forget to turn on mining and push on boost! otherwise you will get none of BTC

  5. Markus Stone

    I normally wouldn’t leave comments but as I’ve been looking into the cyrptoTab browser and trying to establish whether or not this is a scam and it seems that a lot of people have jumped to the conclusion that it is indeed a scam, however; I’m not sure why that is. As of June 5th, 2019 it paid me on my withdrawal (although it a small 1.70 USD worth of BTC) it still paid out. The simple truth is that this is not a huge money maker, it uses your CPU which is not meant to mine super quick and make you a BTC millionaire. It’s a slow process to mine with your CPU and if your end result is to have bitcoin and not the amount then CyrptoTab works.

  6. Jeff

    2 payments received so far, definitely NOT a scam

    • John Louie Gaje

      Hello 🙂 give me a little bit BTC for my first investment 🙂

  7. Khang

    CryptoTab is not scam receive payment 👍😁

  8. Michael

    I’m using Crypto Tab now. It’s slow, like others have commented; but, also like others have commented, they DON’T ask for money. I’ve checked my CPU usage using the “highest” setting in the browser… it seems to only top out my CPU at only about 50% which is not a very stressful amount on my computer’s CPU. TIP: I’ve also have Norton installed on my computer along with Norton Secure VPN. This adds a layer of protection against identity thieves which can result from many “mining” programs. I run the Norton Power Eraser at the end of EACH day AND at the beginning of each day to detect any viruses, adware, etc… which it HAS detected just ONE so far since using Crypto Tab browser. Having the Norton program to remove the “threat” did NOT effect my CrytoTab browser mining results (I had initially thought it would have effected the browser by Norton removing the “threat”; but, it didn’t). So, to conclude: Do I think CryptoTab browser is a scam? NO. So far it remains an honest site; but, you’re NOT going to make money fast by using this browser. Is it worth trying? Maybe. It’s pretty much a “long term” thing if you expect to make any “decent” amount of money on this. Hopes this review helps!

  9. lino vargas

    yo estoy usando esa minería .y hasta hora no e cobrado porque quiero quitar los ceros de adelante, también cambie mis referido y mi correo espero que si hay algo que necesite de esa pagina de minería me avisen , muchas gracias

    En total
    0.000098226107 BTC
    Aprox. $0.407
    BTC ya obtenidos:
    0.000094119910 BTC
    Aprox. $0.390
    Sociedad filial:
    0.000004106196 BTC
    Aprox. $0.017
    Ganancias totales:
    0.000098226107 BTC
    Aprox. $0.407 RETIRAR
    Velocidad de minerìa: 11.2881873177 H/s

    Mining speed is higher when the browser window is active.
    You can use same account on multiple devices.
    Multiplicador de ganancias
    Invite los participantes a traves de url personal y obténga un porcentaje de sus ganancias. Cuanto más crecerá su red de referencias , tanto más dinero Usted recibirá. Más detalles
    Los referencias: xxxUsuarios NEWBIE
    O comparte tu enlace con un clic

    Mostrar animación de fondo
    Dark theme
    Sobre Nuestros contactos

  10. Nilmani

    I am a employee and I have no time Yet I’ve been earn money to the blockchain in almost 10000 satoshi within 1 month & I hope for more…satoshi. I am waiting when will be open Bitcoin in our India to withdrawl my some of decentralized money with automated service charges or through the Zebpay, Unicon & etc.

  11. VirtuousAlchemist

    Where did my comment go? Was it deleted? if so, why?

  12. The Virtuous Alchemist

    Cryptotab is not, and cannot be classed as a pyramid/Ponzi scheme, for the simple reason that it requires absolutely nil investment to use. A pyramid or ponzi takes invested funds from new users/investors, to pay the upper levels. Also, the ‘difficulty’ increase that has occurred in terms of mining bitcoin is irrelevant, as it is not actually mining Bitcoin directly. A standard pc, without a specialised ‘setup’ is incapable of mining actual Bitcoin due to the aforementioned difficulty increases on the network.
    There is also a way to ‘lower’ the minimum withdrawal amount to a much more attainable amount for the ‘average user’. (Well under the amount mentioned in the article above, totally legit, and permissible on the platform.) Feel free to email if you’d like/require more info on or about this site.
    Note: I have personally made multiple withdrawals from this site over the past few months.
    (I wouldn’t advocate for it if I hadn’t!)


    its is the best they dont ask for money

  14. Fernando

    Try the new CryptoTab browser featuring a built-in mining algorithm and achieve up to eight times faster speed compared to Google Chrome. Lightweight, fast, and ready to mine!
    [affiliate link removed]

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