FurCoins Review – Anonymous Bitcoin Trading Hoax!

For those of you who have been researching into the depths of anonymous cryptocurrency platforms, we must advice you to exercise caution and tread lightly. While anonymity is oftentimes seen as a positive indicator, in the case of FurCoins.com it appears to reside in the contrary. Plaguing the Bitcoin community with deceptive anonymous exchange services, no one element incorporated into the FurCoins platform is legitimate. To learn more about why you cannot trust this alleged bitcoin trading platform, feel free to continue reading our honest review.


What is FurCoins?

According to the site, FurCoins was allegedly founded in August 2013 and serves as a digital currency platform where merchants and consumers can transact by means of buying and selling their bitcoins anonymously. Consumers who are looking to purchase or sell bitcoins are able to utilize the FurCoins platform where all transactions that occur are anonymous and without ID verification. Merchants are allegedly able to purchase Bitcoin through FurCoins own pool of Bitcoin or sell them for only a 2% exchange fee.

How does FurCoins Work?

FurCoins operates in a suspicious manner where merchants looking to buy bitcoins must fill out a purchase form, then send money through Western Union or MoneyGram. Allegedly, after you have filled out the form and completed the payment process, you should receive your bitcoins within a 45 minute to 6 hour time period. Consumers who are looking to sell their bitcoins must complete the sell order form, then select between Western Union, MoneyGram or Wire Transfer as their preferred payment method.

All transactions that occur through FurCoins lack an ID number and come with a 2% service charge that is included in their exchange rate. Individuals looking to earn more money are able to refer people to their service and receive a 10% commission on every successful transaction. How FurCoins tracks these transactions we are unsure due to the fact that every Furcoin transaction is unidentifiable, not tracked and anonymous.

Who is Behind FurCoins?

While FurCoins operational model may appeal to some consumers who are searching for anonymous outlets, the legitimacy of FurCoins drastically starts to deteriorate when researching further into the operation. Take for example the alleged corporate entity responsible for FurCoins.com, which would be Fur Financials Inc. Allegedly headquartered out of India with a second branch office in California, USA, Fur Financials Inc. fails to come up in any India business registry or Better Business Bureau search queries.

FurCoins.com Corporate - Fur Financials Inc.

This leaves the only means of contacting FurCoins would be through [email protected] or their anonymous telephone number +1 (484) 481-3368. The site does incorporate a live chat box but it fails to function properly and a quick look through their Terms and Conditions will make it quite clear they are not accepting responsibility for any occurrences that may take place on their platform.

While FurCoins claims to have been in operation since 2013, a WHOIS domain search will reveal that their site was created just a few months ago on October 24, 2017. Privately registered, the creators behind this operation evidently didn’t want their personal information at risk through their deceptive scam operation.

Community Feedback

Furcoins.com is quite a new operation so it fails to possess much consumer feedback. However, we did find some troubling feedback from a consumer who suffered over a $1,000 loss while using the Furcoin platform. To learn more about this recent merchants experience, feel free to read his feedback at Reddit.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Despite anonymous Bitcoin trading being the main principle behind FurCoins, complete and utter anonymity along with unverified corporate information is the last characteristic you want with an online platform. This is largely in part of because if you do suffer losses then you have no ways of tracking down or effectively reporting your losses. Second and thirdly, FurCoins blatantly lied about how long they have been in existence and only allows for irreversible and anonymous payment methods.

Can FurCoins be Trusted?

FurCoins is not a trustworthy Bitcoin trading platform. Consider the information disclosed above while employing common sense and it will become quite clear that this operation was solely designed to steal peoples hard-earned money to further line their own pockets.


Furcoins.com had a SimiliarWeb global rank of 1,297,367 as of January 12th, 2017. Over 50% of FurCoins traffic originates from visitors residing within the United States and Brazilת while over 16% of their traffic is referral based.

FurCoins Review Conclusion

FurCoins is an untrustworthy Bitcoin operation that has already started deceiving innocent consumers out of their capital. While anonymity may appear as a positive factor, when it comes to the cryptocurrency and online investment domains, it is the terminal characteristic that tends to appear in most illicit and fraudulent investment operations. Make sure never to invest with any online platform that fails to provide transparent and verifiable ownership information and always reach out for assistance if you are unsure before you commit.

Review Verdict: FurCoins is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: Furcoins.com

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