Ethereum Code Bot Review

Ethereum Code Bot ( is an automated trading system designed to deliver traders tax free profits through the investments of cryptocurrencies within the CFD industry.

First launched as Ethereum Code, the updated iteration known as the Ethereum Code Bot bares a remarkable resemblance to its predecessor and appears to embody many of the same questionable qualities.

To learn about whether you can profit through the Ethereum Code Bot or if it is just another auto trading scam, we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review. - Ethereum Code Bot

What is Ethereum Code Bot?

Ethereum Code Bot is an algorithmic based auto trader that was designed to function without investor intervention.

Promoted as a cryptocurrency based trading solution, the Ethereum Code Bot is designed to invest cryptocurrency pair options through a handful of their supported CFD brokerages.

First launched in late 2017, the Ethereum Code software became quickly labeled as a high risk and untrustworthy trading solution.

Failing to disclose corporate and ownership information, insight into how the software functions along with transparent verifiable evidence of their past performance it appears that not much regarding the Ethereum Code Bot has changed.

According to the sites disclaimer and terms, is actively operating as their own overseeing entity and does not appear to be affiliated with any known corporate entities.

Furthermore, a WHOIS report will reinforce the notion that the creators behind this system wish to remain anonymous due to how they privately registered their domain through the GoDaddy registrar on October 1st, 2017.

How does Ethereum Code Bot Work?

Ethereum Code Bot promotes a misleading concept that potential investors can register for free access to their software by solely submitting their full name and email address.

While this employed acquisition model is common practice amongst unverified trading solutions, they aren’t the only steps that must be met in order to obtain practical access to the auto trader.

In order for an investor to gain access and use the Ethereum Code Bot, they must register an account and deposit with one of their assigned investment brokerages.

Only after an investor has successfully created an account and deposited funds into their recommended brokerage are they then able to set up and activate the Ethereum Code Bot.

Among a few of the components an investor has control over in regards to the Ethereum Code Bot would be trade size, consecutive trades placed along with which assets they wish the software to target.

Traders do not have control over which algorithms are employed, setting a stop loss or how to report calibrations issues.

Red Flags and Question Marks possesses no shortages when it comes to exhibiting misleading web elements and possessing red flags.

For starters, the Ethereum Code Bot site promotes that investors can generate a few thousands dollars per day by using their system but fails to provide any verifiable performance history besides what they stream in an excel document, which lacks the information needed to confirm their investment history.

Secondly, the Ethereum Code Bot continues to feature their trading application as an auto trader still under development by enabling new investors to register as their beta testers.

Employing this same marketing approach as it did when the system first launched indicates to us that not much has changed or has been updated for this system.

Lastly, the employment of fictitious and phony user testimonials are used in a deliberate attempt to build potential members trust and confidence.

Claiming to reflect astounding returns and generating thousands of dollars, it is evident in the picture below that none of the testimonials featured for Ethereum Code Bot are legitimate. - Testimonials

Is Ethereum Code Bot a Scam?

Ethereum Code Bot is most definitely a scam auto trader meant to deceive and solicit inexperienced cryptocurrency investors out of their hard-earned money.

Employing deceptive web components to gain your trust while blatantly concealing their entity and how their software functions are the last two characteristics you want to encounter when considering investing with a high risk auto trader.

Ethereum Code Bot Review Conclusion

The Ethereum Code Bot is not a legitimate investment solution for cryptocurrency investors.

Providing zero ways of communicating with their platform, evasively portraying their software while promoting the ideology that traders can generate thousands of dollars daily with no previous experience is absolutely absurd.

Just like their bogus testimonials, every element of the Ethereum Code Bot is fabricated and misleading.

Our two cents on the matter would be to simply avoid the Ethereum Code Bot along with any investment solution that isn’t upfront regarding their ownership entities and software functionality.

Please report any unethical misdoings or insight you may have by sharing a comment below!


  1. Tony Bennett

    I nearly joined this company. However I made exhaustive research, initially coming up with glowing reports. However, as it is my money at risk I continued, dissatisfied with what I read because in between I was contacted by phone by a woman with an Asian accent. When I asked if they were under the FSA she answered that these things take time..??? What..!!!
    Stay away…. Research every company, do not let your money go without massive research.

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